Jenny McGrath

Jenny McGrath

Jenny McGrath is a senior writer at Digital Trends covering the smart home and other tech she finds interesting. Before joining she wrote blogs for a software company and articles about TV for As Digital Trends’ first home editor, she reviewed tons of appliances and smart home gadgets. There's not a room in her house that doesn't have either smart lights, a smart speaker, or some sort of IoT device. In her free time, she likes to read and pretends to solve mysteries.

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How pioneering pilot Jackie Cochran helped and hurt the Women in Space Program

Before Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space, Jackie Cochran funded the Women in Space Program. The pioneering woman pilot never realized her dream of venturing into space.
Emerging Tech

Life after launch: Inside the massive effort to preserve NASA’s space artifacts

The Apollo 11 mission put a man on the moon, but NASA didn’t necessarily preserve every step of the process. Researchers are trying to rescue the history on Earth and on the moon.
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This week's best new podcasts include American Hysteria, The Big One, and more

Feel like you’re drowning in podcasts? In this weekly series, we’ll help you pick out the best of the new and returning shows. This week’s picks include urban legends, earthquakes, Andy Richter's questions, and tech history.
Smart Home

The tiny house movement has gone global and these are the best in the world.

Who wants to live in a big, fancy home? No one, that's who! With populations growing and available space dwindling, living spaces are shrinking. We count down the best tiny houses, from beach bungalows to sustainable cottages on wheels.
Emerging Tech

The founding fathers gave us more than just independence. They gave us tech too

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and other Founding Fathers were very interested in science and technology. In the midst of founding a nation, they also performed experiments and made innovations to gadgets.

Can you trust your weather app?

Have you ever noticed all weather apps show slightly different current temperatures and forecasts? Where do these apps get their data from, and how do you know you can trust it? Should you just go with the National Weather Service or are…