The best GoPro accessories for 2019

You can use a GoPro to film almost anything, but you’ll need some additional gear to tap into the action camera’s full potential. Fortunately, there exists an abundance of accessories from both GoPro and third-party manufacturers. While this speaks to the company’s immense popularity, it can also be overwhelming for consumers to navigate. If you need a place to start, we’ve compiled our favorite GoPro accessories below, from gimbals to dog harnesses.

Mounts, gimbals, and more

Fotodiox Pro GoTough Tripod Adapter II

best GoPro accessories

If you own a GoPro, it’s likely that you own other cameras. Nearly every camera uses the same, 1/4-inch thread for attaching a tripod plate, but not GoPro. To mount your GoPro to a standard tripod, you’ll need an adapter like the Fotodiox Pro GoThrough. Even if a GoPro is the only camera you own, having a tripod adapter makes it compatible with a broad range of additional accessories.

While these little gems are available for as little a dollar, we like the Fotodiox adapter because the all-metal mount is as durable as it is lightweight. It’s also “soft-treated,” meaning you can hand tighten the screw without needing a fancy screwdriver. The five different colors are a nice touch, too.

GoPro Pro 3.5-millimeter Microphone Adapter

It’s not news that GoPro’s onboard microphones leave much to be desired. In fact, GoPro itself has an accessory to help enhance audio capture. GoPro’s Pro 3.5-millimeter microphone adapter plugs into the USB-C port on a Hero6 Black or Hero7 camera and adds a standard microphone jack for plugging in external microphones (note that the adapters are not supported by the old Session models). As for what microphone you use with it, that’s up to you and your needs. If you own a Hero4 or older, GoPro has a different (and less expensive) adapter for those cameras.

GoPole Scenelapse

A GoPro camera makes time-lapse photography simple thanks to its wide-angle lens and built-in intervalometer. The GoPole Scenelapse takes it to the next level by adding motion into the shot. Effectively a glorified egg timer with a tripod mount on top, the Scenelapse can be set at predefined intervals where it will slowly rotate as your action cam goes about filming or capturing photos. Every hour, it rotates a full 360 degrees, making it easy to calculate with just a twist how long and how far you want it to pan.

Removu S1 Rainproof 3-Axis Gimbal

The Removu S1 is the rainproof 3-axis gimbal you’ve been waiting for. Besides being rainproof, the standout feature of the Removu S1 is its ability to be taken off its wireless joystick remote and be mounted to any standard GoPro clip. It’s not cheap, but it works with any GoPro going back to the Hero3, so hopefully it’ll last you a few more generations to ease the financial burden. (You will need to purchase specialized housing for the Hero3 and Hero4, however.)

Shoot Diving Dome for GoPro

You know those cool photos and videos where you see half above water and half below? You can get those too now with the help of a diving dome. The dome effectively adds a larger front optical element that pushes the water away from the GoPro’s own lens, making it easier to get split shots, especially when the water is choppy. There are lots of these domes out there, but we like the built in red and close-up filters that come with the Shoot Diving Dome. It also has a shutter trigger integrated into the grip for quickly snapping pictures.

Joby GorillaPod

best GoPro accessories

Effortlessly wrap your GoPro around any tree or post you want with Joby’s handy GorillaPod. Although it’s not as tall as a standard tripod — it measures a paltry 10-inches, after all — don’t knock it as useless. The device’s flexible legs can hold a camera to anything they can wrap around, turning trees into tripods. The GorillaPod is also equipped with a ball head, which allows for 90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of pan. As an added bonus, it also features a standard 1/4-inch 20 clip, and the bottom of the mount is threaded to fit on any tripod.

GoPro 3-Way

GoPro 3-Way Thumb

There are a ton of GoPro sticks (we recently rounded up some of our favorites) but GoPro’s official 3-Way — an oldie but a goodie — is particularly handy due to its multi-functionality. You can use it as a basic handle for your GoPro, an extendable arm, or simply as a tripod. Though it doesn’t extend as far as some telescoping sticks — it moves between 7.5 and 20 inches — that actually makes it less cumbersome and lighter. The grip is also comfortable and can be detached to become an even smaller handle to your camera.

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit Thumb

This kit lets you quickly set up the exact mount you need for whatever situation you find yourself in. Not only is it the most versatile suction cup mount available, but it’s also incredibly secure and easy to use, thanks to the embedded ball head. It’s perfect for attaching a GoPro in or outside of a car, or even to rocks, boats, small watercraft, or anything with a relatively smooth surface. Suction cup mounts like the ActionGrip 3-N-1 really shine in high-speed situations, too, where a typical clamp just won’t hold the camera steady enough. The last thing you want is for your expensive Hero7 Black to go flying.

Lume Cube Lighting Kit for GoPro

Lume Cube
Hillary Grigonis/Digital Trends

Action camera lights can illuminate those after-sunset adventures or even give a little more punch and drama to your daytime shots. The Lume Cube is a mini LED light that shares many of the same characteristics you love about your GoPro — it’s small, waterproof, easy to use, and you can even control it from a smartphone. The mighty little light is pretty powerful at up to 1400 lumens (with options to dim for less drama) and the GoPro kit includes two with a mount, one on each side of the camera. Or, you can pick up a single light without the mount for cheaper. Read our full review for more features (the review is based on the smartphone mount and accessories, but the light is identical).


The TurnsPro mount helps with more dynamic time-lapse shots by adding some motion into the mix. You can set the mount on a sturdy surface, like a table, or use it with a tripod. You can also adjust the settings to accommodate for how you want to film, whether for 20 seconds or 10 hours, and how much you want the camera to rotate, giving you a bit more control over the aforementioned and less-expensive Scenelapse. It can also work both vertically and horizontally if attached to a tripod. Plus, it can be used with your DSLR and mobile phone as well as your GoPro.

