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Best Memorial Day Xbox One Deals 2020: Consoles and games

Summer is nearly here, and so are some great Memorial Day sales. Among your standard gardening tool and outdoor furniture deals that seem to appear just about every holiday, we’ve also spotted some great sales on gaming gear, and the Xbox One deals are pretty good this year. Want to know where to shop? We’ve provided a list of the best deals below.

Today’s best Memorial Day Xbox One deals

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Xbox One$1, was $15
  • 1-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for Xbox One$9, was $10
  • 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Card$20, was $25
  • Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) — $20, was $40
  • NBA 2K20 (Xbox One) — $20, was $30
  • FIFA 20 (Xbox One) — $25, was $40
  • NHL 20 (Xbox One) — $25, was $30
  • Minecraft Master Collection (Xbox One) — $45, was $50
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Xbox One) — $55, was $60
  • 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership$55, was $60
Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in this trilogy of Mass Effect games, which includes the single-player base games and more than 40 DLC in total.
Get into the racing mentality with this high-performance racing wheel and pedals. Enjoy TRUEFORCE, a force feedback systemfor extreme realism, and the streamlined design for better performance.
This officially licensed controller features interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pads, two remappable multi-function bumpers, four multi-function triggers and a quick control panel.
Do anything and everything to survive in a post-apocalyptic open world., including using the SPECIAL system to customize your character's skills. This edition includes all updates and add-ons.
Experience dynamic seasons while racing in Forza 4's open world, and play through all the games in the main series of the critically-acclaimed Halo franchise.
Play as soldier Gabe Diaz as you rescue and build up your troops. You can customize your squad with upgraded skills and equipment, before you deploy them in fast-paced, turn-based battles.
This Xbox One X 1TB is refurbished and Microsoft Factory re-certified, so you'll have peace of mind as you buy this powerful console for cheap.
Get one year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and unlock a library of games to download for free.
Experience the Xbox wireless controller in Electric Volt with sculpted surfaces and refined geometry. Plug in a headset through the 3.5mm audio jack, and connect to consoles or PC with the USB-C port.
Take control of Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, as he chooses between his ideals and loyalty to the outlaws who raised him.
Play as Lara Croft in a cinematic action-adventure, where you need to survive combat and overcome grueling environments. Customize Lara's weapons and gear as you uncover an island's secrets.
Add 5TB of extra storage to your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC with this portable external hard drive that comes with an 18-inch USB Type-A to Micro-B cable with SuperSpeed interface up to 5Gbps.
Choose one of over 70 WWE Superstars and Legends, and fight your way through your opponents with over-the-top moves and special abilities.
Play traditional Puyo Puyo or Tetris, or combine the two puzzle games in a frantic new experience that you can play offline and online in single-player, local co-op, and ranked modes.
Assemble the Avengers in this third-person, action-adventure game that combines the original story with co-operative gameplay as you protect the Earth from those who threaten it.
Immerse yourself in the video games that you're playing with this gaming headset's powerful amplified audio. It's compatible with the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
Suit up as Agent 47 in the dramatic conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy. Travel around the world in campaign mode, and challenge yourself with elusive targets.
Immerse yourself in the complete NBA experience in the latest entry in the long-running NBA 2K series. Embark on your personal journey in MyCareer, and assemble your fantasy team in MyTeam.
Get ready to jump online with a one-month membership, allowing you to compete in online multiplayer and grab exclusive deals.
Discover horrifying domains and face grotesque enemies in this horror game, where you have the choice in how you will survive.
Get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and unlock a library of games to download for free with this bundle that includes Game Pass for PC and Xbox Live Gold.
This Xbox-licensed dual charging station, which is also compatible with the Xbox Elite wireless controller, comes with two rechargeable battery packs and shows charge levels through LED light bars.
Enjoy two games in the bundle. Play as Bayonetta as she shifts into various forms, summons demons, and uses bullet arts, or as space DARPA agent Sam Gideon in saving the space colony Providence.
The controller offers enhanced comfort and effortless control, with a promise of up 40 hours of battery life. Play your favorite games in style with this Shock Blue version.
This updated version of Nier Replicant features remastered visuals, with combat that combines swordplay and magic. Can you unlock all endings to unveil all of the world's secrets?
Enjoy gaming on the Pulse Red version of the Xbox Wireless Controller, with battery life of up to 40 hours. The controller is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Android, and PC.
