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Bryan M. Wolfe

Bryan M. Wolfe

Bryan M. Wolfe has over a decade of experience as a technology writer. At Digital Trends, he writes about one of his favorite topics, mobile. He has also written about mobile and the larger technology industry on other websites, including iMore, Make Use Of, and AppAdvice.

In addition to Digital Trends, the author also contributes articles to TechRadar Pro, Stuff.TV, and How to Geek. During his free time, he enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, and watching Penn State football.

Google Pixel 8 official render.

How to watch Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 event

If you're interested in watching Google's upcoming event, you don't need an invite. You can watch the event live from the comfort of your home or office.
And iPhone 15 Pro Max in white with a hammer head sitting on top.

Does the iPhone 15 break easily? What you really need to know

One test shows the iPhone 15 Pro Max can break easily. However, that's not the entire story and shouldn't influence whether or not to buy the expensive phone.
iPhone 12 Mini with charger

The best iPhone accessories in 2023: 12 great ones to buy

Have you bought a new iPhone? Then it’s time to get a few accessories. Here are the ones that will complement your purchase best.
iOS 17 StandBy widget feature showing on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

These 7 apps make iOS 17’s StandBy mode even better

StandBy mode is one of the coolest new features in iOS 17. Here's how to make it even better with a few helpful apps!
iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro: is it time to upgrade?

So, you have an iPhone 13 Pro and are considering upgrade to an iPhone 15 Pro. There are a few reasons to do so — and still others that might hold you back.
Google Podcasts app being showing on iPhone on a desk.

Google is killing another one of its popular apps, and it’s a big one

Google plans to discontinue one of its popular apps, Google Podcasts, in the new year. Here's what you need to do about the closure.
Xiaomi Smart Band 8.

Xiaomi’s newest wearables may make you want to ditch your Apple Watch

Xiaomi has launched two new wearable devices, the Watch 2 Pro and Smart Band 8. Here's a first look at the new smartwatch and fitness band.
Someone holding the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Does the iPhone 15 have an overheating problem? Here’s what we know

Do the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have an overheating problem? Here's everything we know about the issue so far.
watchOS 10 watch face modular ultra.

Is watchOS 10 causing battery drain? Here’s what we know

Some Apple Watch users have reported experiencing a significant battery drain issue since installing the watchOS 10 update. Is there a problem with the update?
Side by side images of a reported Google Pixel 8a.

Is this our first look at the Google Pixel 8a?

Despite a previous rumor, the Google Pixel A series might not be dead after all. Could there be a Pixel 8a in our future? New photos seem to suggest so.
Best iOS 17 interactive widgets

I found 11 new widgets for iOS 17 that you have to try

One of the best new features of iOS 17 is interactive widgets, and I've already found 11 apps that use the new widgets incredibly well.
Speck Presido2 cases for the iPhone 15.

Do iPhone 14 cases fit the iPhone 15? There’s an interesting answer

The iPhone 15 series looks a lot like the iPhone 14 series. However, can you use older cases on the new models? That's the question we're going to answer.
Garmin Vivoactive 5 smartwatch.

Garmin just launched a new $300 Apple Watch alternative

Garmin just announced its latest smartwatch, the Vivoactive 5. It looks good, has a ton of health features, and costs just $300.
Renders of iPhone 15 Pro Max cases next to each other.

The best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases in 2023: our 10 favorites so far

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the biggest and most expensive iPhone you can buy right now. Be sure to protect it with these excellent cases!
An iPhone 14 laying next to its retail box.

6 things to remember when trading in or selling your old iPhone

Before you decide to sell or trade-in your current iPhone, it's important to take measures to ensure the safety of your data and device.
Renders of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Ultra next to each other.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Apple Watch Ultra: should you upgrade?

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is bound to be the best Apple Watch you can buy. But should you upgrade if you already have the original Apple Watch Ultra?
Motorola Edge 40 Neo color choices.

