With fingers in pretty much every pie imaginable — search engines, phones, smart assistants, office software, even robots — Google is one of the biggest players in the tech industry, and it can be hard to keep up with everything they do. Thankfully, we keep up with it for you, whether you want reviews, in-depth analysis, or breaking news about what Google’s doing now.

Your Nest products will still work with Wink, but at the cost of new features

In previous months, Google had said Nest and Wink integrations would no longer work beyond August 31. They've since amended this declaration and will allow integrations to remain, but customers can't access new features.
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The best apps for helping students stay organized and safe

Student lives become increasingly complex once they hit middle school and beyond. The best apps for students help sort everything from assignments to buying books.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Everything you need to know

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 brings Android tablets closer to being users' sole OS for work and play. Additions in gaming, DeX, Bluetooth in the S-Pen, and a trackpad in the new case make the Tab S6 a better 2-in-1.

Digital Trends Live: Google’s assignable reminders, Genesis Mini, and more

On today’s DT Live, we take a look at the biggest trending stories in tech, including Google Assistant’s new assignable reminders, British Airways’ virtual reality headsets, Sega's Genesis Mini, and DARPA’s new robotics challenge.
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