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Caleb Denison

Caleb Denison

Editor at Large

Digital Trends Editor at Large Caleb Denison is a sought-after writer, speaker, and television correspondent with unmatched expertise in AV and entertainment technology. Denison parlayed his employment at the first-ever online speaker company into a reputation as a serial early adopter and technology communicator. His digestible style landed him a recurring gig leading media tours at CES, taking audiences behind the scenes at the world-renowned trade show to spotlight the best new tech, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Super Bowl LIV with Fox Sports.

Other on-camera work includes a number of local and national television and radio appearances. Denison is also known for creating consumer buying guides in video and written format for brands like Amazon and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Denison specializes in 4K TV reviews and 8K TV reviews as well as related TV technologies such as OLED, QLED, micro-LED, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Denison also has extensive experience in consumer audio with an affinity for turntables and vinyl records as well as headphones.

You Asked Feature

You Asked: 4K OLED vs. 8K Mini-LED. And are built-in apps good enough?

On today’s episode of You Asked: 4K OLED versus 8K mini-LED. Are built-in TV streaming apps better? And is the Bravia 9 going to be better than an OLED?
You Asked TV Acronyms

You Asked: All about the acronyms, baby

We're as guilty as anyone when it comes to throwing around acronyms as if they're how people actually talk. So let's get into the ABCs of ABL and WGC ASAP.

LG G4 OLED TV review: OLED goes off the charts in 2024

We have an early front-runner for the best TV of the year. In fact, the LG G4 is one of the best we've ever tested.
LG G4 Review YT

Watch: LG G4 OLED TV review

The LG G4 OLED TV excels where it matters most – delivering stunning visuals and unmatched versatility. With its exceptional color accuracy, peak brightness, and HDR capabilities, it stands as a top contender for the title of the best TV of 2024.
Hisense U9

A first look at Hisense’s 2024 TV lineup already impresses

Hisense looks to be making all the right movies in 2024, and that's a great thing if you're in the market for a new TV.
Hisense U8N

Hisense U8N review: As close to OLED as it gets?

The Hisense U8N continues to put pressure on the competition with intense brightness, deep blacks, and vibrant color.
You Asked Feature

You Asked: The Moire effect strikes, open-box TV tips, and where’d the curves go?

This week on You Asked: What is Moire effect, and can you do anything about it? When is it safe to buy an open-box TV? Are there any curved TVs you can buy?
You Asked

You Asked: Is Amazon hiding the Blu-rays? And where’s the Sony XM6?

On this week’s You Asked: Is Amazon trying to kill Blu-ray discs? Are the Sony XM6 headphones coming?
You Asked Ep 33

You Asked: Sony surround, FlexConnect vs. Sony HT-A9, LG G4 vs. Samsung S95D

This week on You Asked: Should you use Samsung's Intelligence Mode? The differences between Dolby FlexConnect and Sony HT-A9. A preview of a big OLED showdown.
You Asked Ep 32 Feature

You Asked: QLED and mini-LED burn-in, missing HDR, and Apple TV and HDMI 2.1

Can QLED and mini-LED TVs get burn-in? How to get HDR from the YouTube app on Apple TV 4K. And is a computer monitor better than a smart TV for privacy?
You Asked Ep 31 Feature Image

You Asked: HDMI 2.1 and Blu-ray, TV life spans, and 2023 TV price drops

How long should a QLED TV last? Will 2023 TV prices go down even further? And whatever happened to dual-cell TV tech?
You Asked 30

You Asked: Mixing AV brands, the best headphones for TV viewing, and more

Do you have to stick to one brand for all of your AV components? What are the best headphones for watching TV? Which TVs have the best built-in audio?

2024 LG TVs first look: G4 OLED upgrades and a pleasant webOS surprise

The good, the better, and the unexpected from my first look at LG's 2024 OLEDs, QNEDs, and the next-gen webOS.
S95D Feature

Watch: Samsung S95D OLED first look

Folks passing judgement on the Samsung S95D OLED TV may be getting ahead of themselves. Based on what I'm seeing, the anti-glare filter on Samsung's flagship 4K OLED TV is all benefit, no drawbacks. Forget what you think you know about what anti-glare treatments does to picture quality, because this TV doesn't follow the rules.
Samsung S95D OLED

Samsung S95D OLED first look: a reflection on excellence

I went hands-on with the Samsung S95D OLED to see for myself how its controversial anti-glare technology will affect its picture. The results may shock you.
Two majestic elk lock horns in a snowy scene shown on a Samsung QN90D.

