Ed Oswald

Ed Oswald

Ed is a technology journalist, music nut, and gadget geek who hails from the somewhat small town of Reading, Pennsylvania. When not writing about the latest in emerging tech, he fancies himself an amateur (and soon to be degreed, too!) meteorologist.

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The best solar chargers for your phone, tablet, and other battery-powered gear

Looking for a gizmo that can help you charge your phone while on the go? Here, we've outlined the best solar chargers on the market, whether you're looking to charge your phone once, twice, or three times over.
Emerging Tech

CES 2019: The coolest new gadgets and gizmos from the show floor

From foldable TVs to sleep trackers and quantum computers, the Digital Trends team has scoured the CES 2019 show floor for the coolest gadgets and gizmos out there. Here are a few of our favorites.
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The Urgonight headband trains your brain waves for better sleep

Are you tired of wearing things during the night to get a good night's sleep? The Urgonight headband is a device you only need to wear a few times a week during the day to train your brain to sleep better.
Emerging Tech

AirSelfie makes a course correction at CES 2019 with 3 new selfie drones

The AirSelfie 2 was a bit of a disaster: It was overpriced, underfeatured, and flew like a drunk hummingbird. AirSelfie is back at CES 2019, launching three new drones at more competitive price points.
Emerging Tech

Get your head in the clouds with the best vaporizers for flower and concentrates

Smoking is out, and vaporization is in. We've put close to a dozen vaporizers through our testing process, and there's some clear winners. From flower to concentrates, these are the best performing models on the market.

Here's how to download Wikipedia. Seriously. The whole thing

Frequent Wikipedia user? You can actually download the entire Wikipedia library to your home computer thanks to its open-source nature and a several free applications that do almost all the heavy lifting for you. Here's how to do it.