You’ll soon be able to stream songs in Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format

Sony's 360 Reality Audio immersive music format coming to Tidal, Amazon Music HD, and other services. All you'll need to experience it is a set of headphones and a compatible streaming app.
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Google Pixel Buds 2 hands-on review: Software matters, even for earbuds

The new Pixel Buds are lightweight, comfortable, and fit securely. They're far more svelte than Microsoft's Surface Earbuds or Apple's AirPods, but they won't hit store shelves until Spring 2020.
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Amazon Music now has an app for Apple TV. Here’s how to use it

Users get access to all of the same content as on their phones, including the scrolling lyrics function. Could this be a sign that Amazon Music is heading to Apple's HomePod?

Apple Music takes a peek at what people are Shazaming for new weekly playlist

A weekly chart/playlist has been added to Apple Music and it's powered by the Shazam identification app
apple music shazam discovery playlist