Daven Mathies

Daven Mathies

Daven joined Digital Trends in 2016 and is a contributing editor to the photography section. He began writing at a young age for no other reason than to teach himself how to type, later taking up photography to learn how cameras worked. His love for the tech eventually turned into a passion for the crafts facilitated by it, leading him to pursue a degree in film and video production. He now moonlights as a wedding and portrait photographer and has spent the better part of the last decade writing about cameras and photography -- and still yearns to be a better typist.

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What do you do with 187 megapixels? The Lumix S1R is glorious overkill

The Lumix S1R is one of the most capable cameras ever made, from its robust build to extensive feature set. But its key feature, a 187MP high resolution mode, is something few customers will have use for.

Make the most of your toner with our five favorite color laser printers

Color laser printers have improved dramatically over the years, and today's models offer both blazing print speeds and great image quality. Here are our favorite color laser printers, from massive all-in-ones to smaller budget options.
Product Review

Fujifilm’s X-T30 is an engineering marvel designed to inspire shutterbugs

Putting 90-percent of the X-T3's capabilities into a body costing hundreds of dollars less, the X-T30 offers an astonishing amount of value without sacrificing the classic experience Fujifilm is known for.
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Do camcorders still make sense in 2019? Our camcorder buying guide

Camcorders were once the one-size-fits-all video solution for the masses, but they are much rarer today. As our phones continue to get better at video, the desire to buy a camcorder is decreasing -- however, there are reasons you may need…
Product Review

With the Lumix S1, Panasonic beats Sony, Nikon, and Canon at their own game

It's big, it's heavy, it's expensive. But it's also bold. The Lumix S1 strikes out in a brave new direction, and may just be the best mirrorless camera ever made.

Don't fake it in Instagram! Shoot real retro with our favorite instant cameras

Instant film photography has had its ups and downs, but now it's enjoying a revival. To help you find the best instant camera for your needs, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, from basic to extraordinary.