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Fibaro smart devices are now compatible with the Samsung SmartThings hub

Samsung SmartThings now supports even more devices with the integration of Fibaro, a company known for its smart home sensors. Several Fibaro devices are already compatible, with more on the way.
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Ikea isn’t throwing shade with the delayed release of its smart blinds

Ikea planned to release is Tradfri-compatible smart blinds in April 2019, but the products have been delayed until later in the year for a firmware update that promises better functionality.
Smart Home

Alexa may be everywhere, but it’s Google’s Assistant I want in my home. Here’s why

The Amazon Alexa may have the Google Home beat in quantity of skills and compatibility with other products, but does that really matter when Alexa falls flat for day-to-day conversation?
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From battery packs to Mickey Mouse ears, here are the best Google Home Mini accessories

The Google Home Mini is small, functional, and powerful, but these accessories can further improve the utility of the smart assistant. Wall mounts, pedestals, and battery packs expand the Mini's function.
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The LifeStraw Home is a water filter on bacteria-busting steroids

The LifeStraw Home is a Kickstarter product that hopes to create one of the most powerful home water filters on the market and claims to filter out nearly 100 percent of bacteria from your drinking water.
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It sucks to sweep: The VaBroom is both a broom and vacuum

Chasing dust bunnies is a thing of the past with the VaBroom, a new project on Kickstarter. The VaBroom aims to make dustpans redundant with a built-in, 14,000 RPM vacuum motor in the head of the broom.