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India’s Chandrayaaan-2 lunar lander sent back a gorgeous photo of the moon

India’s Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft just captured a mesmerizing photo of its view of the moon. The spacecraft reached the moon’s orbit on Tuesday, after launching on July 22.
Chandrayaan 2's Moon Photo

Next-gen wearables will analyze your sweat, and UC Berkeley has prototypes

Your sweat can reveal a surprising amount on dtails about you -- and a next-gen wearable skin sensor promises to help do exactly that.
uc berkeley sweat sensor img 7548

On the fence about buying solar panels? Tesla now offers them for rent

With solar rental Tesla says “customers get the best from solar power — clean, cheap energy to power homes and vehicles — without upfront costs or decades-long agreements. In fact, customers can get solar power with one click, instead of lengthy consultations and piles of paperwork.”

Why tech companies are ill-equipped to combat the internet’s deepfake problem

How do you solve a problem like deepfakes? Here's why it's such a major challenge for tech companies -- and whether or not there's any way of actually answering it to people's satisfaction.
A deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg