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Ted Kritsonis

Ted Kritsonis

A/V Writer

A tech journalism vet, Ted covers has written for a number of publications in Canada and the U.S. Ted loves hockey, history, comic books, and cigars, but also gets a kick out of saving people money through smarter tech buying decisions. Well-traveled, spoken, and a nice in a Canadian way, Ted lives and breathes Toronto, but doesn't always write from there.

View of Soundboks 4 showing drivers and woofer.

Soundboks 4 review: loud enough for a whole city block

The Soundboks 4 is a refined iteration of the venerable party speaker. Just take care to plan out how long you want to use it on battery.
Spotify and Apple Music transfer on a smartphone.

How to switch from Spotify to Apple Music

You don't have to lose all those songs and playlists on your Spotify account when you switch to Apple Music. The process is easier than ever.
Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds loose in front of case.

Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 review: if they fit right, you’re out for the night

Anker takes its first stab at creating a pair of sleep earbuds in the Soundcore Sleep A10, though you can listen to any audio you want to help you pass out.
Full view of the Monoprice SYNC-ANC headphones.

Monoprice Sync-ANC review: good sound, with some cut corners

The Monoprice Sync-ANC fall flat when canceling noise, yet otherwise sound good, making these cheaper cans more about the sounds you actually want to hear.
Front view of the House of Marley Get Together 2 XL speaker.

House of Marley Get Together 2 XL review: loud, proud, and made for a crowd

The House of Marley Get Together 2 XL can power a party, but its style makes it a fine choice for any room in your home.
Earfun Air S earbuds close up.

EarFun Air S review: feature-rich budget earbuds

The EarFun Air S have lots of useful features and custom sound, for a great price. Are they the AirPod alternatives for you?
Side view of the 1More SonoFlow.

1More’s SonoFlow set a new benchmark for $100 wireless headphones

1More's SonoFlow pack great sound, great noise cancellation, and a huge battery into a set of budget-friendly wireless cans. What more could you ask for?
View of bottom of Treblab Z7 Pro headphones.

Treblab’s Z7 Pro takes its inspiration from Sony, but its price from Walmart

The Treblab Z7 Pro look like a carbon copy of Sony's WH-1000XM3/4 but cost a fraction of the price. But are they as good? We were surprised by the results.
Monoprice Soundstage 3 Portable view from the front.

Monoprice Soundstage 3 Portable review: This box rocks

The Monoprice Soundstage 3 Portable packs a real punch in how it sounds, and offers a variety of ports in the back to connect it to other components.
EarFun UBoom L by the pool.

EarFun UBoom L review

EarFun throws a bone to tighter budgets with the UBoom L, and rewards you with great sound and rugged durability you can enjoy pretty much anywhere you take your tunes with you.
Sony SRS-XE200 in hand.

Sony SRS-XE200 review: sweet sound from a small and tough speaker

Sony's SRS-XE200 manages to produce expansive, enjoyable sound from a very robust and portable package. Stereo sound and calling are the cherries on top.
Holding the Sony SRS-XG300 Bluetooth speaker.

Sony SRS-XG300 review: A great midsized boombox for the beach or backyard parties

The Sony SRS-XG300 takes the power and panache of the XG500 and makes it more portable and more capable, with the addition of voice calling.
Overview look at the Mifo S ANC earbuds.

Mifo S ANC review: Tiny and very comfortable, these sport earbuds drop the ball on features

The Mifo S ANC earbuds prioritize comfort and aesthetics, but cost too much considering their lack of EQ and control customizations.
Anker Soundcore Sport X10 loose in front of case.

Anker Soundcore’s Sport X10 add ANC and rotating earhooks for a quiet and comfy workout

Anker made the Soundcore Sport X10 for the active crowd, bending those ear hooks enough to fit any pair of ears during vigorous runs or workouts.
Marshall Emberton II and Willen side by side.

Marshall Emberton II and Willen review: A stylish set of Bluetooth speakers you can take anywhere

Marshall's Emberton II and Willen Bluetooth speakers mix retro styling, waterproofing, and sonic pleasure in two different shapes and sizes.
Soundboks Go with carrier strap on shouldder..

