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The Apple Watch Series 9 showing apps on the screen.

The Apple Watch ban is over … kind of

Late last week, a sales ban forced Apple to stop selling its two latest Apple Watches. Now, that ban has been lifted ... for a little while.
The Google Pixel Tablet sitting outside with its screen on.

The Pixel Tablet is still Google’s biggest mistake of 2023

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Google Pixel Tablet and said it was the worst Pixel I'd ever used. Does that still hold true in December 2023?
Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

Google is paying a $700 million fine, and you’re getting some of it

Google has officially agreed to pay $700 million as part of a major antitrust ruling. But what does that mean for you?
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 9.

You’re running out of time to buy a new Apple Watch. Here’s why

Looking to buy an Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2? You soon won't be able to as Apple is halting sales this week. Here's what's going on.
Snapchat Recap 2023 running on iPhones.

Snapchat Recap 2023: how to find your year in review

2023 is nearing an end, which means it's time for Snapchat Recap! Here's how to find your 2023 year in review for Snapchat right now.
Oura Ring Horizon sitting upright on a wood railing.

I thought the Oura Ring would be the perfect fitness tracker. I was wrong

The Oura Ring is one of best fitness trackers available in 2023. I finally tried one for myself ... and it didn't go as planned. Here's what happened.
The Nothing Phone 2 and Nothing Phone 1's Glyph lights.

We may see the Nothing Phone 3 in just a couple of months

Are you ready for the Nothing Phone 3? You better be, because we may learn more about the upcoming smartphone very soon.
Someone wearing the Google Pixel Watch 2 with a yellow/green fabric band.

Check your Google Pixel Watch now for a big software update

Have a Google Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2? Good news! A big software updating is rolling out now, and it has some interesting new features.
The Motorola Razr Plus, half folded with its cover screen on.

Motorola Razr Plus review: the folding phone I’ve been waiting for

The Motorola Razr Plus is Motorola's latest flip phone foldable — and its sights are set on the Galaxy Z Flip. But is it any good? Find out in our review.
Someone holding the blue Pixel 8 Pro outdoors.

Google Pixel devices could do something incredible in 2024

2023 was a big year for Google Pixel devices. How can Google make sure that 2024 is even better? I have a few ideas.
The Google Pixel Tablet was the most innovative tablet of 2023.

The most innovative tablets of 2023

2023 was a surprisingly strong year for tablets — including many innovative ones! Here are our picks for the most innovative tablets of the year.
A top view of someone wearing the Google Pixel Watch 2.

I was completely wrong about the Google Pixel Watch 2

I really didn't like the first Google Pixel Watch, so I was dreading using the Pixel Watch 2. But after a few weeks of use, I'm happy to admit I was dead wrong.
Duolingo 2023 Year in Review running on an iPhone.

Duolingo Year in Review 2023: how to find yours right now

Duolingo's 2023 Year in Review has landed! Want to find your very own Duolingo recap for 2023? Here's everything you need to know.
Google Chat app on the Play Store.

Google just redesigned one of its biggest apps, and it’s bad

Google Chat just received a major update, including a new way to navigate the app. And it's ... something else.
Anker 747 charger on a table.

The best charger I’ve ever used has a huge Black Friday discount

Anker's 150W charger is one of the best I've ever used — and it just got a big discount for Black Friday 2023.
The Nothing Chats splash page in the app.

Nothing’s iMessage for Android app is unbelievably bad

Earlier this week, Nothing Chats launched as a new app to get iMessage on an Android phone. As it turns out, it's a bit of a hot mess.
iMessage on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, plus iMessage on an Android phone using the Beeper app.

It’s finally happening — your iPhone is getting RCS in 2024

Folks, it's actually happening. Starting in 2024, your iPhone will finally get RCS support to make texting with Android phones better than ever.
A blue Google Pixel 8 Pro, laying face-down next to a small pumpkin and squash.

I’ve had the Google Pixel 8 Pro for a month. Here’s why I’m keeping it

I've had the Google Pixel 8 Pro for over a month. Is it still one of the year's best Android phones? Have software bugs ruined it? Here's what I've learned.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 showing off its new cover screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review: the foldable to buy in 2023

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a large cover screen, a new hinge, and finally folds flat when you close it. But is it worth $1,000? We found out in our review.
Someone wearing a Fitbit Charge 6 with a coral band.

Fitbit’s $160 fitness tracker is way better than I expected

How good can a $160 fitness tracker be? That's how much Fitbit is asking for the new Fitbit Charge 6. And you know what? It's shockingly great.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE laying face-down on a table.

Samsung just did something strange to its newest Android phone

Samsung just launched the Galaxy S23 FE. It's a new Android phone that was supposed to cost $600, but it now has a new, more expensive price.
The Google Photos app running on a Google Pixel 8 Pro.

I just spent $100 on Google Photos for a ridiculous reason

Google Photos is one of the best cloud photo libraries around — and I just spent $100 on it for a very silly reason.
Someone holding the Motorola Edge (2023) next to the Google Pixel 8.

Motorola’s latest Android phone is (almost) a Google Pixel 8 killer

The Google Pixel 8 just got a new competitor in the form of the Motorola Edge (2023). But is it any good? I used it to find out.
The Duolingo app icon with a new melting design.

Why is your Duolingo app melting? Here’s why it looks weird

Does your Duolingo app look weird this morning? More specifically, does it look like Duo is melting? You're not alone! Here's what's going on.
Someone wearing an Apple Watch Ultra 2, showing the Modular Ultra watch face.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 review: why I think you’ll love it

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 isn't all that different from the first Apple Watch Ultra. But it's still a phenomenal smartwatch. We explain why in our full review.
iPhone 15 Pro Max lying on the ground surrounded by leaves.

iPhone 15 Pro Max review: yes, it really is worth $1,200

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is an expensive phone, starting at $1,199. But it's also one of the very best you can buy. Find our why in our full review.
Someone holding the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I’ve had the iPhone 15 Pro Max for 48 hours. Here are 3 things you need to know

I've been using the iPhone 15 Pro Max for 48 hours. I really like it, and there are a few things you need to know about it.
Someone holding a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max, showing the back of the phone.

Why I went back to the iPhone 14 Pro Max (and why I still love it)

Earlier this year, I stopped using the iPhone 14 Pro Max because of its size and weight. But I recently went back to it, and something interesting happened.
Event invite for Google's Made by Google event happening in October 2023.

Google just dropped the date for its Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 announcement

Just one day after Apple announced its iPhone 15 event, Google has sent out invites for its Pixel 8 event. Here's what we know.
Invite for Apple's September 2023 event.

It’s official — Apple will announce the iPhone 15 on September 12

It's almost time to stop speculating. Apple has just confirmed that its next big event — where we expect to see the iPhone 15 — will be on September 12.
Overhead view of an Apple Watch Ultra resting on a wooden patio.

I ditched my Apple Watch 6 months ago. Here’s why I’m going back

Earlier this year, I decided to leave my Apple Watch behind for a different smartwatch. Nearly six months later, I'm going back to it. Here's why.
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 with its cover screen on.

I thought I’d hate the Galaxy Z Flip 5 — until I changed one thing

I've been using the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for a few weeks now, and I really, really love it. But it didn't start out that way.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra sitting on a chair outside, with its screen on.

Samsung’s $1,200 Android tablet is amazing, but you shouldn’t buy it

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is a $1,200 Android tablet with some of the best specs you'll find. But should you buy it? We find out in our review.
Someone wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review: Android smartwatch perfection

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is is a seemingly small upgrade over its predecessor, but with upgrades in key areas, it's an unmistakably great buy.