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What is a pulse oximeter and why should you care?

There's a new wearable health sensor in town called the Pulse Oximeter. We've got the lowdown on what it does.
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Bisu Body Coach can tell if you’re at risk of a gout attack by analyzing urine

The Bisu Body Coach is a home test kit that analyzes your urine for nutrition, pH levels, uric acid, and more.
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Working out at home? These are the best total gyms for home use for January 2020

The holidays are almost over, and that means it is time to focus on the new year. If you are planning on getting into shape this January and need some new home gym equipment, we have you covered. Home gym systems are a one-stop shop for adding fitness equipment to your home gym.

10Minds Motion Pillow 2 snags CES 2020 Innovation Award

Snoring is nothing to giggle about. It's detrimental to your health and can stress your relationships. 10Minds' Motion Pillow 2 aims to solve that problem, and for its efforts, it has snagged a CES 2020 Innovation Award.