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Joe Maring

Joe Maring

Section Editor, Mobile

Joe Maring is the Section Editor for Digital Trends' Mobile team, leading the site's coverage for all things smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Since joining the industry in 2012, Joe has reported on the latest mobile tech news, reviewed countless devices, and worked with other writers to help them find the angles that matter.

Need to get in touch? You can reach Joe at, or find him on Twitter as @JoeMaring1.

Android 15 logo on a Google Pixel 8.

Android 15 just hit a critical milestone

Excited to get your hands on Android 15? Good news! Google's next big Android update just reached a huge milestone. Here are all the details.
Someone holding an iPhone 15 Pro Max with the screen on and showing the home screen.

The iPhone will never be the same after this

iOS 18 is a big and exciting update for the iPhone. But it also marks a big shift for how Apple handles iPhone updates, and it worries me.
A white Belkin charger laying on a colorful desk mat.

This tiny Belkin charger is one of the best you can buy in 2024

I've been looking for a good charger for my home office — one that's small, fast, and easy to live with. This Belkin one fit the bill perfectly.
Multiple Apple Watches running watchOS 11.

I’ve never been more excited to wear an Apple Watch

I love wearing an Apple Watch, and I have for years. But thanks to watchOS 11, it's about to get better than ever.
A photo of many Android figurines on a white wall.

It’s the end of an era for Android

The Android world is changing. Dave Burke, one of the most prominent leaders on the Android team, is leaving.
A render of the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE is official, and it has an incredible price

Samsung just announced a new smartwatch. It's called the Galaxy Watch FE, and if you're shopping for a wearable on a budget, it looks like a darn good option.
The Honor 200 Pro smartphone lying on a rock outside.

The Honor 200 Pro is unlike any other Android phone I’ve used in 2024

The Honor 200 Pro is the newest Android phone of 2024. With a truly unusual design, a shiny new chip, and more, it's unlike any other phone I've used this year.
The Apple logo on the back of an iPhone 14.

Apple did something weird at WWDC 2024

Apple's keynote for WWDC 2024 was a big one with lots of exciting announcements. But the company also did something quite odd during it.
Someone holding a natural titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The one thing I really want to see at WWDC 2024

WWDC 2024 is almost upon us. As we inch closer and closer to Apple's big event, there's just one thing I desperately want to be announced.
A person holding the Nothing Phone 2a.

The Nothing Phone 3 could be 2025’s most interesting smartphone

Nothing recently teased its big ambitions for the Nothing Phone 3. It has a lot to do with AI, and it actually looks mighty impressive.
Someone holding the Moto G Power 5G (2024) and Moto G Stylus 5G (2024).

2 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Motorola phone in 2024

Thinking about buying a Motorola phone in 2024? There are a lot of good ones to choose from. But before you do, there are two things you need to consider.
A person holding the OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus 13 just got exciting

More details about the OnePlus 13 just leaked, including new information about its display, battery, and charging capabilities. Here's what we've learned.
A close-up of the Spotify app icon.

The Spotify Android app just got an odd design change

Do you use the Spotify app on your Android phone? If so, you'll likely soon see an updated design for the app icon. Here's what changed.
Someone holding the Moto G Stylus 5G (2024), showing the back of the phone and its stylus.

I used Motorola’s new $400 Android phone. Here’s why you should buy it

The $400 Moto G Stylus 5G (2024) is one of the newest budget Android phones to hit the scene. Is it worth your time and attention? I used it to find out.
Official product render of the Fitbit Ace LTE.

Fitbit just launched a new smartwatch unlike any it’s made before

Fitbit just announced a new smartwatch joining its lineup — the Fitbit Ace LTE — and it's unlike any previous watch from the company.
A photo of Google's Project Starline during a demo session.

I saw the future of video calling, and it blew me away

During Google I/O 2024, I had an opportunity to try Project Starline — Google's futuristic take on video calling. Simply put, it blew me away.
The Android 15 logo on a smartphone.

