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Senior Editor, Computing
A hand holding the Ryzen 9 7950X in front of a green light.

The best budget CPUs you can buy in 2024

The processor is arguably the most important component in any desktop computer, so it's tricky to pick out. Check out our roundup of the best budget CPUs.
Windows 11 on a tablet.

Windows 11 tips and tricks: 8 hidden settings you need to try

A hacker typing on an Apple MacBook laptop while holding a phone. Both devices show code on their screens.

Does your Mac need antivirus software in 2024? We asked the experts

AMD CEO Lisa Su holding an APU chip.

How a rumored CPU might embarrass the PS5

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 3101fdw printer looks nice on a white stand beside plants.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP 3101fdw review: a fast business printer for home offices

The side of the open Dell XPS 14 on a white table.

Dell XPS vs. Dell Latitude: here’s how to decide

Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 9 front angled view showing display and keyboard.

This excellent Lenovo laptop makes the Dell XPS 14 look overpriced

Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast sitting on a desk.

The war between PC and console is about to heat up again

The back of the Surface Pro 9, with the kickstand pulled out.

9 best 2-in-1 laptops in 2024: tested and reviewed

hp omen 17 2024 launch 4

HP launches a new gaming laptop and HyperX accessories

Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

We might have an answer to Intel’s crashing crisis

A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

How to search ChatGPT conversations

Original Series
The Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 playing an OLED demo.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 review: challenging my expectations

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G16 is lighter than a MacBook Pro, and it can pack up to an RTX 4090, but it will challenge your expectations about gaming laptops.
The Razer Kishi Ultra sitting on a table.

Is this Razer’s Steam Deck killer?

Razer has a new solution for handheld gaming, and it's excellent. But it might not stand up to the growing market of handheld gaming PCs.
The AMD Ryzen 5 8600G APU installed in a motherboard.

AMD Zen 5: Everything we know about AMD’s next-gen CPUs

AMD's Zen 5 CPUs will debut sometime in the second half of 2024 and they may well bring with them the biggest performance boost in generations.
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D held between fingertips.

AMD’s next-gen CPUs are much closer than we thought

A series of motherboard updates have laid the foundation for AMD's Zen 5 CPUs, suggesting a launch is right around the corner.
Hyte's Thicc Q60 all-in-one liquid cooler.

It’s time to stop believing these PC building myths

Some PC hardware myths are so common that many see them as a fact. It's time to debunk them once and for all.
Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 top down tablet view with pen.

The 5 best laptops for accountants in 2024

There are a lot of options out there for great accounting laptops, but we've gone out and found our favorites on the market to save you the trouble
A person using the Dell UltraSharp 40 U4025QW 40-inch curved Thunderbolt hub monitor with a Dell laptop on a desk.

The best 5K monitors you can buy for max resolution

Looking for premium monitors ideal for content creation and media tasks? Explore the top-rated 5K monitors worth considering in 2024.
The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D installed in a motherboard.

9 best processors for PC gaming: tested and reviewed

Your graphics card is important, but don't discount the best processors for gaming when building your next PC. Here are the top options from Intel and AMD.
The Sony InZone M9 sitting next to a PlayStation 5.

These 4K monitors are discounted at Best Buy — from $200

Best Buy has a huge sale on 4K monitors right now with major brands like Samsung and LG featured prominently. Here's what you need to buy.
Dell XPS 16 sitting on desktop with flowers.

The XPS 16 is fighting an uphill battle against the MacBook Pro

The Dell XPS 16 is an excellent laptop, albeit with some controversial design elements. But the Apple MacBook Pro 16 won't be taken down easily.
The MacBook Air on a white table.

These 6 tweaks take MacBooks from great to nearly perfect

Apple makes great MacBooks, but you can make them even better by adjusting a few settings. Here, we’ll take you through six of the best ones to change.
Foz Do Arelho, Portugal, February 27, 2020 - Laptop, Camera, Pad and phone on a bench at the seaside. Image on the laptop screen saying digital nomad.

My most anticipated laptop of the year just got leaked

Leaked photos have revealed one of the first laptops with the Snapdragon X Elite Chip, and it looks pretty promising.
The TP-Link Deco mesh Wi-Fi system on a table.

These TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi systems are up to 40% off right now

You can improve your home's internet connectivity by buying one of the TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi systems that are available on Amazon, with discounts of up to 40%.

