Can chloroquine cure coronavirus? Here’s what science says

As researchers look for any viable treatment, the drug has received hype

Amazon to reportedly postpone Prime Day sale over coronavirus

We will have to wait longer for this year's massive sales event
amazon prime day
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Keen wants to save the planet one pair of shoes at a time

Keens use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and robots help to make it one of the most innovative companies in the outdoor industry. But it is its focus on being responsible stewards of the environment that truly helps it stand out from competitors.
Keen footwear

Zoom turns on passwords, waiting rooms by default to plug privacy holes

Following backlash, Zoom will enable more secure privacy features automatically
zoom privacy feature freeze active users meeting office

Deadpool takes over the Fortnite season 2 map in new event

The Merc with a Mouth changed the Yacht and released new cosmetic items to buy
the Deadpool skin in Fortnite

Disney pushes back MCU releases for Black Widow, Eternals, and more

The domino effect continues as Disney shuffles its calendar
Scarlett Johansson Black Widow

Amazon’s secret cloud-gaming service, Project Tempo, possibly delayed to 2021

Coronavirus has pushed back online retailer's gaming debut
A screenshot from New World

IBM turned its Jeopardy-winning A.I. into the world’s smartest COVID-19 chatbot

It goes from beating us at quiz shows to answering essential questions
ibm watson covid 19 chatbot assistant

HP launches a new $1,250 Envy 17, reviving the glory days of 17-inch laptops

The big-screen laptop boasts a brand new, bezel-less design
hp envy 17 2020 going on sale

The Talo smart toothbrush offers to completely clean your teeth in 20 seconds

This device gives you one less reason to stint on brushing your teeth
talo smart toothbrush claims dentist clean in 20 seconds

Amazon extends its U.S. returns window to May 31

Independent sellers on Amazon were asked to match the new policy
what is prime pantry amazon day packages 3

Dyson Corrale review: This $500 hair straightener falls flat

The Dyson Corrale is innovative, but is this $500 straightener was worth the hype? Here's what I found out.
Dyson Corrale

Call of Duty: Warzone review: Plundering the competition

Whatever the reason was for stalling this release was clearly worth the extra time.
call of duty warzone duos squads leaked trio

Apple MacBook Air (2020) review: The Mac starter kit

The 2020 MacBook Air is the most affordable Apple laptop. Is it a good place to start, or a bad first impression?
MacBook Air 2020

Huawei Mate Xs folding phone review: Flawed marvel

2020's most exciting foldable smartphone has a high price, excellent design, and disappointing audio quality.
Huawei Mate Xs
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The best web browsers for 2020

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The best all-in-one computers for 2020

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The best chat clients for 2020

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The best video games based on movies

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