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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals: the best way to save

Despite the more recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, is still a very formidable smartphone. The S23 Ultra is the largest of the Galaxy phone lineup, making it a great option if you want as much screen as you can get in your pocket. The S23 Ultra has made for some impressive phone deals since its release, and now that it’s a generation old you can find Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals just about anywhere. We’ve rounded up all of the best places to save on a Galaxy S23 Ultra below. Reading onward you’ll find resources for both new and refurbished models, and if you aren’t finding the savings you’re looking for with the S23 Ultra you should also check out the current Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra deals, Samsung Galaxy S24 deals, and Samsung Galaxy S23 deals. There are also a lot of iPhone deals worth considering, including iPhone 15 deals and iPhone 14 deals.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Amazon

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While entry-level Galaxy S23 Ultra models aren’t currently seeing any discounts at Amazon, the 512GB model with 12GB of RAM has some decent savings to offer. It’s marked down from $1,006 to $920 and makes for $86 in savings. This model offers plenty of onboard storage that will come in handy if you like to take lots of photos or load your phone up with apps. This is an unlocked model, meaning you can set it up with any carrier upon purchasing. You can also find plenty of refurbished Galaxy S23 Ultra models at Amazon, and they offer even further savings.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Samsung

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Samsung may be the best place to land yourself a Galaxy S23 Ultra, particularly if you have a current device you’d like to trade in. New models of the S23 Ultra start at $1,380 when shopping at Samsung, but that price can drop significantly with a trade-in. Samsung is offering up to $535 in instant trade-in credit to put toward a new Galaxy S23 Ultra, with both 512GB and 1TB models available.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Best Buy

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Best Buy

Best Buy is almost always one of the best outlets for savings on tech and electronics, and right now the retail giant has the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on clearance. This makes for some pretty impressive. New models are starting at just $1,140, down from a regular price of $1,200, and you can even find Geek Squad refurbished models at Best Buy, which start at just $800.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Walmart

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There aren’t currently any new Galaxy S23 Ultra models available at Walmart, and with it now being a generation old there may not be any arriving. But Walmart is a great outlet for some savings if you’re interested in a refurbished Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 256GB model is currently going for just $700, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on an S23 Ultra, even among refurbished models. You’ll find the 512GB and 1TB models available at Walmart as well, and there are plenty of color options to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals at Back Market

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Back Market is one of the best places out there to shop for a refurbished phone. You’ll find all sorts of refurbished iPhone deals, but you’ll also find the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at some seriously low prices. Conditions range from Fair to Excellent and the 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB models are all currently available. Unlocked models are priced as low as $637 right now, with models in Excellent condition going for around $700.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

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Though the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was recently released, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is still one of the newest Android phones, coming out in the first quarter of 2023. As a result it is quite sought after, but also had enough age on it to where we can start getting good deals, trade offers, and refurbished models on the market. Additionally, we can get a good idea of how the phone is faring in the long run. For example, one of our phone loving writers told us recently that they’re still using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for photography, even though the phone isn’t their main phone of the day. The camera takes truly great wildlife photography and includes features like a 100X Space Zoom and 200MP wide rear lens.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you get a 6.8-inch 3088 x 1440p AMOLED screen. Internally, you can get 256GB, 512GB, or a terabyte of storage. You’ll also get the S Pen, which allows you to write and tap on the phone. Additionally, you can tap the S Pen itself to trigger your camera, reducing thumb fatigue and hand awkwardness during selfies.

Our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review highlighted more features and aspects of the phone than can fit here (go read it!) but some features stood out more than others. For example, the long commitment to updates of both OS and security (four and five years, respectively) means that getting this phone now with leave you set for many years to come. The phone’s power, too, was praised. You can shoot 8K video, play intense games, and use power hungry apps without issue. While getting the optimum charge on the phone was admittedly a tad confusing, once fully charged it is a beast, capable of lasting over two days with moderate use. Ultimately, our reviewer called it one of the best phones of 2023.

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