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swift 2

Apple’s Swift Programming language made open source

Apple has announced that they will be launching the next version of their programing language Swift as open source
shia labeouf inspirational speech video goes viral screen shot 2015 06 01 at 7 10 57 pm 500x354

Shia Labeouf inspirational speech takes the Internet by storm

A video of Shia Labeouf yelling motivational phrases in front of a green screen has gone viral, and it has the potential to live on forever.
Apple TV

Apple TV confirmed as the main hub for its smart-home platform HomeKIt

Apple's HomeKit has launched and along with it a number of supported smart home connected devices. Today Apple confirmed the Apple TV will serve as the hub.
boost mobile live tv sports streaming

Gooooal! Boost Mobile offers live sports TV streaming for $10 a month

Boost Mobile will be launching a live TV streaming service aimed at soccer fans as an add-on to its monthly plans.
Ross Ulbricht

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
facebook adds gif support on desktop 150529 0002

It’s official! Starting today, Facebook supports animated GIFs

Facebook has finally added support for GIFs on their desktop platform.
yahoo email spying lawsuit news sign

Yahoo faces huge class-action lawsuit over email spying

A Judge has handed down a ruling allowing a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo for spying on customers e-mails, to move forward.
fcc and isps battle over data collection tom wheeler

FCC Chairman proposes cheaper Internet for low-income households to improve upward mobility

The FCC is proposing changes to their Lifeline program that would provide broadband connections to all qualifying low-income Americans.
google mobile search ridesharing

Google links iOS users directly to third-party apps from search and adds auto answer

Google has added new functionality to both its Google App and Chrome App search results.
Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger payments go live in NYC, so you can hit your friends up for money

Facebook has announced that its mobile payment system will go live today in New York City. Adding to the existing markets of Austin, Seattle, and Portland.
apple data center catches fire mesa arizona

Apple’s solar-studded data center in Arizona catches fire

An Apple Data center caught fire in Mesa, Arizona. Local firefighters were fighting flames on the roofs solar panels Tuesday morning.
aria wearable for your

No touching! Aria lets you control your smartwatch without touching the screen

The Aria gesture controller allows you to control your smartwatch without touching it. The device is compatible with the Pebble Time and Android Wear.
internet of things nsa smarthome

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is developing an OS for connected devices on the Internet of Things codenamed "Brillo." With any luck this will be revealed next week at Google I/O
google ad controls

You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge top angle

Samsung may have sold just 10 million Galaxy S6 phones in the first month

A Korean news source is claiming a high-ranking official at Samsung has reported sales of 10 million units of the S6 and S6 Edge in the first month.
PayPal Here reader

PayPal slammed with $25 million fine for lying to customers about buying on credit

PayPal has been ordered to pay $25 million in refunds and government fines by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after an investigation.
airbnb raffles off a stay in an adorable floating houseboat on the river thames

Airbnb raffles off a stay in an adorable floating houseboat on the River Thames

Airbnb, the California based company that helps connect travelers with local houses to rent while on vacation, is floating a house down the River Thames
Samsung Galaxy Alpha iphone side by side

New twist could see $930 million award cut in Apple and Samsung’s epic ongoing legal battle

An appeals court handed upheld that Samsung had indeed copied specific design patents from Apple's iPhone for their own use.

Amazon takes the NYC subway to shorten delivery times

Amazon hitching a ride on the New York City subway to shorten the delivery times on their same-day delivery services.
airlines ramping flight wi fi herald end seat back entertainment united ps economy plus

United Airlines will offer up to 1,000,000 miles for finding security flaws

United Airlines will be offering miles as a reward for finding exploits in its systems.
jeb bush obamacare apple watch jebbush

Jeb Bush wants to repeal Obamacare, replace with Apple Watch

Jeb Bush was speaking in Arizona when he caught us all by surprise by dropping this little gem about the Apple Watch.
Hulu Seinfeld

AT&T and Hulu get cozy in new multi-platform partnership

Hulu and AT&T have announced a joint effort to bring Hulu to the masses.

Microsoft says our attention span is a mere 8 seconds — That’s less than a goldfish

Microsoft has concluded after surveying 2,000 people and monitoring the brain activity of over 100 others, that our attention spans have gone down.
Apple Watch passcode

The Apple Watch is too easy to steal and reset as a new device

The Apple watch is far to easy to steal, and doesn't follow the trend of modern gadget security.
snowden 3d bust snowdenbust apr6 5531

Now you can 3D print your own 8-inch replica of the Brooklyn Snowden bust

The artists behind the removed Edward Snowden bust in Brooklyn have made a 3D printable version of it for anyone to have.
purchasing beats smartest move apple made years products iphone ipad macbook

Busted! Smugglers caught in Argentina with $1 million in Apple products and other devcies

Around 260 iPhones, 10 iPads, and 60 Macbooks were found amidst a 500 unit treasure trove of smuggled Apple products this week.
verizon sprint cramming charges

Verizon and Sprint ordered to pay $158 million in fines over cramming charges

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission have slammed Sprint and Verizon with a collective $158 million in fines.
Apple Watch front angle

DirecTV to turn your Apple Watch into a remote control

DirecTV is the latest company to announce that they will be releasing an app for the Apple Watch that will bring new levels of integration to the home.
Facebook Smart Phone App

Facebook’s in-app search engine will make posting links even easier

Facebook is testing out its own mini search engine, or link aggregator, in an attempt to carve out some of the mobile search market from Google.
snap me up android alarm clock selfie required

This alarm clock app takes ‘I woke up like this’ selfies to a whole new level

This new Android alarm clock app can't be disabled without snapping a selfie. Share your morning face with your friends.
iphone android summer 2014 us marketshare and

Apple converts many Android users to iOS with larger iPhones in Europe and China

New data tells us that in the first quarter of 2015 just around a third of new iPhone sales in the European market came from ex-Android users.
Apple Watch Sport

Soon, you’ll be able to waltz right into an Apple Store and walk out with an Apple Watch

Apple may be ramping up to offer an in-store pick up option for the Apple Watch.
teacher burns students with tesla coil 225w zeus  arcs3 cropped

Teacher burns ‘I love mom’ into students’ arms with Tesla coils

An Oregon science teacher found himself in a shocking situation when the local policed arrested him for questionable teaching methods involving Tesla coils.
Apple Research Kit

Apple may soon collect your DNA as part of a new ResearchKit program

Apple will be assisting in a number of studies involving DNA collection through its ResearchKit program.