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An illustration of Nvidia's Resizable Bar.

This essential GPU feature isn’t as simple as you think

Resizable Bar has become an essential feature for modern GPUs, but the more you dig into it, the more complicated it becomes.
The AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics card.

What AMD needs to do to beat Nvidia in 2024

The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro sitting at an angle.

The best Lenovo gaming laptops you can buy right now

The Hyte Y40 PC case sitting on a table.

The best PC gaming hardware of 2023: GPUs, CPUs, monitors, and more

Apple MacBook Air M1 open, on a table.

I’m finally ready to stop recommending Apple’s cheapest MacBook

Panos Panay with a Surface

I’m worried about the future of the Microsoft Surface

Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 monitor.

These are the rules I live by when optimizing PC game performance

The Paste Mac app, with its clipboard bar open and the Paste homepage in Safari.

This simple app changed how I use my Mac forever

Apple MacBook Pro 14 front view showing display and keyboard deck.

I’m a laptop reviewer. Here’s why I still use a laptop from 2021

Ray traced Fortnite at max settings.

3 easy ways to quickly improve Fortnite performance

A person is enthusiastically enjoying a game while wearing the Meta Quest 3.

These are the apps that made me fall in love with my Quest 3

A MacBook Pro running macOS Sonoma at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023.

7 key settings in macOS Sonoma you should change right now

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

It’s finally time to stop worrying about OLED monitor burn-in

OLED monitor burn-in is a constant worry, but new reports only confirm that they're longer-lasting than people think.
NVIDIA Unveils GeForce RTX, World’s First Real-Time Ray Tracing GPUs

In 2023, Nvidia finally delivered on a promise it made 5 years ago

Nvidia laid out a platform for the future five years ago in the form of RTX, and this year, we finally saw it all come together.
A close-up photo of the Shortcuts app on an Apple device, against a red background.

One of my favorite Mac apps is driving me nuts

Apple’s Shortcuts app is incredibly advanced, yet there’s almost no official help on how to use it properly. Apple needs to fix this -- here’s what it can do.
HP Spectre Foldable PC front view showing desktop mode.

I reviewed 40 laptops in 2023. Here are the 5 that stood out

I reviewed a ton of laptops in 2023, and a handful stood out. Whether you're looking for value, innovation, or performance, one of these five laptops will suffice.
A solider from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

When a high frame rate can lose you the game

Nvidia's Frames Win Games campaign has a lot of truth, but with DLSS 3 Frame Generation, the sentiment gets a little more complicated.
The lid of Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air seem from above.

5 things you need to know before buying a new MacBook Pro

With the advent of the new M3 MacBook Pros, there are some important things to keep in mind when configuring your machine. Here are five of the most important.
Someone using a MacBook Pro on a table in front of a scenic background.

Steve Jobs killed this MacBook feature 15 years ago. Now it might be back

Apple is working on 5G MacBooks, a new report claims. If true, the change could massively improve your connectivity while you’re away from Wi-Fi networks.
Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman standing on stage at a product event.

OpenAI is on fire — here’s what that means for ChatGPT and Windows

OpenAI, maker of ChatGPT, fired CEO Sam Altman on November 17, kicking off a string of events that are still playing out.
The Threadripper 7980X CPU installed in a motherboard.

AMD isn’t competing with Intel anymore — Threadripper just wins

AMD's new Threadripper 7000 CPUs put up insane performance, but it's the fact that you can actually buy them that stands out.
Lies of P being played on an iMac.

These are the best games to play on your new M3 Mac

Apple’s M3 series of chips has taken Mac gaming to another level. If you want to test your new machine with the most demanding Mac games, try these on for size.
Jon's latest gaming and work machine.

I built the best gaming PC in the world — and it wasn’t worth it

I upgraded my PC with some of the fastest components in the world and it's made my work much faster, but it barely effected my gaming at all. Here's why.
Dell G15 series on desk.

This is the best Dell gaming laptop you can buy

This is currently the best Dell gaming laptop that you should be buying in 2023.
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

Upgrade your PC or start from scratch? Here’s our definitive guide on the question

If your PC isn't cutting it anymore, it might be time to upgrade. But should you start from scratch or replace certain components? Let's find out.
A mudflat on the left with mountains in the background. On the right is the same mudflat with a car and pond superimposed into the foreground and a car-shaped cloud in the sky. This image was made with Adobe Photoshop's Generative Fill tool.

This magic Photoshop feature has changed how I edit photos forever

The latest generations of AI aren't just great to chat to and for making fun AI art -- they can speed up your workflow in Photoshop too. Here's how.
Three RTX 4080 cards sitting on a pink background.

Whatever you do, don’t buy an Nvidia GPU right now

We're already seeing deals on graphics cards for Black Friday, but now is just about the worst time to pick up a current-gen Nvidia graphics card.
A Safari window and the Maps app open in macOS Sonoma.

All the best macOS Sonoma tips and tricks you need to know

Find out how to get more from macOS Sonoma and uncover some of its most useful features with these clever tips and tricks for Apple’s operating system.
A MacBook Pro 13-inch on a table.

A major era in MacBook history is finally over

We're living in a golden age of MacBook glory. But only since the removal of the 13-inch MacBook Pro were we able to officially embrace it.
Alienware Aurora R16 sitting on a desk.

This is the best Alienware gaming PC you can buy

Alienware is no stranger when it comes to gaming laptops, but if you are looking for a gaming desktop, this is the one you should buy.
The Steam Deck OLED on a pink background.

What reviews didn’t say about the Steam Deck OLED

The Steam Deck OLED makes a great first impression, but there are a few nuanced changes that deserve a closer look.
The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max chip seen from behind.

Here’s why people are raising concerns about the M3 Pro MacBook Pro

Apple's M3 Pro MacBook Pro hasn't gotten much attention this week, which may have been on purpose.
YouTube app running on an Amazon Fire Max 11.

I couldn’t live without this simple desktop YouTube feature

YouTube's Picture in Picture feature is super useful for keeping videos within view when you're multi-tasking. Here's how to make the most of it.
An Apple iMac Pro in a dark room flanked by two monitors, one on either side of it.

A new iMac Pro could still launch. Here’s what I want from it

Despite recent reports, it looks like Apple is still working on a larger iMac Pro. If that’s true, here’s everything I want to see in the next all-in-one Mac.

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