ND or polarizer? The Sandmarc Hybrid Filter for iPhone gives you both

Combining two standard filters into one, the Sandmarc Hybrid Filter gives phone photographers a simpler option when they need both neutral density and circular polarizers at the same time.
sandmarc hybrid fitler nd cpl for iphone filter

10 street photography tips and tricks to help you capture the decisive moment

To create compelling photographs in public places, it takes skill, practice, and plenty of patience.
street photography tips tricks 30

What is live view? How to make the most of this feature on your DSLR

Live view makes a DSLR perform more like a mirrorless camera, showing you a live feed straight off the sensor where you can preview your exposure before you take the shot. Here's what you need to know about how to use it.

GIMP vs. Photoshop

GIMP is a free Photoshop alternative -- but free doesn't always offer more value. In the battle between GIMP vs. Photoshop, which editor offers the most features for which users? Compare the open-source photo editor with the industry standard.
best free photo editing software gimp screenshot