The 5 best laptops for architects in 2024

If you're looking for a powerful laptops that works great for architecture, then check out our favorite picks.
Jin wearing the Sarugami armor with Iki island in the background.

Ghost of Tsushima is already shaping up to be a monster PC port

Sony and Nixxes shared PC system requirements and details about Ghost of Tsushima, and the game already looks impressive on PC.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 front angled view showing display and keyboard.

Lenovo sale: Get up to 67% off ThinkPad Laptops, from $600

Lenovo has a huge sale on ThinkPad laptops with some super cheap deals available right now. Here are our highlights.
The Alienware x14 R2 gaming laptop on a desk.

Alienware sale: Get up to $1,000 off gaming laptops and PCs

Dell is hosting a huge sale on Alienware gaming PCs and gaming laptops with some great discounts on the latest models.
microsoft surface laptop 5 review 04

How to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account

The Windows 11 out-of-the-box experience prompts you to sign into Windows with a Microsoft account, but you can skip it in a few steps.
A woman working on a 2023 MacBook Air with M2 chip.

Best Buy’s deal of the day is $150 off the MacBook Air M2

Best Buy has a big discount on the MacBook Air M2 bringing it down to $849. Here's why it's the perfect fit for many people.
Portal RTX running on the Surface Laptop Studio 2.

The 6 best 2-in-1 laptops for drawing in 2024

From Microsoft and Lenovo to Acer and more, here's a look at the best 2-in-1 laptops for drawing in 2024. This incluces budget picks and premium alternatives.
Installing RAM sticks in a motherboard.

Does RAM speed matter for PC performance?

Frequency, latency, and memory channels impact the speed of RAM, but should you care how fast your RAM is? The short answer: Yes, but not too much.
From a side view, you can see how glasses can be worn along with a Quest Pro.

Quest Pro 2: What we know about Meta’s next premium VR headset

Find out what we know about Meta's plans for a second-generation Quest Pro to challenge Apple's Vision Pro as a spatial computer.

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Senior Editor, Computing
AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
AMD Ryzen 7600X
Best budget processor for most
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Boxed INTEL I5-13400 20M Cache, UP to 4.60GHZ
Intel Core i5-13400
Best budget Intel processor
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Intel Core i3-12100F
Intel Core i3-12100F
Best budget processor under $100
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AMD - Ryzen 5 5600G
AMD Ryzen 5600G
Best budget CPU for gaming without a graphics card
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Intel Core i5-12600K
Intel Core i5-12600KF
Best $150 budget CPU
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Modern processors are exceedingly powerful, but you don't have to buy a flagship design to get a great chip. The best budget CPUs can hold their own and punch well above their weight in gaming and productivity. But you don't want to lock yourself into an old ecosystem. All of our favorite budget CPUs offer excellent performance today, and great upgrade potential for the future, too.

More interested in the best CPUs overall? Here's our list of the top processors for 2024.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600 box.

AMD Ryzen 7600X

Best budget processor for most

  • Six high-performance Zen 4 cores
  • Lots of upgrade potential
  • Affordable price
  • Energy efficient
  • Requires DDR5 memory

The AMD Ryzen 5 7600X is one of AMD's budget CPUs for its latest Ryzen 7000 generation, and though at $200 it's more expensive than most of the other models in this roundup, it's arguably the best budget CPU for just about anyone.

It comes with six high-performance Zen 4 cores, each able to run close to 5GHz when maxed out, or even higher in gaming. It does this with a modest TDP of just 105W, so this CPU is perfect for compact systems. It has a built-in GPU, too, so you don't even need a graphics card to use it for basic office work and web browsing. That GPU isn't very powerful, though, so consider a dedicated graphics card or another CPU for gaming without one (see below).

Since this processor is on the ground floor of AMD's new AM5 socket, too, the 7600X offers excellent upgrade potential. For several generations to come, you'll be able to do a simple BIOS update and just drop a new CPU into your motherboard for next-generation performance — no new motherboard required.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
AMD Ryzen 7600X
Best budget processor for most
Intel Core i5-13400F box.

Intel Core i5-13400

Best budget Intel processor

  • 10 cores for high-end performance
  • Powerful in productivity and gaming
  • Low 65W TDP
  • Supports DDR4 and DDR5
  • Limited upgrade potential
  • Lacks overclocking support

Intel's 13th and 14th generations are often maligned as too hot with too much power at too high a price. But there are some excellent budget models hidden among them, including the Core i5-13400. It sports six performance cores and four efficiency cores, making it punch well above its weight in productivity tasks, and its high clock speeds make it great for gaming, too.