Soundboks Go review: A portable and expandable party powerhouse

The Soundboks Go may be its smallest speaker to date, but it's still a loud party in a box, and it will fit right in anytime you want to draw a crowd.
edifier stax spirit s3 review hero

Edifier Stax Spirit S3 review: Great planar sound at an accessible price

The Edifier Stax Spirit S3 are planar magnetic over-ear headphones that offer stunningly good sound, making their relatively high price seem like a bargain.
IRIS Clarity group chat.

Iris Clarity hands-on review: Your personal cone of silence

Turn on Iris Clarity on your computer and you can build an effective and invisible cocoon around you to block out background noise for every virtual call.
Photo of Tribit MoveBuds H1.

Tribit MoveBuds H1 review: Made to make you sweat

Tribit MoveBuds H1 are for the active crowd, boasting a sporty design that delivers comfort, durability, and battery life that will last longer than the competition.
B&O Cisco 980 standing upright.

B&O Cisco 980 review: Keeping your calls comfy, clear, and secure

Bang & Olufsen's Cisco partnership produces a set of wireless cans with security that's as good as their sound.
grell tws1 review top view

Grell TWS/1 review: Quirky buds with quality sound

The Grell TWS/1 are about better sound, and deliver it with solid sonic results, though you will have to consider whether they're too big for your ears.
1More PistonBuds Pro earbuds out of case.

1More PistonBuds Pro review: Sweet sound for small ears

The 1More PistonBuds Pro deliver a combo of nice sound, good comfort, and small size that should fit almost every ear. All at a price that's well under $100.
dottir freedom on grid review loose

Dottir Freedom On-Grid review: Heavy bass to fit all ears

The Dottir Freedom On-Grid wireless earbuds look a lot like the Powerbeats Pro, but they sport way more features for much less money.
Monoprice Harmony Capsule 200 held in hand to show relative size.

Monoprice Harmony Capsule 200 review: Middling middle ground

Monoprice gives the Harmony Capsule 200 all the budget trappings, yet has a hard time letting out enough sound to make it stand out.
Oddict Twig Pro.

Oddict Twig Pro review: Stylish buds with surprising sound

The Oddict Twig Pro are a fancy yet affordable alternative to the AirPods Pro, that really come into their own when you start tweaking their settings.

LG XBoom 360 review: Loud sound and lights for your home

LG literally takes the XBoom 360 full circle with a slick design friendly to any home decor, while also letting you blast tunes from it with real authority.
Monster Blaster 3.0.

Monster Blaster 3.0 review: A boombox that booms just right

Looking for a boombox that keeps things simple to keep a group entertained? That's exactly what the Monster Blaster 3.0 was built to do.
JBL Charge 5.

JBL Charge 5 review: Potent and portable party speaker

The JBL Charge 5 is the kind of speaker you get when you want some mobility to go with sound that attracts a crowd in spite of a midsized footprint.
JBL Flip 6.

JBL Flip 6 review: Still loud for small crowds

The JBL Flip 6 carries on with a thick layer of bass, and plenty of volume in spite of its size, making it an ideal speaker to take with you wherever you go.
A woman wears Apple AirPods Max.

What you need to listen to lossless audio and Dolby Atmos Music on Apple Music

Apple Music subscribers get spatial audio with Dolby Atmos Music plus lossless tracks up to 24-bit/192Khz. Here's what you need need to listen to them.
Apple AirPods Max Conversation mode

AirPods become more useful with Conversation Boost

There are no new AirPods, but Apple did announce new features, including Conversation Boost, Find My integration, and spatial audio for tvOS.
Tablo Dual HDMI DVR top

Nuvyyo Tablo Dual HDMI OTA DVR review: Simple and direct

The Nuvyyo Tablo Dual HDMI OTA DVR rmakes internet connectivity less important, but the direct line to the TV also comes with some sacrifices.
jarvisen translator review translation

Jarvisen Translator Review: A translator for serious travel

Traveling and communicating in foreign lands isn't easy, but the Jarvisen Translator claims to be the best there is by translating up to 60 languages in real time. We put the Jarvisen Translator to the test, to see if it's worth its $429 price tag.
jaybird vista review with case

Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds review: Ready to tweak

After two prior mediocre attempts, Jaybird scores a win with the Vista true wireless earbuds, a lightweight and comfortable pair that also bring real customization to how they sound. You can easily tweak these earbuds to fit your preferences.