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A close-up of the Spotify app icon.

The Spotify Android app just got an odd design change

Do you use the Spotify app on your Android phone? If so, you'll likely soon see an updated design for the app icon. Here's what changed.
The Google Photos app running on a Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Your Google Photos app may soon get a big overhaul. Here’s what it looks like

An APK teardown has revealed new sharing features for Google Photos, along with some other changes. Here's what's new.
Text editing in Google Messages.

Google just announced 7 big Android updates. Here’s what’s new

Google's latest feature drop imagines you making PayPal transactions on a watch, controlling appliances from home screen widgets, and fixing message mistakes.
Perplexity app shown on an iPhone.

Perplexity, one of our favorite AI apps, just got a big update

ChatGPT tool Perplexity is getting even better. With Perplexity Pages, you can transform your research into visually engaging and comprehensive content.
Security shield on Android phone.

The best antivirus tools for Android

Is it time to better protect your mobile device? here's our list of the top antivirus apps for Android, along with advice on how to choose the best one for you.
A Chromecast tip on a TV.

Wait! What did Google just rename this time?

Chromecast built-in is now just Cast. Doesn't matter what you call it, though — it still does the exact same thing.
Showing the app drawer on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

What is an APK file? How they work and how to open them

We often talk about APK files when discussing Android phones. But what are APK files, how do they work, and why should you care about them? Let's explain.
Official product render of the Fitbit Ace LTE.

Fitbit just launched a new smartwatch unlike any it’s made before

Fitbit just announced a new smartwatch joining its lineup — the Fitbit Ace LTE — and it's unlike any previous watch from the company.
The Arc web browser running on macOS Ventura, showing an Easel with live snippets listing temperatures in New York and flights there from London.

Why even Chrome devotees should give the Arc web browser a shot

Arc and Google Chrome are two excellent web browsers, but which one is best? We’ve compared them on design, features, performance, and security to find out.
The Google Pixel 8a's screen.

The best Google Pixel 8a screen protectors in 2024

The Google Pixel 8a could be your next midrange phone. Protect it with the best Google Pixel 8a screen protectors to keep it safe from damage.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8a.

The Google Pixel 9 could be in trouble

A recent survey shows that Google phones are struggling to retain customer loyalty and market share in the U.S. market. Here's what's happening.
A photo of Google's Project Starline during a demo session.

I saw the future of video calling, and it blew me away

During Google I/O 2024, I had an opportunity to try Project Starline — Google's futuristic take on video calling. Simply put, it blew me away.
Project Gameface being used to write an email.

You’ll soon be able to control your Chromebook with just your face

Google's Project Gameface got an update that lets you control your Chromebook only with your face and gestures.
iPhone 15 Pro (left) and Google Pixel 8a camera modules.

Can a $500 Pixel phone beat a $1,000 iPhone in a camera test? I found out

What happens when you compare a $500 Pixel phone against a $1,000 iPhone in a camera test? Is it close? Is it a total blowout? I found out.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8a, showing the back.

The best Google Pixel 8a cases in 2024

The Google Pixel 8a is seriously impressive, but it still needs protection against hazards. Here are the best Google Pixel 8a cases and covers.
a hand holding an iPhone with the Instagram app showing.

How to search for filters on Instagram

Filters are a great way to improve your Instagram posts. Here's how to find them on the social networking app and make your posts come to life.
Main title image for the Outtafocus column.

My Google Pixel phone turned my photos into AI nightmares

Will AI take over the world? Who knows. But after using the Pixel 8a's Magic Editor on photos of animals, I'm more scared of it than ever.
Renders of the Google Pixel 8a and Google Pixel 6a.

Google Pixel 8a vs. Pixel 6a: Is it time to upgrade?

The Google Pixel 8a is the latest from Google, and it packs quite a punch for the price. Is it worth upgrading to from a Pixel 6a?
Renders of the Google Pixel 8a and Pixel 8 next to each other.

Google Pixel 8a vs. Pixel 8: not an easy decision

The Pixel 8a tries to reset the rules for budget phones, and it gets very close to the Pixel 8. So, which one should you get?
Four people in military gear walking through the snowy, abandoned streets of New York

The Division Resurgence: release date speculation, news, and rumors

Ubisoft is bringing its popular third-person shooter franchise to mobile devices sometime in 2024. Here's everything we know about The Division Resurgence.
A person making a phone call on a Samsung Galaxy S24 in a car.

How to make your number private on your Android phone

Whether you want to make your number private once or permanently, you can do so on your Android phone. Here are the steps to follow!
Google app on Android beta showing Notifications.

The Google app on your Android phone is getting a helpful new feature

If you use the Google app on your Android phone a lot, you'll want to keep an eye out for a new feature that's slowly rolling out to it now.
A person holding the Poco F6 and Poco F6 Pro.

These are two of the most confusing Android phones I’ve used in 2024

I tried the Poco F6 and Poco F6 Pro right after reviewing the Google Pixel 8a. It was difficult to know which phone to try first, so I used them both.
The Poco Pad tablet in different colors

This cool new Android tablet is hiding a very big secret

The Poco Pad is the brand's first tablet. To make sure it stands out, the company has fitted it with a very big (and exciting) feature.
The back of the Google Pixel 8a.

It’s impossible to recommend a cheap Google Pixel phone

The Pixel 8a is the cheap Google phone to buy, right? Well, no, because the Pixel 8 is. Sometimes. Google has made it hard to know which phone to buy.
A digital security lock.

Best LastPass alternatives for 2024

With the LastPass security issues over the past years, you might be in the market for a new password manager. We've got you covered with these alternatives.
A person holding the OnePlus 12.

5 phones you should buy instead of the OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12 is a stunning smartphone and a powerful one too. But there are a bunch of other phones that offer similar experiences. Here are five of the best.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8a

I reviewed Google’s new cheap Pixel phone, and you really should buy it

The Google Pixel 8a is the cheapest Pixel you can buy, but is it too compromised to consider? Thankfully, no. Here's why it's a great purchase.
Gemini, ChatGPT, Humane Pin, and Rabbit R1.

AI gadgets are dead

The likes of Humane and Rabbit want to carve a niche. But tools like Gemini and ChatGPT prove that the best place for AI is on your humble smartphone.
The Android 15 logo on a smartphone.

Android 15 release date: When will my phone get the update?

Android 15 is here, at least in the form of a beta. Here's everything we know about Android 15's release date (and when it's coming to your phone).
Google Photos app on a Google Pixel 8 Pro.

This is the one AI feature from Google I/O 2024 I can’t wait to use

Whether you love it or hate it, AI is all the rage right now. This was especially true at Google I/O 2024, where one particular AI feature stole my attention.
The Android 15 logo on a smartphone.

How to download the Android 15 beta right now

Android 15 is available as a public beta for those with a Google Pixel and other select Android devices to try for themselves. Here's how to download it.
A person holding the Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses.

Google fumbled what could have been its biggest product in years

Google didn't launch a pair of AI smart glasses at Google I/O, but instead weakly teased a concept, leaving the path clear for the competition to take over.
YouTube TV multiview options on an Android phone.

Android users finally get YouTube TV parity with iPhone

Multiview has been available in YouTube TV on iPhone and iPad for months. Now, Android device owners finally get to watch more than one thing at a time.