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Shia Labeouf inspirational speech takes the Internet by storm

shia labeouf inspirational speech video goes viral central saint martins
Shia Labeouf Central Saint Martines
Shia Labeouf is something of a performance artist these days, from his #IMNOTFAMOUSANYMORE exhibit where he invited strangers to come sit with him in a room and do anything they wanted, to his interpretive dancing in the eerily entrancing video for “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Labeouf has worked tirelessly, and sometimes bizarrely to separate himself from his Disney childhood, something he remembers by a tattoo on his wrist marking the years of his childhood before his 18th birthday. Following a bizarre arrest story, which he humorously retold on Jimmy Kimmel, we didn’t really know what to expect next from him.

Now in his glorious wisdom Labeouf has given us this latest bit of Internet genius through #Introductions, an art project for the London arts college Central Saint Martins. Each student in the class was charged with creating a short for Labeouf. According to The Guardian, the instructions read “Submit a piece of text lasting up to 30 seconds or no more than 100 words. This can be as poetic, abstract, or literal as you like — with the emphasis on expressing the feeling and tone of the work being introduced.”

While the complete project was not the most fascinating thing, the two-minute excerpt of Shia Labeouf screaming motivational phrases such as “JUST DO IT!” to the audience has gone super-viral. The entire performance was done in front of a green screen in a Los Angeles studio, and the video was licensed for public use. Now we are being blessed with a number of chroma-keyed reimaginings of his moving speech.

Among the very best are Labeouf motivating Luke Skywalker to lift his X-Wing out of the swamp on Dagobah. “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.”

Also up there with the best is Labeouf on someone’s balcony causing one heck of a disturbance.

While a few of these videos have had more traction than others, this is far from over. People are inserting Shia into new settings every day, and his goal in this of the footage being used is likely not fulfilled by a couple of days a few videos. Here is the original footage if you would like to download it and chroma-key to your heart’s content.

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