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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals: How to get the phone for free

The back of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, focusing on its rear cameras.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the hottest new phones out there. You can get a good deal on the phone if you look around a bit, with even more coming off if you’re willing to sign up for a new line with a different carrier or trade in your old phone. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Amazon

An Amazon logo seen on the side of a building.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Amazon is offering a 14% discount on the 512GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, bringing the price from $1,380 to $1,180. That’s a savings of $200 to get the new phone. This version of the phone is unlocked for any carrier, so you have the freedom to use whatever plan you choose with it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Samsung

Samsung logo

Samsung gives you the chance to buy the phone through one of various carriers or get an unlocked phone. While each carrier has their own offer structures, the unlocked version will give you up to $750 in instant trade-in credit if you’re willing to give up your old phone. You can also get $100 in savings with the Samsung Offers Program membership. That’s a total of $850 in savings. It’s also important to note that, if you want the terabyte storage option, the Samsung store is — at the time of this writing — basically the only place you can get it. It sells for $1,520, or $720 if you qualify for maximum savings.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Best Buy

Best Buy logo on a building.
Best Buy

Best Buy has a variety of deals going on for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra depending on what carrier you want to go with, or if you want to go with an unlocked phone. Choosing Verizon will give you a credit up to $1,000 with a qualified phone trade in. AT&T will give you up to $800. Since the two carriers are selling the 256GB storage version of the phone for $23.61 per month for 36 months (a total cost of $850), a maximum credit from Verizon will essentially get you your new phone for free and then some. As a result, it is worth playing around with the offer to find a price that is right for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Walmart

Walmart store logo at night.

At Walmart you can get a refurbished, fully unlocked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for just $889. That’s a savings of $311 from the $1,200 price the phone would typically sit at. As of the moment of this writing, the deal is limited to the 256GB version of the phone, but five colors are being offered.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at AT&T


If you have an eligible trade in and are willing to go with a qualifying AT&T you can get the phone for as low as $11.12 a month for 36 months. That comes up to $800 in credits towards the purchase of your phone. If don’t already know the details of how an AT&T plan compares to other leading mobile plans, check out our guide to the best phone plans to see if it something you might be interested in.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Verizon

Verizon logo on a smartphone screen in a dark room and a finger touching it.
Stone Staffordshire / Shutterstock

While new customers can already get a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at Verizon for $1,200 or $1,380 (for the 256GB and 512GB versions, respectively), you can also get a big discount. If you get a new line and trade in a phone you can get $1,000 off, or do a trade in and save $800 with an upgrade. This means that you could get a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for as low as $200 from Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at T-Mobile

A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.
Ken Wolter / 123rf

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra start at $24.16/month for 24 months, or about $580 total. How can you get it down this low? You get $800 in total savings when you add a line on the Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plans. There are also options to trade in your current device, so be sure to play around with the checkout options to get the deal that makes the most sense for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Xfinity


To get the phone at a good deal from Xfinity, you just need to trade-in your old phone. Doing so can save you up to $700 off of your new one. With maximum savings, that brings the 256GB version from $1,200 to $500 and the 512GB version from $1,380 to $680.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Back Market

Back Market logo.

Back Market has a wide variety of refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals. The lowest we’re finding is just $750 for a 256GB Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in excellent condition. That saves you $450 off of the phone’s standard $1,200 price. You can also get up to $990 in trade-in credits, potentially gaining you the new Samsung phone for free.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra portrait camera
Tushar Mehta/Digital Trends / .

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the newest Android phones, coming out in the first quarter of 2023. As a result it is quite sought after, but also had enough age on it to where we can start getting good deals, trade offers, and refurbished models on the market. Additionally, we can get a good idea of how the phone is faring in the long run. For example, one of our phone loving writers told us recently that they’re still using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for photography, even though the phone isn’t their main phone of the day. The camera takes truly great wildlife photography and includes features like a 100X Space Zoom and 200MP wide rear lens.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you get a 6.8-inch 3088 x 1440p AMOLED screen. Internally, you can get 256GB, 512GB, or a terabyte of storage. You’ll also get the S Pen, which allows you to write and tap on the phone. Additionally, you can tap the S Pen itself to trigger your camera, reducing thumb fatigue and hand awkwardness during selfies.

Our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review highlighted more features and aspects of the phone than can fit here (go read it!) but some features stood out more than others. For example, the long commitment to updates of both OS and security (four and five years, respectively) means that getting this phone now with leave you set for many years to come. The phone’s power, too, was praised. You can shoot 8K video, play intense games, and use power hungry apps without issue. While getting the optimum charge on the phone was admittedly a tad confusing, once fully charged it is a beast, capable of lasting over two days with moderate use. Ultimately, our reviewer called it one of the best phones of 2023.

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