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Andre Revilla

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Andre Revilla is a technology enthusiast, photographer, and nerd by birthright. The high tech world is his passion and he has no fear of electronics convention show room floors. When he’s not writing on the latest Tech he can be found pursuing his interests in hunting, sugar cane based spirits, being a film snob, or taking apart any electronic device he can find.

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Take a look at the town with no cell phones, Wi-Fi, or microwaves

Green Bank, West Virginia is home to to 143 people free from the burden of cell phones. The small town is situated inside the National Radio Quiet Zone, an area encompassing 13,000 square miles of radio silence.

Apple puts a stop to app reviews left by anyone with a device running iOS 9 beta

Apple has pulled the ability to review apps from devices running a beta version of iOS. The move is aimed at curbing the negative feedback given to apps that aren't configured to run on the new version yet.

Programmer hits the jackpot with United bug bounty program

United Airlines has paid out its one million mile bug bounty as promised, after a researcher discovered a major bug on their site. Jordan Weins became the first to receive the jackpot payout.

Don’t pay the Apple tax, Spotify says, pay for Premium on our website instead

Spotify is urging its customers to stop paying for their premium subscriptions through the Apple App Store. Spotify is instead educating its users on how to pay directly through the Web.

Now you can watch 60FPS YouTube videos on your iPhone or Android

YouTube is adding support for 60FPS video on its mobile iOS and Android Apps. This marks the completion of YouTube's 60FPS expansion across all major platforms.
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You can now use Messenger without a Facebook account

Facebook's highly successful Messenger app is taking another leap forward by unshackling itself from the bounds of a Facebook profile. Users can now sign up for the the messaging app without a social media account.