The TDP is just 65W, which makes it much more efficient than most of its Intel peers, and it has onboard graphics, so you don't even need a graphics card to play casual and indie games with it. It supports DDR4 and DDR5 memory, so you can save a few dollars on cheaper memory and motherboards if you want to.

The upgrade path isn't bad on this chip, with options in the 13th and 14th generation, like the 13600K or 14700KF, but the top chips are harder to recommend. Once Intel Arrow Lake launches, you'll need a whole new motherboard to upgrade from there.

Boxed INTEL I5-13400 20M Cache, UP to 4.60GHZ
Intel Core i5-13400
Best budget Intel processor
Intel Core i3-12100F box sitting in front of a gaming computer.

Intel Core i3-12100F

Best budget processor under $100

  • Four high-powered Alder Lake cores with hyperthreading
  • Low 58W TDP
  • Priced under $100
  • Lots of upgrade potential
  • No onboard graphics

The Intel Core i3-12100F is a few generations old, but it still holds its own in gaming and productivity thanks to its four high-powered Alder Lake cores, high clock speed, and support for hyperthreading giving it eight threads to work with. It doesn't have onboard graphics, so you will need to pair this with a graphics card — or opt for the slightly more expensive Core i3-12100 — but it's great for entry-level gaming or day-to-day office work and homework.

It supports DDR4 memory, so you can further cut costs on your build if you wish, and with its low TDP it's great for more compact systems where heat and power are more of a factor.

The upgrade path for this CPU isn't bad, either, with options among the 12th, 13th, and 14th Intel generations to pick from. You can also upgrade to DDR5 memory for further affordable performance improvements down the line.

Intel Core i3-12100F
Intel Core i3-12100F
Best budget processor under $100
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G retail box with processor on white background.

AMD Ryzen 5600G

Best budget CPU for gaming without a graphics card

  • Six powerful Zen 3 CPU cores
  • Strong onboard graphics for casual gaming
  • No graphics card required
  • Locked into an old-generation design
  • Lacks the CPU power of its contemporaries

AMD's last-generation Zen 3 CPUs might be a little long in the tooth, but if you want a budget, low-power gaming PC they're still one of the best ways to do it. The Ryzen 5 5600G has six Zen 3 cores and Vega 7 graphics, making it more than capable of playing lightweight, casual, and indie games without a graphics card. You can even play AAA titles if they're older and you switch all the settings to low — just don't expect great frame rates.

This CPU does sacrifice processing power for that added GPU, unfortunately, meaning you will get better performance from its generational contemporaries, like the 5500 and 5600, but you'll also need a graphics card in those cases. If you can stretch your budget a little further, the Ryzen 5 8500G is much faster and has a newer CPU and GPU design, but you'll also need a new motherboard and DDR5 memory, so it's not quite so budget in design.

Upgrade potential with the 5600G isn't great if you never add a GPU to the mix, but if you can get a cheap graphics card you can always upgrade to the excellent 5700X3D, which is almost as good as the 5800X3D — the best gaming processor of its generation.

AMD - Ryzen 5 5600G
AMD Ryzen 5600G
Best budget CPU for gaming without a graphics card
An Intel Alder Lake Core i5-12600K CPU and its packaging.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Intel Core i5-12600KF

Best $150 budget CPU

Intel's Core i5-12600K was arguably the best gaming processor of its generation, with six performance cores and four efficiency cores, making it excellent for multitaksing and productivity work, too. It's a little outdated these days, but it's still impressively powerful and now available well below $200.

You can save yourself even more money by buying the 12600KF, which at around $150 at the time of writing is arguably the best budget processor out there. Its lack of onboard graphics is a problem, though, because you'll need a graphics card, which adds its own expense.

Still, if you do buy this CPU (or the standard 12600K), you'll get amazing performance, and the option of overclocking it, which can make this processor much more capable — especially in gaming.

Intel Core i5-12600K
Intel Core i5-12600KF
Best $150 budget CPU
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Want a little more help picking the right CPU for you? Check out our CPU buying guide, or our collection of the best gaming CPUs you can buy in 2024.