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The Apple iPhone 15 Plus's gallery app.

How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer

Have too many selfies filling up your iPhone's camera roll? You can free up space by moving them to your computer, either via USB, Wi-Fi, or a cloud service.
Alan compares draft, standard, and high-quality photos from Epson's EcoTank ET-8500.

The best photo printers you can buy in 2024

Side view of a laptop on a desk.

The best free photo-editing software for 2024

How to transfer photos from an iPhone to an iPhone

How to remove location data from your iPhone photos

Windows 11 set up on a computer.

How to resize an image on Mac, Windows, and a Chromebook

Instagram app running on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

How to download Instagram photos for free

how to use any camera as a web cam v2 00 58 01 still007

How to use (almost) any camera as a webcam for Zoom and more

how to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

How to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

best GoPro accessories

The 15 best GoPro accessories in 2024

iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro camera modules.

How to hide photos on an iPhone with iOS 17


How to turn off the camera shutter sound on an Android phone

How to get Photoshop for free

A person photographed with iPhone 11's portrait mode.

How to blur a background in photos

Wondering how to blur a background in your photos? We’ll show you how to quickly and easily make your photographs look great on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
Someone holding an iPhone. The screen shows a full-screen Instagram post.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

If you're looking to boost the engagement you receive on your Instagram posts, you'll need to know the best time to post them. Here's how to figure that out.
remove the background from an image

How to remove the background from an image

Removing the background from an image is not the easiest place to start when it comes to editing, but there are plenty of tools that will help.

The best 360-degree camera apps for iOS and Android

A 360-degree photo lets you observe a scene from a single point of view. We show you the best 360-degree camera apps for iOS and Android.
Photography feature image.

How to share iPhone photos with Android devices

Photo sharing between iOS and Android can get a little tricky. We show you various techniques to share a single or group of photos between platforms.
How to photograph fireworks

How to photograph fireworks and capture the colors of Independence Day

Headed to a fireworks show or shooting some off in your backyard? Learn how to properly photograph fireworks using a dedicated camera or even a smartphone.
Best photo apps for Android

The best camera apps for Android

The best camera is the one you always have with you -- generally the one inside your smartphone. We rounded up the best camera apps for your Android device.
Nikon D850

Photography 101: Exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

Understanding how the three elements of exposure work — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO — and how to use them will help you master your digital camera.
skylum luminar 3 with libraries lifestyle shot 7

The best Adobe Lightroom alternatives

These full-featured alternatives to Adobe Lightroom go beyond basic image organization to bring you powerful editing tools.
what is the rule of thirds landscape dm

How to use photography’s rule of thirds — and when to break it

The "rule of thirds" in photography is noteworthy because it goes against our natural inclination to make the center of attention the center of the photograph.
best iPhone camera accessories

The best iPhone camera accessories for 2022

From lights to lenses to microphones, we recommend the best iPhone camera accessories, which will take your mobile photography and video to the next level.

How to make a background transparent in Photoshop

From using A.I. assistance to doing it completely by hand, Photoshop has no shortage of tools for selecting an object and removing a background. But knowing when to use which tool can be a bit confusing. Learn how to make a background transparent in Photoshop by putting select and masking tools to work.
GoPro Hero8 Black Review

The best action cameras

Get ready for adventure season with a rugged action cam you can take anywhere. Here are the best models, from a waterproof point-and-shoot to a modular 360 cam.
Product still of the Snaptain SP350

The best drones under $500

Looking to get a reliable, feature-rich drone without breaking the bank? Check out this tightly-curated list of the best drones you can get for $500 or less!

How to delete and recover photos in Android

Take control of your Android phone photo collection. We show you have to delete photos from your Android phone and to recover them if you change your mind.
dji om 4 review 2120

The best smartphone gimbals for 2022

Smartphone cameras are more impressive than ever before, but shaky video can ruin it. Check out the best gimbals to maximize your mobile photos and videos.
Image storage feature

How to delete and recover photos from your iPhone

As the volume of images shot on your iPhone grows, managing them is critical to the proper function of your phone. We show you how to delete and recover photos.

The best iPhone camera lenses

You'll need good glass if you're looking to take your iPhone photography to the next level. We rounded up the best iPhone camera lenses on the market.
pixel 4 xl camera close up

How to take great photos with your Pixel 4 or 4 XL

What makes the Google Pixel 4 camera tick? How can you take advantage of the powerful image processing to take truly great photos? Our Google Pixel 4 camera guide is packed with information and handy tips.
leaf peeping how to take fall pictures 8226

Leaf peeping: How to photograph fall’s changing leaves

Planning on leaf peeping this fall? Here's how to capture photos of all those colors, from planning ahead to editing.
how to add text in photoshop

How to add and edit text in Adobe Photoshop

Want to add text to your photos or get started on graphic design basics? Learn how to add and edit text in Photoshop.
adobe lightroom feb 13 update performance lifestyle laptop photo toning editing print

What Lightroom RAW photo import defaults are and how to adjust them

Lightroom RAW defaults apply in-camera filters -- including black and white -- in Lightroom automatically, and can also adjust images differently based on ISO.

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