Soon, you’ll be able to waltz right into an Apple Store and walk out with an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The Apple Watch premiered with stellar sales numbers — for a smartwatch — and a great deal of praise from the tech community. As usual, the demand for Apple’s first new device in 5 years was overwhelming, especially after Apple announced with very little heads up that the smartwatch would be available exclusively through the online store and not in its retail locations. At this point, retail Apple stores allow you to come in and sample the watch by appointment, to help you order the one you want from the its site.

Apple reportedly received more than 1.7 million preorders and was so overwhelmed by demand that it was having trouble getting the watches to its buyers. Delays are common when devices first come out, but now it seems that Apple is gearing up to make the process of buying a watch smoother. A MacRumors forum participant noticed that the shipping options for the Apple Watch online had a new addition: There is now an option that reads, “Pick up in store.” The option is still greyed out and says “available soon,” on the side.

It seems that the taptic engine issue, which many believed was the main reason for the delayed production and distribution of the smartwatch, may finally be resolved. Of course, it’s unclear how many stores will actually have the watch in stock. A few luxury stores already offer in-store pickup, but they are few and far between. It’s also unknown how many are left at these select few retail locations.

Currently, the shipping schedule for online orders puts the delivery of your new Apple Watch, should you order it today, at sometime in July. It’s estimated that retail locations won’t begin stocking the watches in-store until sometime in June.