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Someone wearing the Apple Watch Ultra with the Wayfinder face.

I thought I would hate the Apple Watch Ultra, but I love it

Since it was announced, I thought I would hate the Apple Watch Ultra's big, bulky design. But I finally tried one for myself — and now I love it.
iMessage stickers in iOS 17

iOS 17 isn’t the iPhone update I was hoping for

The back of the red Motorola Razr Plus.

Motorola did something ridiculous to its new Razr phones

A person holding the Realme 11 Pro+.

This cheap Android phone is one of the best I’ve used in 2023


Apple didn’t make Siri a ChatGPT killer at WWDC — and that scares me

iOS 17 contact posters

iOS 17’s coolest new feature is horrible news for Android users

iOS 17 logo and renders on Apple's website.

Everything Apple didn’t add to iOS 17

Apple Vision Pro headset seen from the side.

This one, crucial thing will make or break the Apple Vision Pro

watchOS 10 presented at WWDC 2023.

WatchOS 10 doesn’t fix my biggest issue with the Apple Watch

The Apple Vision Pro reveals the wearer's eyes on a front-facing display.

I thought I would hate Apple’s VR headset, but I was wrong

The Motorola Edge Plus (2023) lying face-down on a table.

Motorola made one of the year’s best phones — but it’s not enough

Sage green Pixel 6a and Snow Pixel 7a held in hand

Don’t buy the Pixel 7a — this is the best cheap Pixel of 2023

A rendering of an Apple mixed-reality headset (Reality Pro) in a gold color seen from the front.

I don’t want Apple to announce its VR headset

The rumors say Apple will announce its long-awaited Reality Pro VR headset at WWDC 2023, but my wallet is begging the company not to do so.
Someone holding the Motorola Razr Plus with the screen open.

I used the new Razr Plus — and it may be the flip phone of my dreams

Motorola's two newest folding phones — the Razr and Razr Plus – are here. I got a chance to use them both, and I'm impressed with what I've seen.
The Reddit app icon on an iOS Home screen.

Reddit could kill my favorite app — and that’s a problem for everyone

Reddit is trying to charge third-party apps an obscene amount to use its data, and it could have wide-ranging effects on all the apps you love. Here’s why.
Pride Edition 2023 Sport Band on Series 5 on wrist

This year’s Apple Watch Pride band looks better than you might think

Add some color to your wrist and show your support with Apple's latest Pride Edition 2023 Sport Band. Here's what it looks like!
The expanded DynamicSpot Dynamic Island at the top of the Pixel 7 Pro.

I put the iPhone’s Dynamic Island on my Pixel 7 Pro — and I can’t go back

I wasn't sure about Apple's Dynamic Island feature — until I put it on my Android phone. And now I can't imagine being without it.
The Withings BPM Connect blood pressure monitor with the Health Mate app.

I used a smart blood pressure monitor for the first time — and it blew me away

When I was told I had to monitor my blood pressure, I wanted to use something more high-tech than a normal cuff. It was exactly the right thing to do.
Someone holding the Motorola Edge Plus 2023.

I finally found an Android phone that makes me want to ditch my iPhone

The Motorola Edge Plus (2023) has been my go-to Android phone for a couple of weeks. And the more I use it, the more I don't want to go back to my iPhone.
A person opening the Honor Magic Vs.

Is this cheap foldable finally a good Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 alternative?

After being given a lower-than-expected price, we've revisited the Honor Magic Vs folding phone. Is it good enough to buy now?
Motorola Razr 40 Ultra rear side.

It’s official — Motorola’s next Razr is the 2023 phone I can’t wait for

The upcoming clamshell foldable from Motorola, the Razr 40 Ultra, has been leaked extensively. The more I see it, the more I can't wait to get my hands on it.
A Pixel Watch and TicWatch Pro 5 side-by-side.

The Pixel Watch has been utterly crushed by its latest rival

The Pixel Watch has been utterly crushed by its latest rival

After being impressed by the TicWatch Pro 5, we made a return to the Pixel Watch -- and it shows exactly where Google went wrong with its smartwatch.
Google Assistant listening on the Google Pixel Watch.

No, you really don’t need Google Assistant on your smartwatch

Google Assistant is becoming a rarity on smartwatches, and isn't on the new TicWatch 5 Pro. But does it really matter?
Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy A54 in hand

Can a $450 phone beat the Samsung Galaxy S23’s cameras? It’s close

How does Samsung's midrange Galaxy A54 compare to the flagship Galaxy S23 in terms of cameras? Let's find out in this camera comparison.
The Google Pixel 7a face down on a table.

I have to stop using the Pixel 7a — but I don’t want to

Despite having phones that are a lot more expensive at hand, I realized the $500 Pixel 7a is all the phone I actually need, and without compromising either.
iPhone 14 Pro Max in hand.

5 things the iPhone 15 Pro Max needs to fix before I’ll buy it

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was a brilliant phone, while the 14 Pro Max was a letdown. Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max be one of year's best phones again?
The Oura Ring on a person's finger.

I should stop wearing the Oura Ring, but I can’t

I'm still wearing the third-generation Oura Ring smart ring, but things about it make me think I shouldn't be, despite it being a great product.
The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a held in a person's hand.

Google can create the perfect Pixel phone — if it changes one thing

The Pixel 7a is a great phone. But with a few smart tweaks, Google could easily create a perfect Pixel. Here's how.
Vivo X90 Pro with Yashica analog camera on a flat surface.

This phone just ruined the iPhone 14 Pro and Samung Galaxy S23 Ultra for me

The Vivo X90 Pro is a phone you may not have heard of. But after testing its camera, it's got us thinking differently about the iPhone 14 Pro and S23 Ultra.
The Pixel 7a and Pixel 4a's camera modules.

Have an old Google Pixel? This camera test will make you want a Pixel 7a

Google is renowned for great phone cameras and photo software. In our Pixel 7a vs. Pixel 4a camera test, we see how things have moved on in three years.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

I found a huge problem with the new ChatGPT iPhone app

The official ChatGPT iPhone app is finally here, and I tried it. It's a slick app that works well — except for one huge, glaring problem.
Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro with Beats Studio Buds+ in Transparent

Let’s be clear, Apple — it’s time to make a transparent iPhone

Apple owns Beats, which just released an amazing transparent color for the new Beats Studio Buds+. So why can't Apple do that for the iPhone, too?
A person holding the Oppo Find X6 Pro, showing the back of the phone.

I used YouTubers’ favorite camera phone of 2023, and I wasn’t impressed

The Oppo Find X6 Pro has been described as having the best camera out there at the moment, but is it? We found out.
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Zero One Pixel 7a case in hand

What’s the inside of a Pixel 7a look like? This cool case shows you

Looking for a cool case for your new Pixel 7a? This Zero One case from Spigen offers protection and a teardown view of your Pixel 7a.

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