Motorola just launched 3 new Android phones, and they look incredible

Motorola has launched three new smartphones that offer sleek, modern designs at affordable prices. They are launching in select markets first.
Apple presenting the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus at its September 2023 event.

Does the iPhone 15 have a 120Hz display?

Whether it's the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro, each of Apple's newest handsets offers brilliant OLED displays. But do both models have 120Hz refresh rates?
Apple's September 2023 event Tim Cook

Everything Apple didn’t announce at its iPhone 15 event

The iPhone 15 event revolved solely around the iPhone 15 series and new Apple Watches. There's a lot that wasn't announced, however.
Two iPhone 15 models near each other.

Does the iPhone 15 come with a charger in the box?

The iPhone 15 series is now available and, unsurprisingly, it's an expensive set of smartphones. At these prices, it comes with a charger in the box ... right?
Back of the yellow iPhone 15.

Is the iPhone 15 waterproof? Read this before getting it wet

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro lineups are both here. But are the phones waterproof? Here's what you need to know.
iPhone 15 colors.

The iPhone 15 is official — and it has something I’ve waited years for

Apple has introduced its newest smartphones — the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. And both of them have one feature I've waited years for.
A screenshot of Apple event links from the Apple TV app on an iPhone

How to watch Apple’s iPhone 15 event today: 5 easy ways

Apple's next big event is now in the calendar. The iPhone 15 series and more should be revealed later today. Here's how to watch the event live.
The Ultrahuman Ring Air and the Oura Ring, resting on a table.

The Oura Ring may get a fierce new competitor in January 2024

Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy Ring? A Samsung-made health and fitness ring could arrive in 2024 to take on the Oura Ring.
The Apple Watch SE 2 ready to pair with a phone.

How to back up your Apple Watch: everything you need to know

If you're wondering how to back up your Apple Watch, then we have the answers you need in this guide. Learn how to back up or restore an Apple Watch.
Two people holding a Fairphone 5 each.

IFA 2023: the coolest phones and smartwatches we’ve seen

Although IFA is not as significant for mobile devices nowadays, a few smartphones and wearables are receiving attention at this year's event.
a Nomad Rugged Case and band on a wooden table

This case turned my Apple Watch into an Apple Watch Ultra … kind of

Have a normal Apple Watch, but wish it had durability similar to the Apple Watch Ultra? Nomad's new Rugged Case offers exactly that, and I got to use it.
Galaxy S23 front in hands.

Samsung Galaxy S24: 9 things I want to see in the new phone

It might seem early, but now's the time to begin discussing the Samsung Galaxy S24 and what we want to see from the 2024 smartphone lineup.
A person holding the Oura Ring 3rd generation Heritage model.

Your Oura Ring can now help you have better therapy appointments

The Oura Ring smart ring has enhanced its abilities through a new partnership with Talkspace, an online behavioral health service provider.
Official product renders of the Garmin Venu 3 smartwatch.

Garmin’s newest smartwatch could replace your Apple Watch

Garmin has unveiled the Venu 3 and Venu 3S smartwatches, both of which offer a holistic understanding of your health. Here's everything that's new.
The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro seen from the back.

How to make a contact group on your iPhone

Arranging a party or group trip? Texting each person individually can be a time-consuming hassle. Simplify that by creating a contact group on your iPhone!
The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a on a table.

Should you buy the Google Pixel 7 or wait for the Google Pixel 8?

Google is set to release the new Pixel 8 smartphone lineup, replacing the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Should you wait for the new models?
Apps page on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 work with the iPhone?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 features a bright and vibrant display, with improved battery life. But can you use it with an iPhone? We have the answer.
Render of the iPhone 15 Pro in red.

The iPhone 15 release date just leaked. Here’s when you can buy it

We know the iPhone 15 is coming soon — but just how soon? Thanks to a new report, its release date is clearer than ever.