Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale began his technological education bashing the surprisingly resilient keys of a BBC Micro in the late '80s. He hand-built his first LED-festooned Windows XP gaming PC in his early teens and has been a tech journalist for all of his working career. Over that time he's written a number of in-depth features, hundreds of reviews, and thousands of news articles, covering everything from the latest games and hardware, to hacking scandals and government surveillance.

Equipped with a sit/stand desk, a Cherry MX-brown switch keyboard, and a high-refresh-rate monitor, Jon spends his days keeping up to date with the latest and greatest happenings in a variety of industries. He overclocks, water cools, and debates the merits of privacy, whilst 'hodling' his own modest Bitcoin investment for the future.

When he's not digging into the latest developments in ransomware, cryptojacking, and biometrics, Jon continues to wear his nerd heart on his sleeve, enjoying comics, board games, and model painting.

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