Samsung QN90D first look: setting the bar for 2024

Samsung's latest-gen QLED made improvements exactly where it needed them and once again sets the bar for all QLEDs in 2024.
You Asked Ep 29

You Asked: HTIB vs. soundbars, Sony’s 2024 lineup, and plasma upgrades

Should you go for a home theater in a box versus soundbars for home audio under $1,000? Is upgrading from plasma worth it? When will Sony's 2024 TVs drop?
Brilliantly colored traditional dress costumes seen in an arial view displayed on a Samsung QN900D TV.

Samsung QN900D 8K TV first look: fully loaded flagship

Let's take a closer look at what's new -- inside and out -- on Samsung's 8K flagship this year, the QN900D.
Apple Vision Pro

Is the Apple Vision Pro the ultimate personal home theater?

Is the Apple Vision Pro the best personal home theater experience you can have? The industry-changing tech is has for incredible cinematic video.
You Asked Ep 28

You Asked: tone mapping, bad Blu-ray players, mini-LED vs. microLED, and TCL X955

How do brightness and tone mapping affect SDR content? Why aren't all Blu-ray players created equal? Whatever happened to the TCL X955?

The Golden Age of TV isn’t just over — it’s imploding

Streaming TV was supposed to be our liberation from cable's hidden fees and frustrating contracts. But the cord-cutting revolution is over and we all lost.
You Asked Ep 26

You Asked: home theater setup challenges, in-home TV calibration, and is Sony abandoning OLED

This week in You Asked: How large-screen TVs present home theater challenges. How to find in-home TV calibrators. Is Sony abandoning OLED?
Walmart Vizio Ad Mock

Why Walmart buying Vizio is a much bigger deal than you think

Walmart didn't buy Vizio to help the TV brand. It bought the TV brand to help itself. And its going to have an impact on the whole industry.
A promotional image for You Asked Ep 25.

You Asked: Big TVs vs. projectors, and OLED vs. LED for cinematic experience

With big TVs becoming more affordable, are projectors on their way out? And is OLED or LED better for an accurate cinematic experience?
Magnetar UDP900 Disc Player

Magnetar UDP900 review: unnecessary — and universally awesome

Only hardcore enthusiasts need apply for the Magnetar UDP900, a do-everything disc player.
Are 2024 TVs Too Bright

Everything you ever wanted to know about TV brightness, nits, and tone mapping

Are nits the be-all and end-all of television specs? Or is it just one more overused selling point? We break it down in a full explainer of TV brightness.
A promotional image for You Asked Ep 27.

You Asked: Panasonic TVs, Apple and FlexConnect, and TV spies

Why don't we review premium Panasonic TVs? Will Apple TV partner with Dolby Atmos FlexConnect? And is your TV a Chinese spy?
best TV vs. the biggest

The best TV vs. the biggest. How I finally settled the debate

It's the age-old question: Is bigger actually better? When it comes to TVs, the answer just might surprise you. It certainly surprised me.
A promotional image for You Asked Ep 24.

You Asked: VR home theater, universal remotes, and Dolby Atmos music

Is VR the home theater of the future? Why is it so hard to get Atmos music? And are there any good universal remotes anymore?
Super Bowl TV Settings

How to make the Super Bowl look amazing on your TV

We have all of the tips and tricks you need to make sure you're getting the best quality video, audio, and experience for the biggest game of the year.
AirPods 3, AirPods, and AirPods Pro side by side.

The most common AirPods problems and how to fix them

From static noise to dropped calls, there are lots of AirPods quirks with not-always-obvious solutions. We have plenty of tips to help improve your experience.
Dolby Flex Connect feature

Dolby’s Vegas flex: in person with FlexConnect and Dolby Atmos in-car

I got an insider look and listen to what Dolby FlexConnect could mean for the future AV, in-home and in-car.
Super Bowl Settings YouTube

Watch now: How to make the Super Bowl look amazing on your TV

A promotional image for You Asked Ep 23.

You Asked: 3D VR, QDEL technology, and TV size vs. quality

We answer your burning questions about whther 3D TV making a comeback, weighing TV size versus quality, and if there a way to make the Sony A95L even brighter.