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An Aventon Level 2 ebike sits outside a grocery store.

I was wrong. E-bikes are so practical, they’re a transit cheat code

You’ve probably rolled your eyes at them. So have I. And we’re both wrong. E-bikes are the commuting solution right under your upturned nose.
An EcoFlow Wave 2 air conditioner and heat pump inside a Mitsubishi Delica van.

I turned my van into an office with a battery-powered AC and heat pump

The EcoFlow Glacier is a fridge shaped like a cooler with its own battery,

Goodbye, coolers. The EcoFlow Glacier doesn’t need ice — it makes it

Bluetti's AC500 is the size of a large cooler and takes up a ton of space in a vehicle.

I tried to ruin a camping trip with 130 pounds of batteries

iceland volcano drone pilot stefan forster video

Meet the man who flies drones into volcanoes

Novak Djokovic 2021 Australian Open: Day 14

Like Braille for your ears, Action Audio wordlessly translates sports into sound

NFL field turf

Turf tech: The surprisingly sophisticated science of the lowest part of the game

The NFL's Daniel Sorensen tries to tackle Darren Waller

How the NFL’s on-player RFID tags are quietly revolutionizing football

boom supersonic airplane travel overture super sonic

Here comes the Boom: Meet the team that’s bringing back supersonic air travel

Serial 1 Mosh e-bike

Serial 1 shows why you’d spend $5,000 on an e-bike — and not feel shortchanged

solar radiation management geoengineering

We could slow climate change by dimming the sun. But should we?

The Galactic Centre above the ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla,Chile.

How astronomers scour the sky to spot asteroids headed for Earth

facebook safety check hurricane matthew

Supercomputers, simulations, and the new science of extreme weather attribution

Digital Trends interviews Dr. Friederike Otto about her book Angry Weather: Heat Waves, Floods, Storms, and the New Science of Climate Change.
uncovering natures biggest secrets with a 460m continent scale observatory neon science

Uncovering nature’s biggest secrets with a $460M, continent-scale observatory

NEON is an ecological observatory with 81 sites across the U.S. For 30 years, it will gather scientific data about climate and biodiversity.
awesome tech you cant buy yet screen shot 2020 04 03 at 4 13 08 pm

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Ultrafast toothbrushes and a laptop/phone hybrid

Every week, Digital Trends combs through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to round up all the best gadgets, gizmos, and gear currently in preproduction. If you're looking for innovative ideas, keep an eye on this column. This week's offerings include a Backyard biodigester.
is lab grown meat real life or it just delicious fantasy cultured beef 02

Burgers are just the beginning: Embracing the future of lab-grown everything

You’ve almost certainly heard of the 'farm to fork' movement, but what about 'lab to table'? Welcome to the world of lab-grown meat: the fast-evolving dream of bringing customers their favorite edible dead animal without actually having to kill any animals in the process.
Gore Innovation Center

Gore’s Innovation Center is a powerful ally for Silicon Valley start ups

The Gore Innovation Center, located in Santa Clara, California, was created in 2017 to give the company an opportunity to work more closely with Silicon Valley start ups, bringing Gore's vast catalog of materials and technologies to wearables not just in the outdoor space, but in health, medicine, smart fabrics, and more.
smart city planners are rethinking the concept of parking smartcitiesepic 1

Smart city planners are rethinking parking by getting rid of it

What will parking look like in smart cities of the future? Will we even need parking spaces? With the rise of autonomous cars, it’s anticipated that fewer people will own cars in the future, forcing planners to reimagine concepts for parking — or getting rid of parking lots and structures altogether.
Brett Rheeder | Red Bull Rampage 2018

How bike tech lets Red Bull Rampage riders flirt with death, and survive

Red Bull Rampage riders take big chances in their quest for glory, fortunately they have some great bike technology to keep them safe in this wild event.
char broil tru infrared double header grill review e8e0cc35 a906 4470 8625 a1704842275c

Smart grills are dumb. Here’s why you’re better off keeping it simple

Once wooed by the allure of a smart grill, we have come to realize that smart grills aren't that smart an investment after all. At least, not yet. Like many smart devices, the parts that make a grill smart can often be the biggest pain point. Here's why your money is better spent on a quality dumb grill.
vibram barefoot technology vibramfeature 1

Minimalist footwear maker Vibram jumps feet first into barefoot tech debate 

Vibram launched FiveFingers toe shoes in 2005 and now, 13 years later, barefoot running is having a second revolution. The idea is that by freeing your toes from traditional shoes — aka “foot coffins”— you let them function more naturally. Here we speak to foot surgeons and experts to take a closer look.
2018 world cup var video assistant refereeing  room fifa russia