How to download the Android 15 beta right now

Android 15 is available as a public beta for those with a Google Pixel and other select Android devices to try for themselves. Here's how to download it.
Google presenting Project Astra at Google I/O 2024.

I saw Google’s futuristic Project Astra, and it was jaw-dropping

So much of Google I/O 2024 could be described as dull and boring. But Project Astra stood out as something magical, and I got to see it in action.
A render of the Bay blue Google Pixel 8a.

The Google Pixel 8a is the Pixel phone I’ve been waiting for

The Google Pixel 8a, on paper, could be dismissed as a boring or tepid smartphone release. But I couldn't be more excited about it.
An iPhone 15 Pro Max sitting upright, showing one of its home screens.

A big iPhone update is right around the corner

New iPads aren't the only Apple news today. Apple just took a big step toward its next iPhone update.
The yellow iPad (2022) lying face-down on a green bush.

Apple just did something amazing to the iPad

Apple announced a new iPad Air and iPad Pro today. But there was another iPad announcement we weren't expecting, and it's a big one.
The back of a Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I found an amazing new way to use my iPhone 15 Pro Max

I recently found a new way to use my iPhone 15 Pro Max. It's not a feature I went into 2024 expecting to fall in love with, but that's exactly what's happened.
Someone holding the Rabbit R1.

The Rabbit R1 is one of the worst gadgets I’ve ever reviewed

The Rabbit R1 was supposed to be an AI smartphone companion that would make your life simpler. As it turns out, it does the exact opposite.
Someone holding the Honor Magic 6 RSR outside.

The Honor Magic 6 RSR is my new favorite Android phone of 2024

There are endless choices for a good Android phone in 2024. But as of right now, the Honor Magic 6 RSR is my new go-to. Here's why.
Someone holding the Rabbit R1 with its screen turned on.

I spent four days with the AI gadget of the future, and it was a mess

The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that can help you get things done quicker than you're able to with your phone. At least, that's what it's supposed to do.
A black OnePlus 12R laying face down on a table.

I reviewed OnePlus’ $500 Android phone, and it’s spectacular

The OnePlus 12R is a new Android phone from OnePlus. It has a fast processor, an incredible display, and it only costs $500. This is a special one.
Google Pixel Tablet on its charging dock.

A new Google Pixel Tablet is coming, but it’s not what you think

A new rumor claims that Google is prepping a new Pixel Tablet for release next month. However, it's not exactly the sequel you may be expecting.
Someone holding an iPhone with the Apple Fitness app open, showing the Custom Plans feature.

This one Apple Fitness feature completely changed how I exercise

Sticking with a regular workout routine can feel impossible at times. But that changed after I found this one Apple Fitness feature.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

The first Google Pixel 9 Pro hands-on photos are here

The Google Pixel 9 Pro isn't expected to launch for a few months, but that hasn't stopped hands-on photos of the phone from already leaking.
A render of the Samsung Galaxy A35.

Samsung just launched a $400 phone in the U.S., and it looks great

In the market for a new Android phone that won't break the bank? Samsung just launched the Galaxy A35 in the U.S., and at $400, it looks like quite the bargain.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8, showing the screen.

Why you need to be excited about the Google Pixel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a is one of the new Pixel phones we expect to see in 2024. However, it could very well be the best one Google releases this year.
Renders of the Motorola Edge 50 Pro and Edge 50 Ultra smartphones.

Motorola just announced three new phones, and I need them right now

The Motorola Edge 50 series of smartphones is official, and they look pretty darn impressive. Here's a look at the latest Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 rivals.
Google Pixel Tablet on its charging dock.

Google Pixel Tablet review: the worst Pixel I’ve ever used

The Google Pixel Tablet is Google's first tablet since 2018. It has a unique design and costs $500 — but is it actually worth your money? Here's our review.
Google Pixel 7a in Snow leaning on lamp post.

Here’s every color that will be available for the Google Pixel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a has leaked again, this time revealing all four of the phone's colors. And they're ... interesting, to say the least.