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clorox wipes alternative in stock honest ppe disinfectant

Clorox wipes are sold out everywhere — these are the next best thing

Killing 99.9% of bacteria, Well Before's 75% alcohol wipes can help disinfect and are hand-wash free; for extra peace of mind, now they're $5 off a pack of 40.
where to buy face shields online

These face shields are lightweight, reusable, and only cost $3

Lightweight and protective against incoming germs and outgoing ones, Well Before's face shields are reliable, reusable, and recyclable. Currently only $3 each.
brown girl jane shea moisture giving back glow

Brown Girl Jane: This Black-owned brand is giving back to Black women founders

Brown Girl Jane is a luxury CBD brand founded by three Black women. Their partnership with SheaMoisture is helping invest in Black female entrepreneurs.
where to buy face shields online

Where to buy face shields online and get them delivered within days

This retailer has face shields for only $4 and offers quick and reliable shipping. You can order as little as 10, and there are discounts for essential workers.
digital trends live episode 438 5f31ccfbecb25e43943f1485

TikTok’s creator fund, TCL’s new TVs | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech news of the day, including TikTok’s creator fund, Lucid Motors’ long-range electric sedan, and more.
Dyson Pure Humidify Cool hero shot.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool review: Convergence at its finest

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool replaces a fan, air purifier and humidifier, and works better than any of them individually.
N95 masks

Face mask buying guide: Mask types, certifications, and where to get them

Face coverings are mandatory in many places now. If you're looking to learn more about masks (including where to buy them), here's everything you need to know.
fitbit charge 3 deal amazon 4th of july sale 2020 lifestyle

EU launches investigation into Google’s plan to buy Fitbit

The European Union has opened a probe into Google’s proposed acquisition of Fitbit and whether it would unfairly advantage the company's market position.
garmin fenix 6x pro forerunner 235 instinct vivoactive 4s fitness tracker smartwatch deals best buy fathers day sale 2020

Garmin confirms ransomware cyberattack shut down services

Garmin has confirmed a cyberattack was behind their July 23 outage.
garmin forerunner 935 smartwatch amazon deal

Garmin services slowly coming back to life after reported ransomware attack

Garmin services are slowly resuming normal operations after last week's big outage due to a reported ransomware attack.
best meditation apps

The best meditation apps for Android and iOS

It's no secret that unwanted stress can take a serious toll on your body. Take a moment to relax and refresh with the best meditation apps currently available.
garmin fenix 6x pro forerunner 235 instinct vivoactive 4s fitness tracker smartwatch deals best buy fathers day sale 2020

Garmin services down after reported ransomware attack

A reported ransomware attack took Garmin servers down on Thursday July 23.
n95 respirator masks with 3 day shipping

Here’s where to buy N95 face masks with 3-day shipping

It's recommended you wear a face mask when out in public with many states and shops requiring it. Here's a great place to buy masks in bulk.
kn95 everyday use masks shutterstock 1727118313 resize

These uncertified KN95 masks are in stock and only cost $1.95

Protect yourself and your family with uncertified KN95 masks from Well Before for only $1.95 each.
uv light sanitizer performance test 94128357 537119093643659 8054646096275701760 o

Skeptical about UV light sanitizers? We put one to the test

If you're paranoid about germs, UV light sanitizers have been touted to be effective. How well do they really work? We put one to the test to find out.
air conditioner deals

Can an air conditioner make you more prone to coronavirus?

Your air conditioning system isn't likely to give you coronavirus, but an unclean system can exacerbate other respiratory problems that may put you at risk.

Sleep tracking is coming to Apple Watch, but monitoring your sleep is a bad idea

The Apple Watch is adding sleep-tracking features, but wearables have a bad track record for sleep tracking, so we recommend charging overnight instead.
what comes next episode 6 wcn hollywood

What Comes Next: Five ways TV will be different post-quarantine

We take a look at the effect of the coronavirus on the production of new shows, and the changes they’ll have to make when productions start filming again.
mirror at home gym experience with weight training

Lululemon’s purchase of Mirror proves home gyms are the future of fitness

The pandemic is changing the traditional gym. People are still afraid, so there's been an increase in adoption of home gyms, connected apps, and subscriptions.
movano glucose monitoring wearable watch

No needles required: New wearable will provide glucose readings at a glance

Imagine if measuring your glucose levels was as simple as a quick glance at your wrist. That’s the promise of continuous glucose monitoring startup Movano.
Beat Saber in Steam Top Sellers 2019

The best fitness games

Gym rats and fitness newcomers alike will be able to work up a sweat with these exhausting game titles. Here are the best fitness games for your next workout.
what comes next episode 5 wcn schools

What Comes Next: How tech can help schools safely reopen

If your school is reopening in the fall, safety will be a priority, and the upcoming school year will test the limits of how schools can open and operate.
coronavirus render stylized image

Coronavirus hasn’t peaked, but data shows our interest in it definitely has

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the United States, search interest in the virus and terms surrounding it has faded considerably, as much as 93%.
what comes next episode 4 wcn transit

What Comes Next: How tech helps transit and travel open safely

We take a look at the safety measures around public transportation and flying, and how those industries are aiming to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.
thermometer and sick person

Thermometers are sold out (almost) everywhere — here’s where to get one today

Thermometers are still available in some stores. Here is where to look.
close up mosquito photos 4

Gene-edited mosquitoes are ready for the U.S. — but is the U.S. ready for them?

Oxitec has an emergency use authorization to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida. Some worry the EPA hasn't consulted enough outside experts.
mothers day activity guide stock photo fruit market with various colorful fresh fruits and vegetables 130707287

Rapid urine test tells the truth about your diet, even if you don’t

An international team of researchers has developed a rapid urine test that can measure the quality of your diet and whether it’s a good fit for your body.
Woman reading and texting on smartphone in bed

A state of unrest: How working from home is screwing up sleep, and how to fix it

The coronavirus and other tragedies in the world, as well as an abrupt shift to remote work, has left many of us without sleep. Here's what you can do about it.
garmin vector 3 review pedals 8

Garmin Vector 3 smart pedals review: Data to make your head spin

These Vector 3 pedals bring an amazing amount of accurate information to riders in a neat and easy-to-use package backed by Garmin's strong reputation.
2015 Fathers Day gift guide

Last-minute Father’s Day gifts with next-day delivery

If you're still scratching your head about what to get for dad, we've rounded up a some great deals on last-minute Father's Day gifts with next-day delivery.
kn95 everyday use masks shutterstock 1727118313 resize

These KN95 masks are now in stock for less than $2

If you've been hunting around for PPE and are having trouble finding any in stock, then HonestPPE has KN95 masks available right now for less than $2 apiece.
Hand Sanitizer

Where to buy hand sanitizer online and get it delivered in days

Need hand sanitizer but coming up empty-handed? Here's where to buy hand sanitizer online and get it delivered in days, not weeks or even months.
how to add a bidet attachment your toilet seat  1

Flushing the toilet may spread coronavirus germs, study finds

Toilet plumes are the aerosols that are released into the air after flushing. Researchers did simulations to see how the coronavirus may spread via plumes.
kid wearing face mask

These affordable face masks are antibacterial and washable for lasting protection

These masks are adjustable in size, reusable up to 50 times, and maintains an antibacterial rate of 99%.
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