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Someone holding a Google Pixel Fold in hand.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold came out over a year ago. After revisiting the phone, I've found some things I still like — and others I can't stand.
Reading document on Onyx Boox Go 7.

The Boox Go Color 7 is the best Kindle alternative I’ve ever used

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

I’m not buying a Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and neither should you

OnePlus Nord 4 in midnight black color with a metal unibody shell kept on a white fabric beside a gunmetal OnePlus 3T.

The OnePlus Nord 4 has something no other OnePlus phone has ever had

The gold Samsung Galaxy Ring.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring may change wearables forever

Two Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 smartwatches laying next to each other on a table.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 looks great. But there’s a catch

Two Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphones next to each other.

I spent two hours with the Galaxy Z Flip 6. These are the 5 things that stood out to me

A person wearing the gold Samsung Galaxy Ring.

I wore the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Here’s why the Oura Ring is in trouble

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra on a person's wrist.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is Samsung’s most controversial smartwatch yet

Acefast Z4 218W fast charger with display and transparent front panel kept on a wooden surface.

This ridiculous-looking charger is one of my favorite gadgets of 2024

The Google Pixel 8's screen.

5 reasons why you should not buy the Google Pixel 8

A person holding the OnePlus Nord 4.

The OnePlus Nord 4 has something I haven’t seen on a phone in ages

An iPhone 15 Pro with Anker screen protector on.

I think I found the perfect iPhone screen protector

After a couple of dropped iPhones and a lot of searching, I think I finally found the perfect iPhone screen protector.
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Mint Green color along with a Samsung notebook and a cermaic bowl with lemons.

5 phones you should buy instead of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is a $600 smartphone that offers several great features. However, there are five great alternatives worth considering.
A person wearing the CMF Watch Pro 2.

This is the cheapest smartwatch I’ve worn in ages, and I’m really impressed

The CMF Watch Pro 2 is the cheapest smartwatch I've worn in a while. And you know what? It's actually pretty darn good.
A person holding the CMF Phone 1.

I used the CMF Phone 1, and it’s 2024’s best smartphone bargain

Looking for a new bargain Android phone? The CMF Phone 1 is what you want. Best of all, it's so much more than just another cheap phone.
The Oura Ring on a flower's petals.

I’ve worn an Oura Ring for 3 years. Can the Galaxy Ring beat it?

I've worn an Oura Ring for three years. As we get closer to the Samsung Galaxy Ring's launch, I'm not sure if Samsung's ring will be able to compete with it.
Realme GT 6 Android phone in silver color held in hand in front of a wooden door.

The Realme GT 6 shows how AI on smartphones should be done

Instead of flashy AI gimmicks, this new Android flagship killer takes a meaningful route with useful features.
Outtafocus column lead image with the Nokia 3210.

I tried using a phone with a 2MP camera. These were the 5 worst things about it

I set myself a task: use a 2MP phone camera in 2024. I quickly discovered just how bad things were with phone cameras 20 years ago.
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera and logo.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is my favorite smartphone. Here’s why.

I've used the iPhone 15 Pro Max since release, and although it's not perfect, it has become my favorite phone released since late 2023. Here's why.
A close-up of the Motorola "M" logo on the Motorola Edge (2024).

2024 has been a bad year for Motorola. Can it turn things around?

2024 has been a rocky year for Motorola. Does it have a chance to turn things around? I think so.
Verizon logo on a smartphone screen in a dark room and a finger touching it.

5 carriers you should use instead of Verizon

These five Verizon alternatives prove you don't need to pay a bundle just to get great 5G coverage on Verizon's network.
Teaser for Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July 2024.

6 big announcements we expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on Wednesday

Samsung will be revealing a ton of new products during its Galaxy Unpacked event next week. Here's what to expect.
Weather widget on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

Should you buy the Galaxy Watch 6 or wait for the Galaxy Watch 7?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to be revealed on July 10. Should you wait for it, or buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 right now? We found out.
The Amazon Fire Max 11 and Poco Pad in their keyboard cases.

I put two cheap Android tablets head-to-head. This is the one to buy

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is almost a year old but still a great buy. Can it take on a new reasonably priced Android tablet with a keyboard?
Someone holding the Motorola Razr Plus 2024.

Don’t buy the new Motorola Razr Plus. 5 reasons to wait for the Razr Plus 2025

The Motorola Razr Plus 2024 certainly looks good. However, here are a few reasons to wait for the 2025 model.
The yellow iPad (2022) lying face-down on a green bush.

5 tablets you should buy instead of the iPad (2022)

Instead of purchasing the aging iPad (2022), you might want to consider one of these five alternatives. Some of our choices might surprise you.
A person holding the RingConn Smart Ring and Oura Ring.

I ditched my Oura Ring for a cheaper smart ring. What happened amazed me

I've worn an Oura Ring for years, but I recently decided to switch to a cheaper smart ring. Here's what happened.
A person holding the Motorola Edge 50 Pro.

This cool new phone shows what’s wrong with Motorola in 2024

I've been using the Motorola Edge 50 Pro, a phone I really like. Unfortunately, I'm tired of Motorola not fixing the same old problems that plague its phones.
A person holding the Nokia 3210, showing the screen.

The Nokia 3210 is the worst phone I’ve used in 2024

The Nokia 3210 is supposed to help you avoid the stress of modern smartphones and social media, but introduces a different type of pain when you try to use it.
The front of the Amazon Kindle Fire Max 11 with its keyboard case.

One year later, Amazon still makes one of the best Android tablets you can get

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is still one of the best Android tablets, even with its little foibles, as I found out revisiting it a year into its life.
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro in hand.

6 phones coming out in summer 2024 we can’t wait for

The summer is a wonderful time, full of long sunny days and smartphone launches. Alright, we're big geeks, but here are six huge phones coming this summer.
Green iPhone 15.

9 months later, I still really like the iPhone 15. But I can’t recommend it

The iPhone 15 was a solid upgrade when it launched. How is the phone holding up post-WWDC? It's complicated.
A person holding the Realme GT 6.

A much-missed Android phone maker is back with a real winner

Two years ago, Realme disappeared from the global market. Now it's back with the Realme GT 6, and it's exactly the return I wanted.

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