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Save Smart: The Best Black Friday Smart Home Deals

The number of Black Friday sales can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best bang-for-your-buck deals you'll find this year on the most popular smart home products on the market.

New Hampshire judge tells Amazon to turn over Echo recordings in murder case

A New Hampshire judge has directed Amazon to turn over Echo recordings to help solve a double homicide. The prosecution believes the device may have recorded conversations, or even the crime itself.
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This subreddit can figure out everything about you by looking in your fridge

The food you eat (and how you store it) says a lot about you. A new subreddit called Fridge Detectives guesses who you are, what you do, and even where you live based on the contents of your refrigerator.
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Google Assistant displays will soon get multiroom audio, Home View, and more

Much-wanted features are coming to Google Assistant smart displays, including multiroom audio, Home View, and more. The most recent update expands supported smart display functionality and will roll out over the next few weeks.
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New Nuimo Click gives one-touch control over smart home devices

Berlin-based technology company Senic has announced the Nuimo Click, a smart switch that harvests kinetic energy to power itself without the need for cables or batteries. The Nuimo Click will begin shipping in December.
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LG’s Colosseo smart sofa is the comfiest piece of tech in your home

LG has partnered with Italian furniture brand Natuzzi to produce the Colosseo, a connected sofa with five custom scenarios to provide maximum comfort for watching TV, reading, or just relaxing.