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News, reviews, and discussion about desktop PCs, laptops, Macs, and everything else in the world of computing, including in-depth buying guides and videos.

A screenshot of Frame Latency Meter running on top of a game render.

AMD just launched a free tool all serious PC gamers should have

AMD's Frame Latency Meter can measure the latency between moving your mouse and seeing the result on screen.
Google Chrome browser running on Android Automotive in a car.

Google just gave up on its proposed makeover of the internet

The Dell XPS 14 open on a wooden table.

This Dell XPS 14 deal cuts the price by $300 for a limited time

A laptop opened to the ChatGPT website.

GPT-4: everything you need to know about ChatGPT’s standard AI model

How to get Photoshop for free

The LG UltraGear 32-inch QHD gaming monitor.

LG’s 27-inch UltraGear monitor is down to $250 from $400

The Lenovo IdeaPad 1i against a white background.

Lenovo’s cheap back-to-school laptop just got a 50% price cut

Alan Truly wears a Meta Quest 3 while laying down with a Meta AI prompt overlaid.

AI just came to VR in a big way

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 review: the best way to waste $1,600

llama 3.1 logo

Meta unveils Llama 3.1, its biggest and best open source model yet

The HP Laptop 14 on a white background.

This back-to-school HP laptop is on sale for $239 from $519

HP Omen 45L sitting on a table.

The popular HP Omen gaming PC has a $700 discount today — 34% off!

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A person using the Dell UltraSharp 40 U4025QW 40-inch curved Thunderbolt hub monitor with a Dell laptop on a desk.

The best 5K monitors you can buy for max resolution

A premium monitor is a must for content creation and media tasks. Here's a look at the top-rated 5K monitors worth considering in 2024.
The Asus ROG Ally X console.

Asus ROG Ally X vs. Steam Deck OLED: Has the champion been dethroned?

Valve's Steam Deck OLED is still a beloved handheld, but can the Asus ROG Ally X shift the narrative?
Dell XPS 16 rear view showing lid and logo.

This Dell XPS 16 deal cuts the laptop’s price by $500

The Dell XPS 16 has a major markdown today! Save $500 when you purchase the powerful laptop directly from Dell.
Overhead view of the Dell Latitude 5540 laptop against a white background.

Dell’s most popular business laptop has a $600 price reduction today

Enhance your workflow with an upgraded work PC! Take home the Dell Latitude 5540 Laptop for $999 when you purchase through Dell.
Elon Musk stands looking to his right.

Musk promises to deliver ‘the world’s most powerful AI’ by later this year

Musk has stated that Grok 3 will be a huge improvement and topple its competitors when it supposedly launches in late 2024.
Nvidia's Titan RTX GPU.

Nvidia may have a complete monster GPU in the works

Although Nvidia never released the rumored Titan RTX in this generation, rumor has it that it has a Titan AI card up its sleeve for Blackwell.
The Asus TUF 24-inch Gaming Monitor.

This ASUS 165Hz gaming monitor is down to $109 at Walmart

Leave all the other gamers in the dust when you add the Asus TUF Gaming Monitor to your PC gaming setup.
Steam Deck held between two hands.

The best handheld gaming PCs you can buy

We've seen a surge in new handheld gaming PCs over the past year, but which should you buy? We've rounded up the best handheld gaming PCs.
The Ryzen 7 7800X3D installed in a motherboard.

AMD’s new Ryzen 9000 CPU gets beaten by an unexpected rival

AMD's 12-core Ryzen 9 9900X has been tested, and a last-gen CPU puts it to shame when it comes to games.
A butterfly with vectors filled in using generative AI feature.

Adobe Illustrator’s vector AI features just got a huge update

Adobe has announced some generative AI features for Illustrator, allowing you to quickly create and edit AI-based vectors.
The McAfee and Norton websites are open in a split-view on a PC monitor.

As a reviewer, here’s why I recommend Norton over McAfee for most people

Norton and McAfee are the two leading antivirus software solutions with decades of experience, but which offers the best protection and most value?
NotchNook app for MacBooks.

This new app just fixed the MacBook notch, and I love it

If you like the Dynamic Island on the iPhone, you'll love this new app.
Woman using a touchpad on a laptop.

How to unlock a mouse (and why you might need to)

Is your mouse frozen? Locked? Unresponsive? It might be that your laptop or PC has locked, or a problem with the mouse itself. Either way, here's how to fix it.
The Dell XPS 14 on a white table with the screen open.

Best laptop deals: Save on the Dell XPS 14, MacBook Pro 16 and more

If you're on the lookout for laptop deals, we've rounded up the best bargains that you can shop right now involving devices by brands like HP, Apple, and Dell.
asus rog ally x review 07

I put the new ROG Ally X up against the original ROG Ally

How does Asus' new ROG Ally X gaming handheld stack up against its predecessors? Find everything you need to know in our comparison guide.
The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57-inch mini-LED gaming monitor placed on a desk.

The ultrawide 57-inch Samsung Odyssey monitor is $800 off today

The Samsung 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 monitor is $800 off when you purchase through Samsung. Act fast before the deal is gone!
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

Intel breaks silence on disastrous instability problem

Intel has finally narrowed down the cause of instability on 13th-gen and 14th-gen CPUs, but we still don't have a fix.
RX 7900 XTX installed in a test bench.

AMD may finally have an answer to Nvidia’s dominance

Although AMD can rival most of Nvidia's graphics cards in pure performance, it always lagged behind in ray tracing. Are things about to improve?
Students using Microsoft Office software on their laptops outside.

Best Microsoft Office deals: Get Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for free

Microsoft Office is paid software, so a discount is always welcome. Here are the best Microsoft Office deals you can find right now.
The Tesla Suit Optimus with a black background.

Musk doubles down on promises for Optimus humanoid robots

The company is promising "genuinely useful humanoid robots" if they ever do arrive.
An HP Omen 17 laptop on a desk.

The best 17-inch laptop deals from HP, LG, Razer, and more

If you want a large display on your next laptop you can add some savings to your cart with the best 17-inch laptop deals, which we've rounded up right here.
Asus ROG Ally and Steam Deck sitting next to each other.

Asus ROG Ally vs. Steam Deck: here’s how they compare

Both versions of Asus' ROG Ally are here now, so how do they compare to the Steam Deck? We put all three devices head-to-head.

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