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OLED vs. LED: Which kind of TV display is better?

TV technology is rife with acronyms, but two of the most common are OLED and LED. They sound and look alike, but we'll show you that they're vastly different.
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The best Android and iOS apps for learning Japanese

Decided 2021 is the year to learn Japanese? Our pick of the best language-learning apps for iOS and Android can help you to master the language in no time.
Building or shop in Japan with lots of signs outside in Japanese

The best Chromebooks for 2021

Looking to buy a new laptop on a budget? You may want to consider a Chromebook. They're affordable, powerful, and surprisingly capable little machines.

The best iPad keyboards for 2021

The Apple iPad is getting closer to becoming a viable laptop alternative, and with the right keyboard accessory, you may question if you need a laptop at all.
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