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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals: Save big on unlocked models

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has been a round a little while now. This actually makes for good reason to consider it as your next phone, as its priced has dropped significantly over the years and it regularly sees discounts better than what you’ll find among the best Samsung Galaxy S24 deals and the best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals. Some of them may even be considered up there with the best phone deals going on right now. All of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals are scattered across retailers, so we’ve rounded up all of the best places to shop below. You can read onward for all of those details, or you can look at some comparable phone discounts among the current iPhone deals, iPhone 14 deals, iPhone SE deals, and Google Pixel deals.

Samsung Galaxy S22 deals at Amazon

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It’s difficult to find new models of the Samsung Galaxy S22 at Amazon right now, though the S22 with 256GB of storage is in stock. It isn’t currently discounted, but it’s available. New models of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ are also available at Amazon, with the Galaxy S22+ currently seeing a $100 discount and a $900 sale price. You’ll also find plenty of renewed models of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S22+ at Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S22 deals at Best Buy

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Best Buy

If you’re fine with buying a refurbished device, you can get an unlocked 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22+ from Best Buy for just $400 instead of $1,000, for a savings of $600. The smartphone is Geek Squad Certified, which means it has thoroughly been tested to make sure that it’s working properly before it gets shipped to you.

Samsung Galaxy S22 deals at Backmarket


A refurbished 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22 is available from Backmarket for as low as $196, while the refurbished 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22+ is on sale for as cheap as $234. These are unlocked models of the smartphones, and they’re guaranteed to be in perfect working condition. You can save even more on a Samsung Galaxy S22 at Backmarket if you have an eligible device to trade-in.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S22?

Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus screens side-by-side.
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The Samsung Galaxy S22 has since been overshadowed by its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S23, but it’s still a very capable smartphone with either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip or Samsung’s Exynos 2200 processor. It will breeze through everything that you throw at it, including multitasking between apps or playing demanding mobile games.

You’ll certainly love the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 — a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that’s bright and colorful. However, if you want it slightly bigger, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and its 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display screen. Otherwise, the two models are similar, according to our Samsung Galaxy S22 versus Samsung Galaxy S22+ comparison, including their 8GB of RAM, IP68 resistance against water, and a triple-camera setup at the back with 50MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, and 10MP telephoto lenses.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 ships with Android 13 under Samsung’s OneUI 5, and with three more years of operating system updates, you can be sure that the smartphone will be getting access to new Android features in the future.

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The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is on sale today
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in Titanium Gray with S Pen on back.

If you've wanted to grab the most recent model of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, now is your chance -- especially if you prefer buying unlocked phones that aren't attached to providers. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a nice price cut when you buy straight from Samsung. It's currently selling for $1,300, down from $1,420. You could potentially drop that price all the way to $670 if you have an eligible trade-in. Check out more about the phone below.

Why you should buy the Galaxy S24 Ultra
There is a lot to love about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but the biggest new change to the S24 lineup is Galaxy AI, which has a lot of powerful new features. It includes things like live translation for both text and voice, the ability to circle an image and find relevant search terms, and the most powerful and most likely used, AI photo editing that lets you easily alter backgrounds and remove or add things. It's probably one of the most advanced phones that you can find right now, and since the Ultra comes with a massive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED and a stylus, it actually makes it a lot easier to do all these things compared to other phones.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals: Get Samsung’s flagship for $300
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and S Pen stylus on its screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 phone lineup offers some of the best phones on the market, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra being the largest phone in the lineup. And while it’s a more recent release, there are a lot of Galaxy S24 Ultra deals worth taking a look at right now. In fact, some of them deserve to be among the best phone deals, as carriers are offering upwards of $1,000 in savings right now. Below you’ll find all of the best ways to save on a new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. You’ll find several carriers to choose from as well as unlocked models, but if these Galaxy S24 Ultra deals aren’t to your liking you can also look into Samsung Galaxy 24 deals, Samsung Galaxy S23 deals, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals. You could even consider a foldable phone and take a look at the current Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 deals.
Today's best Galaxy S24 Ultra deals
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals change frequently but below, we’ve picked out some of the best available today. These include being able to buy direct from the source aka Samsung, along with buying from other retailers and cell phone network providers too. There’s something for every intention here.

Samsung : along with a choice of exclusive colors.
AT&T: applied over 36 months.
Verizon: applied over 36 months.
T-Mobile: and add some savings with an eligible trade-in device.
Xfinity: when you add a new line and trade-in an eligible device.
Spectrum: plus add an extra $100 in savings when you trade in your current phone.

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The best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals from every carrier
Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the display turned on.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 has been out for several years it remains in fierce competition with many of the best phones. It also makes for some great phone deals now that it’s a generation old, as the more in demand Samsung Galaxy S24 deals and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals have driven the price of the Galaxy S23 down. If you’re in the market for a great combination of performance, features, and affordability, the Galaxy S24 is a great phone to turn to, which is why we’ve rounded up all of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals. You’ll find all of the best ways to save on a Galaxy S24 below, and if you aren’t seeing the kind of savings you’re hoping for you can also check out all of the iPhone 15 deals, iPhone 14 deals, iPhone SE deals, and Google Pixel 8 deals going on right now too.
Today’s best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals

Samsung: when you trade-in an eligible device.
Best Buy: and add some savings with an eligible trade-in device.
Verizon: when you add a new line with Verizon Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan.
T-Mobile: and add some savings with an eligible trade-in device.
AT&T: and add some savings with an eligible trade-in device.

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