Jenny McGrath

Jenny McGrath

Jenny McGrath is a senior writer at Digital Trends covering the smart home and other tech she finds interesting. Before joining she wrote blogs for a software company and articles about TV for As Digital Trends’ first home editor, she reviewed tons of appliances and smart home gadgets. There's not a room in her house that doesn't have either smart lights, a smart speaker, or some sort of IoT device. In her free time, she likes to read and pretends to solve mysteries.

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In St. Noire, Alexa plays a detective helping you solve a Clue-like mystery 

Lose yourself in the streets of St. Noire, a town with a killer on the loose. You need Alexa to help you solve the crime by questioning suspects and finding the murder weapon.
Health & Fitness

Personalized beauty tech will shake the very foundation of the skincare industry

Long-established beauty brands can customize products for every individual's skin, with high-tech tools, easy-to-use apps, and a treasure trove of data, all on display at CES.
Emerging Tech

Amateur astronomy is easy with Celestron’s smartphone-compatible $189 telescope 

There's often someone in a rom-com who's able to easily identify constellations, but for the rest of us, Celestron's StarSense uses a smartphone camera to guide us through the night sky.
Smart Home

The OxiCool chills your house with water instead of refrigerant

The OxiCool is a giant mirrored cube that looks futuristic but uses water and natural gas to cool your entire house. Because it doesn't use a chemical refrigerant, it doesn't emit greenhouse gases.

Ivanka Trump spoke at CES, but she didn’t say very much

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to President Donald Trump, said little that was new or enlightening before a crowd of tech journalists at CES 2020, largely using the time to hype herself and promote her father's administration.

CES has never been great for women. Is 2020 the year that changes?

Will a crackdown on scantily clad models and the addition of more female keynote speakers be enough to make women feel welcome at CES, technology's biggest conference?