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A song playing in lossless audio in Apple Music on an iPhone.

Lossless audio — the better-than-MP3 alternative you should know

You've probably heard the lossless audio, but what exactly does it mean, and how is it better than so-called lossy audio? We've got all the answers.
you asked 46 atmos apartment surround sound ep on site  2

You Asked: Atmos, apartment surround sound, and the $500 challenge

You Asked Ep 45

You Asked: LG G4 OLED discounts, mini-LED vs. full-array local dimming

Sony Bravia 7 & 9 You Asked

You Asked: Where are the Bravia reviews? What’s the deal with Apple projection?

Close up of Sonos logo on a Sonos Arc soundbar.

The best Sonos alternatives

G4 vs S95D

LG G4 OLED vs. Samsung S95D: best of the best face off

Amazon VP of Technology BA Winston.

The 10-second rule: How Amazon Prime Video tries to keep live sports as live as possible

A hotel TV showing the option to use Chromecast (Google Cast).

Casting for all? Hotel TVs finally support AirPlay and Google Cast

A Beats Pill speaker alongside a Bose SoundLink Max.

Beats Pill vs. Bose SoundLink Max: It’s a numbers game

Old Movies In Dolby Vision & Atmos? — You Asked Ep 43

You Asked: Dolby Vision and Atmos for old movies, bad built-in audio

Why Are Big TVs So Expensive? — You Asked Ep. 42

You Asked: Why are bigger TVs so much more expensive?

Samsung S95D Anti-Glare

Staring deep into the anti-glare abyss of the Samsung S95D

You Asked Best TV Deals

You Asked: Buy 2024 TVs? Or snag 2023 TVs at a discount?

In this week's You Asked, we tackle one big question: Should you buy 2024 TV or snag a 2023 model on a discount?
Person wearing Nothing Ear earbuds

I used earbuds that made me feel like I’m living in the future

Nothing's earbuds bring ChatGPT into your ears. I tried it out for myself, and it's a (mostly) magical and futuristic experience.
Man watching NFL on Dish.

Fun Fact: Dish lets you skip commercials on primetime shows

Dish's AutoHop feature takes programming from your DVR and filters out the ads automatically. Here's how it works, what you need to do, and where to get it.
end of cable tv

7 reasons you should consider cable TV instead of streaming

Times are changing and you'll be surprised to know that there are advantages of cable TV and traditional TV services that you may have missed out on recently.
Filmmaker Mode Explained

Everything you wanted to know about Filmmaker Mode on your TV

Your new TV has all kinds of picture modes. And Filmmaker Mode may be one of the more confounding options. Here's everything you need to know about it.
You Asked Feature

You Asked: Sony vs. Sony, neon TVs, and YouTube in HDR

This week: Why buy one Sony over another, the grass can be too green, and why isn't there more HDR content on YouTube?
You Asked Feature

You Asked: 4K OLED vs. 8K Mini-LED. And are built-in apps good enough?

On today’s episode of You Asked: 4K OLED versus 8K mini-LED. Are built-in TV streaming apps better? And is the Bravia 9 going to be better than an OLED?
The 2020 Google Chromecast and 2024 Onn 4K Pro.

Onn 4K Pro vs. Chromecast with Google TV 4K: $50 streaming devices face off

While Walmart surprised us with its powerful and feature-rich Onn 4K Pro streamer, the stalwart Chromecast with Google TV isn't going down without a fight.
You Asked TV Acronyms

You Asked: All about the acronyms, baby

We're as guilty as anyone when it comes to throwing around acronyms as if they're how people actually talk. So let's get into the ABCs of ABL and WGC ASAP.
You Asked 8K

You Asked: The 8K chicken meets the 8K egg

This week in You Asked, it's 8K all day as we answer your questions about this type of TV tech.
Music Library in the updated Sonos app for iOS.

Faster to use, but missing many features, the new Sonos app is a work in progress

Sonos' biggest app redesign in years is being met with a storm of criticism. Here's what the company got right, and where it went astray.
Hisense U9

A first look at Hisense’s 2024 TV lineup already impresses

Hisense looks to be making all the right movies in 2024, and that's a great thing if you're in the market for a new TV.
You Asked Feature

You Asked: The Moire effect strikes, open-box TV tips, and where’d the curves go?

This week on You Asked: What is Moire effect, and can you do anything about it? When is it safe to buy an open-box TV? Are there any curved TVs you can buy?
Phil Nickinson holding the Beats Solo 4 and the Beats Studio Pro headphones.

Beats headphones showdown: Solo 4 vs. Studio Pro

Beats has a couple good headphone contenders in the Beats Solo 4 and Beats Studio Pro. But which is right for you? We'll help you decide.
Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aids in hand.

Two years later, over-the-counter hearing aids are still finding their groove

Americans have been able to buy over-the-counter hearing aids for almost two years. Have they made a difference? We ask the experts.
You Asked

You Asked: Is Amazon hiding the Blu-rays? And where’s the Sony XM6?

On this week’s You Asked: Is Amazon trying to kill Blu-ray discs? Are the Sony XM6 headphones coming?
You Asked Ep 33

You Asked: Sony surround, FlexConnect vs. Sony HT-A9, LG G4 vs. Samsung S95D

This week on You Asked: Should you use Samsung's Intelligence Mode? The differences between Dolby FlexConnect and Sony HT-A9. A preview of a big OLED showdown.
An Apple TV 4K sitting on a wood entertainment center with a HomePod Mini behind it.

What we want to see from the next Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is the best streaming device you can buy — but that doesn't mean it can't be better. This is what we'd like to see added to the next version.
You Asked Ep 32 Feature

You Asked: QLED and mini-LED burn-in, missing HDR, and Apple TV and HDMI 2.1

Can QLED and mini-LED TVs get burn-in? How to get HDR from the YouTube app on Apple TV 4K. And is a computer monitor better than a smart TV for privacy?
You Asked Ep 31 Feature Image

You Asked: HDMI 2.1 and Blu-ray, TV life spans, and 2023 TV price drops

How long should a QLED TV last? Will 2023 TV prices go down even further? And whatever happened to dual-cell TV tech?
A diagram of headphone-based spatial audio.

Spatial audio via headphones: how science crams 9 speakers and a subwoofer inside your head

If spatial audio formats like Dolby Atmos normally use a bunch of speakers arranged around your room, how can you hear it using headphones?
You Asked 30

You Asked: Mixing AV brands, the best headphones for TV viewing, and more

Do you have to stick to one brand for all of your AV components? What are the best headphones for watching TV? Which TVs have the best built-in audio?

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