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Simply put: No field in computing is as hot or heavily hyped right now as artificial intelligence. Once a science fiction dream, A.I. is now a big part of our everyday lives; whether it’s commonplace tech like fraud prevention systems, online recommendations, or the speech recognition tools driving smart assistants — all the way through to innovative new technologies like self-driving cars and autonomous delivery robots. Want to know why A.I. matters? In need of a primer on the difference between deep learning and reinforcement learning? Scared at the possibility of machine superintelligence? Helpfully, we’ve rounded up all our news, guides, and assorted other A.I. coverage in one central location.

The keyboard and trackpad of the Galaxy Book4 Edge.

Why Samsung has the most exciting Copilot+ PC right now

There's a whole slew of new Copilot+ laptops coming soon, but Samsung might have the most interesting one.
Editing images in ChatGPT.

How to edit images with ChatGPT

The Dell XPS 13 in front of a window.

Dell is hiding something about the new XPS 13

A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

OpenAI strikes major deal with News Corp to boost ChatGPT

The Surface Laptop shown in front of a Copilot+ sign.

The first Copilot+ PC has been tested — and it destroys the MacBook

Person using Windows 11 laptop on their lap by the window.

Microsoft just made Paint relevant again

The Surface Laptop shown in front of a Copilot+ sign.

What are Copilot+ PCs? Your most pressing questions, answered

The new Surface Pro on a table.

The real reason behind Copilot+ PCs goes far beyond just AI

A Team Copilot being used alongside a Teams video call.

All the Copilot updates announced at Build 2024

Portal RTX running on the Surface Laptop Studio 2.

Microsoft has a killer answer for DLSS with Copilot+

The two sizes of the Galaxy Book4 Edge on a table.

The best Copilot+ laptops that were just announced

Microsoft introducing the Recall feature in Windows 11.

Sorry, Microsoft — I don’t want Copilot+ reading my DMs yet

Copilot+ PCs being announced from the stage.

This was the most momentous PC announcement in decades

The AI PC started as a nebulous idea, but with Copilot+ PCs, Microsoft is bringing it to fruition in a big way.
The new Surface Pro on a table.

The new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are finally living up to their potential

Microsoft just introduced a new Surface and Surface Pro that leverage an exclusive set of AI features called Copilot+.
A Dell XPS 13 Plus viewed from the side.

Dell is doing something it’s never done before to the XPS 13

Dell is flipping the XPS 13 on its head by adding a new Snapdragon X Elite chip and a suite of AI features.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announces updates to the company's Copilot artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

Microsoft just kicked off a new era of PCs with Copilot+

Microsoft is introducing an entirely new category of PCs, dubbed Copilot+, and they could change everything.
On-package memory on Intel Meteor Lake processors.

Intel is ready for Copilot+ PCs with Lunar Lake

Intel is getting an early start by teasing some details about its upcoming Lunar Lake CPUs, and they sound like a massive upgrade.
Gemini, ChatGPT, Humane Pin, and Rabbit R1.

AI gadgets are dead

The likes of Humane and Rabbit want to carve a niche. But tools like Gemini and ChatGPT prove that the best place for AI is on your humble smartphone.
Microsoft Copilot Pro.

The 5 best things you can do with Copilot Pro right now

Copilot Pro has many fascinating features integrated into its Microsoft 365 suite. Here's how they work.
A person typing on a laptop that is showing the ChatGPT generative AI website.

ChatGPT not working? The most common problems and fixes

Here are some of the most common ways that ChatGPT might give you trouble as a user and what you can do to resolve issues when using the popular AI chatbot.
The stage for Google I/O 2024.

Watch Google’s 10-minute recap of its AI-filled I/O keynote

Don't have time to plow through Google's two-hour I/O keynote unveiling a slew of new AI products? Well, it's kindly squashed the event into a 10-minute video.
OpenAI developer using GPT-4o.

GPT-4o: What the latest ChatGPT update can do and when you can get it

OpenAI's latest ChatGPT model is GPT-4o, and it's a bit of a game changer. Here's what makes it so exciting.
The ChatGPT desktop app open in a window next to some code.

Macs just got a huge AI boost

With the launch of the ChatGPT desktop app, Macs just became a lot more AI-friendly.
OpenAI's Mira Murati introduces GPT-4o.

ChatGPT can laugh now, and it’s downright creepy

OpenAI just unveiled its latest language model, GPT-4o, and the improvements are impressive across the board -- with a dash of uncanny valley.
The Samsung Galaxy S22 in a purple color.

Check your Samsung Galaxy S22 for a big update right now

Starting today, the Galaxy S22, Z Flip 4, and Z Fold 4 are getting some Galaxy AI love with the rollout of Samsung's One UI 6.1 software update.
Copilot on a laptop on a desk.

Microsoft says 75% of office workers already use AI at work

Microsoft has published its Annual Work Trend Index, and to no one's surprise, use of AI took the spotlight.
Copilot on a laptop on a desk.

8 AI chatbots you should use instead of ChatGPT

Here’s a look at some of the current ChatGPT alternatives to illustrate how the AI landscape has changed since the chatbot first released.
Someone holding the Rabbit R1.

The Rabbit R1 is one of the worst gadgets I’ve ever reviewed

The Rabbit R1 was supposed to be an AI smartphone companion that would make your life simpler. As it turns out, it does the exact opposite.
The Rabbit R1 standing upright on a wooden railing with its display turned on.

The Rabbit R1 is hiding a big secret

The Rabbit R1 is one of the hottest AI gadgets on the market right now — and it looks like it's hiding an Android-scented secret.
Someone holding the Rabbit R1 with its screen turned on.

I spent four days with the AI gadget of the future, and it was a mess

The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that can help you get things done quicker than you're able to with your phone. At least, that's what it's supposed to do.
Infinix Zero 30 5G Android phone in gold color with ChatGPT virtual assistant.

How to build your own GPT chatbot without coding

As a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to use OpenAI’s advanced tools to build a custom chatbot all your own. Here’s how.
Meta AI on mobile and desktop web interface.

Why Llama 3 is changing everything in the world of AI

Llama 3 isn't just the latest version of Meta's AI -- it's a revolution in capabilities and accessibility. Here's why it could be the big AI of the future.
An iPhone 15 Pro Max laying face-down outside, showing the Natural Titanium color.

An Apple insider just revealed how iOS 18’s AI features will work

Apple is reportedly trying to emulate the same formula that Google deployed for putting Gemini AI on Pixel phones. But Apple's approach might be more practical.
Infinix Zero 30 5G Android phone in gold color with ChatGPT virtual assistant.

How to delete your ChatGPT account

Has the fun and bewilderment of ChatGPT worn off? Here’s a guide on how to delete your ChatGPT account in just a few simple steps.

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