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SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera with a ‘hacker-proof’ mode

The SimCam 1S is an indoor security camera that is more resistant to hacking attempts and security breaches.

The KamiBaby baby monitor magnifies your little one’s breathing

Way beyond video: This baby monitor analyzes breathing and sleep patterns to give parents vital information

Harman Kardon Citation series speakers have every feature you can think of

Harmon Kardon has added several new entries to its lineup of speakers, including the Harmon Kardon 200, the Oasis, the Citation Multibeam 700, and the Citation Sub S, all available this spring.
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Google Assistant is now used by half a billion people around the world

At CES 2020, Google Assistant celebrated a huge milestone: The smart assistant is used by more than 500 million people around the world. Google also announced several new features to make the system even better.

Sunflower Labs’ Bee is a fully autonomous home defense and observation drone

At CES 2020, Sunflower Labs announced the launch of The Bee, a fully autonomous home defense drone. The Bee responds to motion and vibrations in the yard and streams and records any activity.

LIFX brightens up smart lights with a flurry of announcements at CES 2020

LIFX unveiled several new products at CES 2020 including a smart switch that can control both smart and dumb lights, an Edison bulb, a TV strip, and a redesigned app with a new look and feel.