GoPro Chest Mount

GoPro Chesty

When you want to take POV shots from a lower angle without using your hands, the Chesty is your best bet. Helmet mounts (included with GoPro cameras) are great, but not all activities require one, and sometimes you don’t want footage that swivels and turns along with your head. This adjustable chest contraption is ideal for highlighting your hands, whether you’re playing piano or biking. We’ve even seen these at food and wine fests, which is a testament to their versatility and comfort (plus, if you spill wine on a GoPro, no harm done). The Chesty is available for kids, and there’s an alternative body strap that goes over your head.

GoPro Fetch

GoPro’s Fetch is the equivalent of the Chest Mount, but for your best friend. The Fetch is one of the coolest mounts for dog owners, as it gives you a look at the world from your dog’s point of view. The contraption allows you to place your camera either on your dog’s back or just below its chest, depending on how you want to arrange things. The harness is also washable, so Fido can roll in the mud all he likes.

GoPro Helmet Strap Mount

If you wear a vented helmet when out biking, then this GoPro Strap Mount is a must-have accessory. It simply attaches to the base plate on your helmet and the adjustable straps make attaching and detaching quick and easy. The best part about this strap is how robust it is. It stays firmly in place and captures sharp and balanced footage — even after an extended bike ride. You don’t have to worry about getting a specific vented helmet as this strap fits them all!

Clamps, battery packs, etc.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

If you’re a serious shooter then you’re going to need a lot of power. That means ensuring you always have charged batteries to hand. The GoPro Dual Battery Charger allows you to charge two batteries from your HERO 2018 to HERO7 Black. There’s nothing complicated about using the charger, just plug it in with the USB cable that comes out of the box. When the built-in LEDs shows Amber this means you’re charging. Once it turns green that charger is telling to get and shoot!

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

Jaws Flex Clamp

This flexible clamp can quickly latch on to almost anything, so long as it’s no thinner than a pencil and no thicker than two inches. You can either attach the camera directly to the clamp or use the flexible gooseneck to pivot your camera where you want it. The clamp is also as secure as a snapping turtle’s jaw – once it clamps on, it’s not letting go. Its simplicity makes it incredibly versatile.

GoPro Floaty

Your GoPro might be waterproof, but that doesn’t mean it’s capable of floating on its own in the event it gets lost at sea. Thankfully, GoPro makes Floaty, an apt-titled accessory that’s designed to make sure your GoPro acts more like a bobber than an anchor. It’s perhaps a bit expensive when you consider that it’s basically a glorified piece of foam, but it’s still cheaper than a new action cam.

Monoprice Camera Skate Dolly

Imagine a roller skate, except with a tripod mount in place of the shoe. What you have is Monoprice’s Skate Dolly, a clever gadget that outfits your GoPro with its own set of wheels. You can even lock the wheels at different angles to capture perfectly curved shots when filming those epic, Michael Bay-style circular action pans. A cheaper, perhaps cooler option for the smaller Session cameras is a Hot Wheels Zoom In — that’s right, a Hot Wheels car for your GoPro — but the limited edition item is harder to find (try eBay) and is only for the smaller cameras.

Kupton Screen/Lens Glass Screen Protectors

Newer GoPro cameras are stronger than ever thanks to the ruggedized and waterproof body. But there are two areas that still remain vulnerable to drops: the front lens element and the touchscreen display on the back of the camera. The easiest way to prevent unwanted scratches and cracks is to add a glass screen protectors. There’s no shortage of options out there, including GoPro’s own set, but accessory manufacturer Kupton makes an inexpensive dual-pack of tempered-glass screen protectors that should be more than enough to get the job done. And the best part is, if your first set gets cracked or scratched up, you can simply peel it off and adhere the second set — much better than shelling out the dough for a brand new camera.

GoPro Plus

GoPro Plus was originally launched as a means of providing expedited support for GoPro owners, as well as offering an automated cloud backup system. More recently, GoPro has included a camera protection component to the plan which dramatically reduces the cost to replace a camera if it breaks. The plan starts with a 30-day free trial so you can see if it’s right for you, and if anything happens to your GoPro while subscribed (even during the trial period) GoPro will replace it with the same model, “no questions asked.” There is a catch: You still have to pay a replacement fee, but GoPro says it is about 20 percent of the cost of a new camera. Also, you can only replace two cameras per year. Still, it’s some nice insurance in addition to the other features that come with Plus.

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GoPro Smart Remote

The GoPro Smart Remote allows you to fully control your device from a distance. This includes the shutter, turning your GoPro on/off, and going into the settings. In perfect weather conditions, you can expect to use the remote from up to 180 metres away from your GoPro. A smart remote is ideal for those recording themselves whilst their GoPro is attached to a tripod — making it easy to record without having to go back and forth to your device. We should also note that muti-device users can control up to 50 GoPro’s with this remote.

AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

best GoPro Cases

As the supreme leader when it comes to all things shopping-related, it only makes sense that Amazon started making its own products and selling them on its site. Granted, not every product it produces is a home run, but there are some worth considering. Amazon’s selection of GoPro carrying cases, for example, is commendable. At 13-inches long and 9-inches wide, the largest case allows you to carry around two GoPros, a miniature tripod, extra batteries, lenses, SD cards, and a plethora of other GoPro accessories. The foam padding also keeps any GoPro from the Hero series secure. It’s not waterproof, however, and since the foam comes pre-cut, you won’t be able to customize the case to fit your specific gear. Still, you won’t find a better carrying case for the price. If you need more capacity, check out our guide to the best action camera backpacks.

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