Joe Biden’s plan to save democracy would kill the internet

Joe Biden said he thinks Section 230 of the CDA should be revoked. Doing so would break the internet.
Former Vice President Joe Biden

Ubisoft, Humble, and More Help to Raise Money for Australian Fire Relief

Several video game companies are assisting in relief efforts for Australia during its intense bushfires. Here's where to spend your money if you want to game for the cause.

SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera with a ‘hacker-proof’ mode

The SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera that is more resistant to hacking attempts and security breaches.
SimCam 1S security camera render

Puma Smartwatch review: It looks sporty, but fails to perform

If you're on the hunt for a sporty smartwatch to track your fitness and bring the other benefits of Wear OS to your wrist, then the Puma smartwatch might tempt you.
Puma Smartwatch

Apple CarPlay (2020) Review: The last word in automotive infotainment

In the years following its 2014 debut, Apple continued to improve CarPlay. With the last two major iOS updates, Apple has elevated its in-car interface from tech novelty to a must-have feature.
what is apple carplay new 3

Ecovacs Deebot 960 Review: Wasted potential

A customer service rep gave me an 11-step troubleshooting process. Yeah, that didn't work
Deebot 960 sucking up chips

PlayStation DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment review: Great upgrade, great price

A $30 accessory is the perfect complement to the original controller -- and adds two buttons
ps4 dualshock back button attachment review playstation feature

Here’s what Bosch hopes to learn from deploying autonomous cars in San Jose

Bosch is running a fleet of autonomous taxis in California as it prepares to deploy the technology globally.
Bosch, Daimler autonomous Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The best PS1 games of all time

The original PlayStation may be old, but it's still an amazing platform for JRPGs, cart racers, and more.
best ps1 games sony ps1
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Why you shouldn’t mount your TV above your fireplace

Mounting a TV above your fireplace may seem appealing, but we have some concerns. Here is a list of reasons why placing your digital picture machine over a fire should be avoided, if at all possible.

Amazon sale alert: Stunning 55-inch Sony X950G 4K TV $202 off

The Sony X950G is overall a fantastic 4K TV that’s calibrated for optimum home cinematic entertainment, guaranteed to make you the envy of your neighbors. Get a 55-inch unit for $998 on Amazon.