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Ed Oswald

For fifteen years, Ed has written about the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology trends. Here at Digital Trends, he's turned his focus to helping readers find the best deals on all kinds of technology, emerging tech and science news, and even cannabis tech (yep, that's a thing). When not writing about the latest tech, he fancies himself an amateur meteorologist and storm chaser.

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Walmart marks down select Beats Solo3 headphones by as much as 47%

Walmart has select Beats' Solo3 headphone models marked down this week, but stock is limited.

A 4K TV for $200? Toshiba’s 43-inch Fire TV Edition is on sale at Amazon

Amazon's selling a 43-inch Toshiba 4K Fire TV for the lowest price we've seen for 4K anywhere.
Smart Home

New Lenovo smart camera shows up in FCC filings, but its first remains to be seen

Lenovo may add a new smart camera to its growing smart home line of products, FCC filings indicate.
Social Media

YouTube to stop serving targeted ads to kids, but groups say it’s not enough

YouTube has agreed to stop serving target advertisements to children, Bloomberg reports. The company was the subject of an FTC investigation over the practice but has apparently settled. YouTube's critics say it's not enough.

These are the best deals this week on wireless charging pads for your phone

Everyone makes wireless chargers these days, making it challenging to find a quality one because there's so much junk out there. But we've taken a bit of time to search Amazon and found a few deals on quality wireless chargers.
Emerging Tech

NASA confirms it’s heading to Europa in the 2020s to unlock its icy secrets

NASA is heading to Europa, Jupiter's icy (and potentially life-supporting) moon, in the next decade The mission could be ready for launch as soon as 2023, the agency said in a statement, although it committed to being launch-ready by 2025.