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Want to chat with Samuel L. Jackson? An Alexa-enabled device can help with that

You can say 'Hey, Samuel' to bring Samuel L. Jackson to an Alexa device.
Smart Home

Samsung’s Jetbot robot vacuum mops floors, converts to a wall and window cleaner

The Samsung Jetbot not only cleans floors, but can also switch to a handheld mode for cleaning and buffing walls and windows.
Smart Home

Neato D10 robot vacuum to tackle fall allergy season with its true HEPA filter

Neato announced a new and improved lineup of robot vacuums capable of tackling fall allergy season and providing your home with a better clean.
Smart Home

Philips Hue gradient strip can enhance your home theater experience

New and updated products are on the way for Philips Hue fans
Smart Home

Amazon’s new Blink cameras aim to go the distance with 2-year battery life

These new cameras are wireless and last for a long time on just two batteries.