Explore a beautiful but dangerous world with powerful enemies, challenging puzzles, and a combat system with spirit weapons and spells, as you try to unravel Ori's true destiny.
Ditch the batteries and charge your controller with this handy stand, which features snap-down charging for one standard or Elite Wireless Controller and a light-up LED base.
Put the pedal to the metal in Need for Speed Payback as you and your crew take on races, missions, and challenges to exact vengeance on The House, the nefarious cartel that rules the city.
Razer's Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One and PC compatible controller has six remappable multifunction buttons and triggers, an interchangeable thumbstick, a D-Pad, and a razer chroma lighting.
Take on the role of Ichiban Kasuga, who served an 18-year sentence for a crime he didn't commit. When he returns to society, he finds his clan destroyed, and goes on a mission to discover the truth.
This controller features Hair Trigger mode, which reduces the required travel distance for its buttons, and four remappable multi-function buttons, for the ultimate competitive edge.
This wired controller features and ergonomic design and the standard button layout for Xbox consoles. It also comes with dual rumble motors and mappable buttons.
Explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter different factions, as you decide how your story goes in this player-driven RPG.
This collection includes the story of Master Chief from Halo to Halo 4, with a total of 45 campaign missions and more than 100 multiplayer and Spartan Ops maps.
The Deluxe Edition of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege includes the full game and 16 operators from Year 1 and Year 2. Each new season adds more content, operators with abilities, weapons, and maps.
The latest entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise features a roster of new and returning faces. With custom character variations, players have complete control over the fighters.
Join the galaxy's finest fighters in Star Wars: Squadrons and fight for freedom and order in the empire.
Compete in sanctioned races by day to earn money and upgrade your cars, then drive into the night in street races to build your reputation.
Take racing simulators to the next level with this cockpit, which is designed to work with the steering wheels, pedals, and gear shifters from major brands like Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatic.
Play as your favorite basketball star or as your customized player with NBA 2K20, the best and the most advanced basketball simulator to date.
FIFA 21 offers the most immersive football experience on Xbox with its current and next-generation game systems.
This reimagining of the 1998 PlayStation classic introduces an over-the-shoulder camera and modernized control scheme, but keeps the spine-chilling story and gameplay of the original.
Dive into the Minecraft craze with this collection, which includes the base game, 1,000 mine coins, and the Starter Pack DLC.
Take control of the legendary Viking raider Eivor as you explore the open world of the Dark Ages and lead raids against Saxon troops and fortresses.
For ultra-fast gaming speeds and almost completely eliminated loading screens, take the WD 1TB Gaming Drive SSD out for a spin and watch your photorealistic gaming take on a whole new meaning.
The Xbox Wireless Controller in Robot White offers improved comfort and control, with a battery life that lasts up to 40 hours. You can also plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm audio jack.
Play as three characters in an interwoven story that takes place in a massive open world. The game also provides access to the ever evolving Grand Theft Auto Online.
Customized and tested by a certified technician, this controller features a captivating galaxy design. It's compatible with the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
Build and manage the roller coaster park of your dreams, either in the deep and rewarding Career mode or in an unrestricted sandbox where the only limit is your imagination.
Signing up for this 3-month membership gives you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, as well as access to more than 100 games on console, PC, and Android. It also includes Electronic Arts' EA Play.
Build your base, recruit specialists, and battle your enemies as you try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world in the Far Cry series.
In this adventure game designed for two players, face thrilling challenges where teamwork is required to move forward, while enjoying a touching story involving a couple with differences.
Customize and upgrade your cars so you can dish out and withstand more damage, as you go up against ruthless drivers in vehicular combat.
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Grab this terrifying psychological horror game and play as Senua, a Celtic warrior on a quest to rescue the soul of her dead lover.
The Battlefield series returns to its roots, as you assemble your company of soldiers in World War II. The game includes access to battle royale mode Firestorm.
This wired controller for the Xbox One features mappable buttons and dual rumble motors, and comes with a custom protective case that also fits the cable and accessories.
Can't keep up with your controllers' charging needs? ESYWEN dual Xbox One controller charging station will provide you endless hours of gaming with its consistent and fast-charing feature.