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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Every week, we receive a flood of emails filled with great questions about A/V products, ranging from “what’s the best bright room TV.” to “how do I know if I’m getting Dolby Atmos?” Each week, we’ll hand pick some of the most commonly asked questions from you, our readers and viewers, and answer them as concisely and helpfully as we know how.

You Asked Ep 15 Feature

You Asked: Do perfect LCD panels exist?

In this installment of You Asked: Is there such a thing as a perfect LCD panel? What is frame rate control? And we'll decode Samsung soundbar model numbers.
You Asked Ep 13

You Asked: Is Dolby Vision a must-have? And how to handle Atmos with irregular ceilings

You Asked Ep 12

You Asked 12: streaming audio, hotel TVs, and OLED burn-in

You Asked Ep 11

You Asked 11: throwing shade on OLED, TVs vs. PC monitors

You Asked

You Asked 10: picture calibration, best budget buys, and premium small screens

You Asked Episode 9

You Asked: Dolby Atmos and EDID, minimalist soundbars, and HDMI 2.1

A screenshot from video series You Asked, Episode 8.

You Asked: plasma TV replacements, cheap OLEDs, and Sharp’s return

You Asked Episode 7

You Asked: streaming inequality, Dragon showdown, and holy grail TVs

You Asked Ep 6

You Asked: Sonos setups, 5,000 nits, and dumb TVs

You Asked Episode 5

You Asked: Soundbars vs. receivers, TVs with no speakers, and car stereos

You Asked Episode 4

You Asked: Why we don’t buy the TVs we review

You Asked Ep 3

You Asked: How to add a subwooofer to Apple Homepods, Hisense UX review question

You Asked Episode 2

You Asked: Why TVs with same model numbers have different specs

You've got more questions about TVs — and other things. And our resident TV expert has answers. And other things.
You Asked episode 1.

You Asked: best TVs for bright rooms, when to use eARC, and more

You have questions. We have answers. The Digital Trends community has tons of great AV questions and we're going answer them in our new series: You Asked.

Digital Trends Editor at Large Caleb Denison is a sought-after writer, speaker, and television correspondent with unmatched expertise in AV and entertainment technology. Denison parlayed his employment at the first-ever online speaker company into a reputation as a serial early adopter and technology communicator. His digestible style landed him a recurring gig leading media tours at CES, taking audiences behind the scenes at the world-renowned trade show to spotlight the best new tech, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Super Bowl LIV with Fox Sports.

Other on-camera work includes a number of local and national television and radio appearances. Denison is also known for creating consumer buying guides in video and written format for brands like Amazon and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Denison specializes in 4K TV reviews and 8K TV reviews as well as related TV technologies such as OLED, QLED, micro-LED, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Denison also has extensive experience in consumer audio with an affinity for turntables and vinyl records as well as headphones.