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The best wireless mouse for 2023: top wireless mice tested and compared

It doesn't matter if you're looking for an ergonomic mouse, a gaming mouse, or a trackball -- our list of the best wireless mice has an option for you.
Zebra is a well-known thermal label printer manufacturer.

What is a thermal printer, how they work, and do you need one?

Learn what a thermal printer is, how the technology works, and when it's the right choice compared to inkjet and laser printers.
A laptop running Windows 11.

Windows 12: the top features we want to see in the rumored OS

A recent leak exposed a possible Windows 12 coming soon. Here are the features we want to see most out of the operating system.
The back of the Dell USB-C monitor, showing ports.

The best USB-C monitors for 2023

Here is our selection of the best USB-C monitors available today. They strike a balance between outstanding features and affordability.
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 4 front view showing display and keyboard.

An e-ink screen display is both this laptop’s superpower, and its Achilles’ heel

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 4 is a highly innovative laptop that will appeal only to a select group of users -- and it's incredibly expensive.
Leaked renderings of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3, showing two laptops intersecting over each other.

Huge leak reveals Microsoft’s new laptops coming next week

Want to know what’s in the cards for Microsoft’s next laptops? The firm is due to reveal them next week, but a new leak has spilled the beans on what’s coming.
OMEN 40L Desktop GT21-1490xt gaming PC deal

Play Starfield and more: This gaming PC with an RTX 4070 Ti is $650 off

If you want to play Starfield, this gaming PC deal from HP is just what you need. Grab the Omen 40L with an RTX 4070 Ti for an incredible price today.
Lenovo Legion Tower 7i Gen8 side view of tower product image.

One of Lenovo’s bestselling gaming PCs is $840 off right now

This Lenovo deal offers a great discount on the Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 bestselling gaming PC, perfect for playing the latest games on high settings or above.
Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

The iPhone 15’s chip challenges Intel’s fastest desktop CPU — but there’s a catch

Intel and AMD have a surprising new rival in Apple, but not in the way you think.
The inside of the MSI Aegis RS 12.

Prebuilt PCs are problematic — here’s how to avoid getting scammed

Prebuilt PCs have some merits, but I'm never going to buy one again. Here's why I would choose to build my own PC each and every time.
RTX 4070 logo on a graphics card.

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is seeing big price cuts in response to AMD

Nvidia's RTX 4070 is already seeing big price cuts, likely in response to AMD's new RX 7800 XT graphics card.
A dark mystery hand typing on a laptop computer at night.

This massive exploit lets hackers breach apps like Chrome, 1Password, and Telegram

Researchers have found a critical security bug that affects a huge range of websites and apps. If left unpatched, it could give hackers free access to your PC.
Series of three smartphones showing Outlook on mobile.

How to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone

Have a Windows PC and an iPhone? Here's how to sync an Outlook calendar with your iPhone, so you can get all your appointments on the same page.
maingear releases gaming pcs north and noctua pc profile

This Noctua-themed gaming PC is a bespoke beauty — and you can buy it

Maingear has just unveiled two new prebuilt desktops, and one thing is certain: Gaming PCs have never looked more stylish.
HP Spectre Foldable PC in several modes.

HP’s new foldable PC is a dream — except for one glaring problem

HP's foldable PC is gearing up to be the smallest and thinnest on the market. The question is if you can stomach its price.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 front angled view showing display.

Usually $4929, this Lenovo laptop is discounted to $999

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 is a reliable laptop for anyone who needs a business-focused device. It's on sale now at Lenovo.
Dell Vostro 15 3500 Laptop

Dell just slashed 25% off one of its best work-from-home laptops

The Dell Vostro 15 is a great business laptop for many users. It's even better when it's $200 off like it is right now.
The Lenovo ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 Intel Mobile Workstation at a side angle.

This Lenovo laptop with 128GB of RAM is $4180 off (you read that right)

If you need a supremely powerful laptop for work, the Lenovo ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 is a pricey but powerful investment. Check it out now while it's on sale.
The screen of the Surface Pro 9.

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: finally time to upgrade?

With Microsoft slowing down support for Windows 10, is it finally time to upgrade to Windows 11? We break down all the differences.
AMD RX 7600 on a pink background.

AMD might still have some next-gen GPUs left in the tank — but I don’t buy it

AMD has said it's done with new GPU dies, but a new rumor suggests the company is gearing up to release more graphics cards.
The LG UltraGear 27-inch OLED gaming monitor displaying a space game.

This LG 27-inch OLED QHD gaming monitor is $130 off today

For a great gaming experience, check out the LG UltraGear 27-inch OLED gaming monitor for great picture quality and for less at Best Buy right now.
God of War running on the LG UltraGear OLED 45.

TV or monitor for gaming? Here are 5 things you need to know

TVs and monitors share a lot in common these days for gamers, but which should you choose? We break down the most important differences.
Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-One

Dell’s Windows-powered answer to the Apple iMac is $300 off today

The Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-One is a great alternative to the Apple iMac looking stylish yet offering power. It's on sale now at Dell so check it out.
Thunderbolt 5 cable plugged into an Aorus laptop.

What is Thunderbolt 5?

Thunderbolt 5 is the next-generation Intel connection standard coming in 2024, with greater bandwidth than anything that's come before.
An inside look of a test cell that goes into a sorting module at the Intel Penang facility in Malaysia.

I got a rare peek into Intel’s largest offshore manufacturing facility — here’s what I learned

Intel gave us access to its biggest offshore facility located in Malaysia to show us how it manufactures CPUs.
A person sitting in front of a PC using Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can finally use Adobe’s game-changing AI features in Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects

Adobe's AI additions to Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects are finally out of beta, and there are even more features for the general release.
The Dell XPS 13, open on a table in front of a window.

Dell XPS 13 just had its price slashed to $599

The Dell XPS 13 is the jewel in Dell's crown. It's on sale now with $200 of making it an irresistible time to buy one.
A hacker typing on an Apple MacBook laptop while holding a phone. Both devices show code on their screens.

This dangerous new Mac malware steals your credit card info

A dangerous new strain of Mac malware has emerged that uses deceptive tactics to steal your passwords, credit card info, and more. Here’s how to stay safe.
The HP 17t-cn300 17.3-inch laptop against a white background.

This HP 17-inch laptop just had its price slashed from $500 to $300

Snap up a super cheap HP 17-inch laptop for just $300 with this awesome deal at HP right now. It's perfect for taking to class with you.
The Razer Blade 15 open on a table.

Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop with an RTX 3070 Ti is $700 off today

The Razer Blade 15 — a powerful gaming laptop — is usually $3,300, so at the $2,600 level we're seeing with this deal it is $700 off. Come check it out, now!
Ray tracing demonstration in Doom Eternal.

What is ray tracing, and how will it change games?

Nvidia made real-time ray tracing mainstream, and now the RTX 3080 and AMD RX 6800 XT are taking the tech to the next level. Here's what you need to know.
A person wearing Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Apple Vision Pro: release date, price, specs, and more

Apple's exciting, yet staggeringly expensive Vision Pro XR headset is no longer a rumor. Here's everything we know about Apple's revolutionary new device.
Microsoft's AI Copilot being used in various Microsoft Office apps.

Microsoft Copilot vs. Google Duet: battle of the next-gen AI smart assistants

Microsoft Copilot and Google Duet are the two bleeding-edge smart AI assistants for their respective services. But which is better? Let's find out.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8.

Cyberpunk 2077 might force you to upgrade your CPU

If you want to play the new Cyberpunk 2077 expansion, Phantom Liberty, you may need to make sure your PC is ready for it first.
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