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Slimmed-down Suunto 5 Peak boasts up to 100 hours of battery life

Suunto is known for balancing price and functionality in its lineup of GPS watches. These fitness smartwatches offer both a robust feature set and a reasonable price tag most people can afford. Today, the company continues this tradition by introducing the Suunto 5 Peak, an updated version of the previously released Suunto 5 GPS watch. The 5 Peak keeps the outdoorsy focus from the Suunto 5 but packages these features into a slimmer and lighter watch.

Sleek and slim design

Various colors of Suunto 5 Peak GPS watch on a log.
The Suunto 5 was a great watch for outdoor adventures, but it was hampered by a less than stellar display and a chunky fit that wasn’t comfortable for the long haul. Suunto listened to the complaints and made some radical changes to the design of the Suunto 5 Peak. Suunto got rid of the uncomfortable humps on the watch body that housed the GPS components. As a result, the new Suunto 5 Peak watch is super slim and fits comfortably against your wrist. Suunto also cut the weight of the watch by 40%, reducing it to a featherlight 39 grams. Thankfully, Suunto upgraded the display on the watch improving it significantly. The display is bright and crisp, making it readable in both dim light and bright sunlight.

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Up to 100 hours of battery life

Suunto 5 Peak showing popular exercise routes on phone and watch.

Typically, the more features you pack into a watch, the bigger it is going to be. That’s not the case with the Suunto 5 Peak. You don’t have to sacrifice features to get a smaller, more comfortable watch. Suunto still manages to stack the watch with features like GPS tracking, health and wellness monitoring, and music controls. The 5 Peak’s most impressive attribute is the whopping 100 hours of battery life in tour mode. With its power-sipping activity tracking, you can monitor a multi-day run or hike without having to pack a battery and charge while moving. When using the watch only for timekeeping and not for extensive activity tracking, the Suunto Peak 5 will last up to 10 days on a single charge.

Pricing and availability

The Suunto 5 Peak is available now for pre-order on Suunto’s website, with pricing starting at $329. The watch will ship starting February 1st. Suunto also offers a variety of replaceable accessory straps with styles suitable for work, play, and everything in between.

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