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AirPods Pro in a Nomad case.

Which AirPods should you buy on Prime Day 2022?

Looking for a new pair of Apple headphones? Here are the AirPods models to watch for deals on during Amazon Prime Day 2022.
A man wears Apple AirPods Max headphones on a city street.

Why switching to USB-C could fix the AirPods Max

The AirPods Max are an outstanding set of wireless headphones that have one fatal flaw. No lossless audio. A USB-C port could fix that. Here's how.
Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast With Google TV.

Why Apple (still) shouldn’t make a streaming device for cheapskates

Apple has very little reason to make its own low-cost streaming hardware — everyone else is taking that loss for them.
A collection of six models of in-ear monitors.

Sound investment: From $80 to $1,500, here’s what you can expect from a set of wired in-ear monitors

$1,500 for a set of in-ear monitors? That sounds crazy, but for discerning listeners, they're irresistible. Here's how they compare to models at lower prices.
Marsha P. Johnson smiles for the camera in this image.

9 documentaries you should watch during Pride Month

If you’re interested in learning more about LGBTQ civil rights, we round up the best documentaries to watch for Pride Month 2022.
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.

Why Top Gun: Maverick must be seen in IMAX

Top Gun: Maverick is no ordinary movie, and it shouldn't be seen in an ordinary movie theater. Here's why you need to see it in IMAX.
Nomad Apple TV Siri Remote Case with an AirTag installed.

Nomad’s leather cover just (mostly) fixed the Apple TV remote

Nomad's leather cover for the Apple TV remote makes it a lot less likely to lose — and a lot easier to find if you do.
Apple Fitness+ on Apple TV.

Apple Fitness+ makes Apple TV an even better buy

If you have an Apple Watch, you can get even more out of your Apple TV in terms of working out and getting fit.
A modest house, pool and tree.

How to build a backyard theater

Living isn't just for the living room. Here's how to build a backyard theater without breaking the bank.
OLED with Bias Lighting

What is bias lighting and how can it improve TV performance?

Seldom discussed, TV bias lighting can reduce eye strain, and improve picture quality, for less than two tickets to an IMAX movie.
The AirPods Max and Apple TV 4K with remote on a table.

How the Apple TV and AirPods Max solved my TV headphone woes

After months of trying different Bluetooth headphones with my TV, I thought I'd never find the best solution. Turns out, I was looking in the wrong place.
Samsung S95B OLED TV with image of a bright flower on screen.

Is Samsung’s S95B OLED the TV to beat in 2022?

Samsung's new OLED TV was already exciting from a technical standpoint, but its price and gaming features might make it the best TV bet in 2022.
yahoo sports app update mlb major league baseball safe

Baseball is back! Here’s why you can’t watch it

The return of baseball is exciting for fans, except for those fans who have cut the cord.
Watching Netflix on a laptop.

Netflix loved people sharing passwords. In 2022, it doesn’t.

Netflix is testing tools that limit password sharing between users who aren't members of the same household. But that hasn't always been the platform's stance.
Ted Lasson on the Apple TV 4K.

I was wrong. Apple TV 4K is the best streamer you can buy

After years of sidelining the Apple TV, we've had a change of heart. Here's why the Apple TV 4K might be the best streamer you can buy.
Sleep feature on Apple TV.

The one feature Apple TV is still missing

Apple TV is the best streaming device you can buy. (Argue all you want — you're wrong.) But it's still missing one key feature.
SoFi Stadium's Infinity Screen

Inside SoFi Stadium’s monstrous 70,000-square-foot Infinity Screen

The real star of this year's Super Bowl wasn't the players or even the halftime show performers -- it was SoFi Stadium's monstrous Infinity Screen
Exterior view of Genius Home's fourth featured home.

This Malibu mansion is a perfect mix of tech and tranquility

In this episode of Genius Home, our hosts tour a villa that sneakily hides its smart home tech to create a wonderfully calm and meditative space
The Amazon Alexa Voice Remote in someone's hand.

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 on Amazon Fire TV

Super Bowl 2022 and Amazon Fire TV – a streaming match made in heaven. Here's how to watch the big game.
An image from inside SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Canada

The biggest football event in the world is fast approaching, and to help fans north of the border prepare, here's how to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Canada.
Samsung QD-OLED display at CES 2022.

Should LG be worried about Samsung’s QD-OLED tech?

Samsung Display's QD-OLED is the first real rival to OLED TVs in eight years. Should LG be worried?
genius home episode 3 geniushome episode03 outside 2

Inside a modern mansion full of art, automation, and open air

In this episode of Home Genius, our hosts tour an art-packed party pad that's designed to handle common household chores autonomously.
Blue screen of death on on TV.

What to do when your TV tech breaks

It's tough with services like Roku go down hard. We've got a fix for that — but you're not going to like the answer.
Roku Home Screen with ads missing.

If you have a smart TV, you need an ad-blocker

Advertising is the deal with the devil we make for inexpensive hardware and services, but we can still fight back.
A collection of five portable headphone amp/DACs.

Headphone DAC/amps: The best way to enjoy lossless audio

Lossless music is now easy to access thanks to support from major streaming services, and a quality headphone DAC/amp is one of the best ways to hear it.
Caleb Denison standing in front of a TV.

Caleb Denison’s most anticipated TVs of 2022

The most exciting TVs in 2022 include QLED, OLED, and new QD-OLED models from Sony, LG, Samsung, TCL, and Hisense.
genius home episode 2 geniushome ep2 still 11

Step inside a stylish, self-sustaining California villa

In this episode of Genius Home, our hosts take us on a tour of a home that's not only smart and automated, but also completely self-sustaining
Samsung QD-OLED display at CES 2022.

Samsung Display’s QD-OLED TV first look: Best. Picture. Ever.

It was elusive, but I finally tracked down Samsung's QD-OLED display and saw it with my own eyes. Here's what it is and why its so amazing.
Top Tech of CES 2022

Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2022 Awards

The Top Tech of CES 2022 includes eye-popping TVs, record-setting EVs, and even some weird stuff we didn't know we ever needed.
Samsung QD Display lq.

Samsung sneaks a QD-OLED TV into CES 2022

In a rather tricky maneuver, Samsung snuck a TV featuring a brand new display technology into the world's largest tech show.
staff picks best tech 2021 staffpicks pink 1 feature

Digital Trends staff picks: Our favorite tech gear of 2021

As the year draws to a close, the Digital Trends Editorial team wants to look back and highlight our favorite products of 2021. Here's the cream of the crop!
HDMI port close up.

HDMI 2.1 means a lot less than you probably think

HDMI 2.1 is supposed to encompass a vast array of next-gen display features, but it doesn't. And that could be a big problem for monitors and TVs going forward.
AirPods Pro.

Which AirPods should you buy on Black Friday 2021?

Choosing which AirPods to buy on Black Friday depends a lot on which ones get the deepest discount, because they're all great.
LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema TV.

Which LG TV should you buy on Black Friday 2021?

There are a plethora of LG TVs on sale for Black Friday 2021 — and these are the best sets you should keep your eyes on.