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Neil Gladstone

Neil Gladstone

Neil Gladstone is a freelance writer who has contributed to the New York Times, New York magazine, Thrillist and GQ.

carlo ratti mit artist ratti3

Meet the MIT artist who builds with fungus and paints with swarms of drones

Digital Trends caught up with Carlo Ratti to discuss his past and future projects, and how he manages to blur the lines between architecture and art.
Man repairing phones.

We need right-to-repair laws now more than ever

Faced with an uncertain financial future and ample free time, many people are opting to fix old electronics instead of spending money on new devices.
forest fire season prevention

Supercomputers and spray foam: How tech can stunt forest fire season

Hoses and helicopters aren't the only tools at a firefighter's disposal these days. Some departments are using things like supercomputers and spray foam to help
ancient coding languages

The world would fall apart if it weren’t for these ancient programming languages

If it weren't for ancient coding languages like COBOL, Ada, Pascal, and Fortran, the modern world would come to a screeching (and maybe dangerous) halt.
wearable devices leading to over diagnosis alive cor apple watch ekg

It’s all in the wrist: Wearables are helping to treat disease and disability

The first wave of wearables brought us step counters, activity trackers, and smartphone substitutes -- the second wave has an even more health-focused agenda.

DIY ventilator plans are all over the internet, but is building one a good idea?

Even before the coronavirus brought the world to its knees, there were DIY ventilator blueprints on the internet. But how safe are they to build and use?
solar power

Lithium-ion is just the beginning. Here’s a peek at the future of batteries

Battery technology is booming right now. The pace of progress has picked up thanks to increased demand for portable power. What does the future hold?
man checking phone with mask on

Taiwan’s anti-coronavirus tech is working wonders. The U.S. should take notes

Within weeks of the outbreak, Taiwan had already developed and deployed sophisticated apps, technologies, and protocols to help stop the spread of the virus.

Online school has a massive blind spot, and it’s hurting young learners the most

Teaching math and science online is easy, but when it comes to fundamental social skills like cooperation and sharing, online classes are grossly inadequate.
MSR factory tour worker

Crowdfunding in the age of coronavirus

Crowdfunded projects are being hit hard by coronavirus-fueled factory closures, but entrepreneurs are still finding creative ways to bring their ideas to life.
new age of exploration drones robots aaronparnessinflight

The age of human exploration is behind us. Machines will take it from here

Drones and robots are ushering in a new era of investigation, enabling mankind to go farther out in space and even uncover new facts about well-known places.
Lightyear one solar car in Red Rock Canyon

Inside the light-speed race to build a solar-powered commuter car

Despite the fact that electric vehicles have just barely begun to catch on, entrepreneurs are already looking ahead to the next big thing: solar powered cars.
vr medical training virti surgery simulation mediaca realities 2

VR is making medical training cheaper, better, and more accessible than ever

The recent wave of affordable VR headsets has made it possible to offer hands-on training to medical students who wouldn't otherwise be able to practice.
A man standing in e-waste.

The United States has a colossal e-waste problem. This is why

Those millions of old motherboards and smartphones rotting in landfills aren’t just eyesores. They're a massive health hazard, and we're not addressing them effectively