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Best Lego deals: Save on Star Wars, Marvel, Technic and more

If you’re in search of a challenging solo endeavor, or if the best board games simply aren’t cutting it for you, a new Lego set may just do the trick. It’s difficult to outgrow the fun of these little plastic bricks. They can get quite expensive, particularly if you’re in search of a more complex Lego build. Fortunately there are a lot of Lego deals going on out there, and they range in themes across the board. We’ve rounded up all of the best Lego deals out there, and they include the likes of Star Wars and Marvel, among others. Read onward for more details on how to ensure some savings on a new Lego set.

Today’s Best Lego Marvel Deals

The Lego Marvel Infinity Gauntlet and its box.

Marvel fans will absolutely love the Lego sets depicting the most powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe characters and the most shocking MCU moments, but you’re going to have to hurry if you’re interested in any of the bargains that we’ve rounded up below. The popularity of Marvel and the MCU has never wavered, so we’re pretty that there will be a lot of interest in these Lego Marvel deals.

  • Lego Marvel Endgame Final Battle —
  • Lego Marvel Infinity Gauntlet —
  • Lego Marvel The Avengers Quinjet —
  • Lego Marvel Captain America’s Shield —
  • Lego Marvel Avengers Tower —

Today’s Best Lego Technic Deals

Two kids play with the Lego Technic Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Lego’s Technic brand features builds that are based on vehicles of all types, such as sports cars and construction equipment, which make them look realistic but more complicated than other Lego sets. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, and if there’s a set that speaks out to you, don’t hesitate in taking advantage of any of the Lego Technic deals that we’ve gathered here.

  • Lego Technic Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 —
  • Lego Technic The Batman Batcycle —
  • Lego Technic Bugatti Bolide —
  • Lego Technic NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 —
  • Lego Technic Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica —

Today’s Best Lego Star Wars Deals

Fully built Lego Mandalorian helmet.

Star Wars goes beyond movies, and it’s one of the most popular franchises in Lego. Whether you love the series’ characters, spaceships, machines, or all of the above, you shouldn’t pass up the chance at discounts from Lego Star Wars deals. If you buy enough Lego sets, you can even display them to depict the best moments in the Star Wars franchise.

  • Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter —
  • Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian Helmet —
  • Lego Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase Diorama —
  • Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker —
  • Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder —

Today’s Best Lego Speed Champions Deals

The Lego Speed Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M, built with its box.

While Lego’s Technic brand is based different vehicles, Lego Speed Champions focuses on real-life racing cars across the generations, including those made by the most popular manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche. If you purchase from Presidents’ Day Lego Speed Champions deals, you can start your own collection of race cars that you can fit in your room.

  • Lego Speed Champions 1970 Ferrari 512 M —
  • Lego Speed Champions 1970 Feerrari 512 M —
  • Lego Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM —
  • Lego Speed Champions Mercedes-AMG F1 W12E —
  • Lego Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM —

Other Lego Set Deals Happening Now We Love

The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set.

Beyond the lines we’ve highlighted above, there are many more Lego set deals that you can shop, including basic beginner bundles and builds featuring other popular franchises. However, our recommendation stays the same — if you see something that you like, you would be better off completing the transaction immediately because there’s a chance that stocks run out sooner than you expect.

  • Lego DC Batwing —
  • Lego Creator 3 in 1 Majestic Tiger —
  • Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box —
  • Lego Icons Flower Bouquet —
  • Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets —

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