How VAR and instant replay have transformed the 2018 World Cup (so far)

For years, FIFA attempted to keep replay technology off the soccer field. However, in 2018, the Video Assistant Referee (or VAR) system made its long-awaited debut and has impacted nearly every match at the Russia-hosted World Cup. Here's every notable match where VAR influenced its outcome.
how technology is shaping competitive kayaking jackson kayak 2

Just add whitewater: These are the gadgets pro kayakers use to go ‘500 percent’

Technology like video analysis, smart fitness trackers, bluetooth headphones, wifi-equipped autos, and other pieces of the modern have an impact on competitive sports. In this interview with pro kayakers Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson, we discuss the role technology plays in whitewater kayaking.
therm-a-rest hq header

Therm-a-Rest wants to save the world, one recycled foam scrap at a time

Known for designing and manufacturing some of the best sleeping pads and bags in the outdoor industry, Therm-a-Rest is more than just a gear company. Digital Trends went behind the scenes of the company's Seattle headquarters to learn more about its research, development, and sustainability practices.
msr innovated the outdoor industry set sights on global health fuel canisters 2

Years of research (and the Australian military) helped MSR build a better tent

Mountain Safety Research may have started as a gear company but recently it's focused on changing the world by improving global health and assisting with disaster relief via technologies like its SE200 Community Chlorine Maker.
north of nightfall is a first for mountain biking and filmmaking red bull film cover 1

‘North of Nightfall’ is a first for mountain biking, and a first for filmmaking

High in the Arctic Circle on the uninhabited island of Axel Heiberg, four mountain bikers and a film crew set out to make a movie the likes of which had never been done before. Armed with Hollywood-caliber gear -- and nerves of steel -- they had just one chance to get it right.
can mountain biking purists be swayed to go electric bmc mtb 12

Electric mountain bikes are turning purist scoffs into smiles

Electric mountain bikes get a bad rap among loyal mountain bikers, but brands like BMC Switzerland can’t afford to look away. While test riding BMC’s new Speedfox amp, we realized there’s much more to electric mountain bikes than what ornery traditionalists let on.
boston dynamics atlas robot goes jogging

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot evolve from a stagger to a sprint

For the past five years, Boston Dynamics' incredible Atlas robot has lived up to A.I. expert Gary Bradski’s 2013 statement that “a new species, Robo sapiens, [is] emerging.” Here are seven significant landmarks and milestones that have passed on Atlas' journey to robot A-lister.
bsr surf ranch perfectswell technology feat

With PerfectSwell technology, American Wave Machines revolutionized surfing

American Wave Machines is a name synonymous with artificial wave technology and the company's most advanced wave pool creation to date is prepared to take center stage at the upcoming BSR Surf Ranch in Waco, Texas -- one of the largest inland installations in the world.
adidas am4nyc shoes are designed with big data made by robots sole

Adidas AM4NYC runners are templates for shoe design in the future

Fresh from Adidas' automated Speedfactory comes the AM4NYC. The shoes are design for urban running, using research data and made in Atlanta by robots. Is this the future of custom shoe manufacturing?
nba julius erving ray allen rasheed wallace nike interview art of a legend kn 10

The evolution of sneakers and basketball, told by the NBA legends who lived it

Julius Erving, Ray Allen, and Rasheed Wallace spoke about the sneakers they wore during historic playoff moments, and how the NBA is in the middle of an evolution.
toby miller burton us open interview

Toby Miller on being Shaun White’s protege and the future of snowboarding

From a young age, Toby Miller's drawn comparisons to Shaun White for his expertise riding a halfpipe. Today, he considers himself a "best friend" of the iconic snowboarder. Miller chatted with Digital Trends about this friendship, the future of snowboarding, and how tech is changing the sport.
downhill camera operators interview red bull content pool  feat

Why downhill camera operators are winter sport’s true unsung heroes

Downhill camera operators for snowboarding films and big events like the Olympics or the Burton U.S. Open have a tough but highly rewarding job. Calling them the sport's unsung heroes is just the tip of the iceberg.
solar powered cell phones saving amazon rainforests rainforest connection 5

Cell phones in Amazon trees alert rangers to illegal logging, record wildlife

By stashing solar-powered cell phones in jungle canopies and leveraging machine learning tech, physicist Topher White leads the fight against illegal logging in the Amazon.

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