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OnePlus Open in Emerald Dusk in hand.

OnePlus Open review: an excellent foldable, with a catch

The foldable market is growing, this time with OnePlus joining the fray. How does the OnePlus Open fare? Let's find out.
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 9, showing the Snoopy watch face

Apple Watch Series 9 review: why you should buy it right now

The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro's screen.

The TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro is a great new smartwatch (with a catch)

A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A35, showing the back of the phone.

I reviewed Samsung’s $400 budget phone, and I’m impressed

Someone holding the Rabbit R1.

The Rabbit R1 is one of the worst gadgets I’ve ever reviewed

A black OnePlus 12R laying face down on a table.

I reviewed OnePlus’ $500 Android phone, and it’s spectacular

A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A55.

I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy A55. It didn’t go as expected

The Anker Soundcore Sleep A20 next to a sleep mask.

I reviewed a pair of tiny earbuds that helped me sleep better

OnePlus 12 Flowy Emerald held in hand.

OnePlus 12 review: the new Android phone to beat in 2024

Google Pixel Tablet on its charging dock.

Google Pixel Tablet review: the worst Pixel I’ve ever used

A person taking a photo with the Google Pixel 8.

Google Pixel 8 review: better than the Pixel 8 Pro?

Blue Titanium (left) and Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pros on a green park bench.

iPhone 15 Pro review: smaller, but still mighty

A person wearing the Withings ScanWatch 2.

I reviewed the Withings ScanWatch 2. It isn’t like other smartwatches

The Withings ScanWatch 2 hybrid smartwatch has the right look, but does it have the tech covered too? We find out in our review.
A person taking the Xiaomi 14 Ultra out of a pocket.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has the best smartphone camera I’ve ever used

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has one of the very best cameras I've ever used, but does the rest of the phone stack up to it? We find out in our review.
Moto G 5G (2024) in Sage Green.

This $200 Android phone looks like a good deal, but it’s not

At just $200, the Moto G 5G (2024) is one of the cheapest new smartphones available today. But is it one you should spend your money on? I used it to find out.
The Moto G Power 5G (2024) lying on a rock outside.

How good is Motorola’s $300 Android phone? I used it for a week to find out

On paper, the Moto G Power 5G (2024) looks like a killer $300 smartphone. I lived with it for a week to see if that's true.
The Garmin Forerunner 165 Music sat in an open gym bag.

I reviewed Garmin’s newest fitness watch. Here’s why it’s a must-buy

The Garmin Forerunner 165 is a new, reasonably priced entry in Garmin's roster of fitness watches. But is it worth its price tag compared to other options?
A person wearing the Circular Ring Slim.

I’ve reviewed smart rings for years. This is the worst one I’ve ever used

The Circular Ring Slim is another smart ring challenger, but is it worth wearing instead of the Oura Ring, which is currently the best you can get?
The back of the Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra.

I reviewed an Android phone that simply doesn’t make any sense

The Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra is a decent smartphone, but answering the question of whether you should buy it isn't straightforward, as our review explains.
Movano Evie Ring in gold worn on index finger.

I reviewed a smart ring designed just for women. Should you buy it?

The Movano Evie Ring is a smart ring that is designed specifically for women. But is it actually worth buying? I reviewed it to find out.
A KardioMobile 6L device next to its box.

I tried a $130 health gadget that beats the Apple Watch in a big way

Most modern smartwatches offer quick and easy ECG readings. However, this $130 health gadget knocks them out of the park.
A person wearing a Shure MoveMic microphone.

I reviewed a tiny gadget that could help launch your YouTube career

Eager to get started on YouTube? Shure has launched the MoveMic wireless microphone system for smartphones, which could be what you need. We've reviewed it.
The back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: the best Ultra ever, and a must buy

Samsung may not have changed the look of the Galaxy S24 Ultra much, but everything else has been given a massive upgrade. Prepare for a very positive review.
A person holding the Nothing Phone 2a, showing the Glyph Lights.

The Nothing Phone 2a is the best cheap phone I’ve reviewed in ages

The Nothing Phone 2a's design and price will grab your attention, but will the phone hold it if you buy one? We've found out in our in-depth review.
The OnePlus Watch 2 sitting on a chest.

I reviewed the OnePlus Watch 2. Is it the new smartwatch to beat?

The OnePlus Watch 2 is the second smartwatch from OnePlus, and it's a big improvement over the first model. But is it actually worth buying this time?
Someone holding the Google Pixel 8 Pro in front of a colorful background.

Google Pixel 8 Pro review: the best Pixel I’ve ever used

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is an important phone for Google. It has upgraded specs, a refined design, and a higher price. And it's worth every single penny.
A person wearing the Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.

I tested G-Shock’s new Apple Watch Ultra killer — and it’s great

The new G-Shock Rangeman takes on smartwatches like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 by excelling at being a smartwatch you don't always have to wear. Let me explain.
Someone holding the violet/purple Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus. Here’s why it’s one of 2024’s best phones

Next to its S24 and S24 Ultra siblings, the Galaxy S24 Plus may look like the awkward middle child. But it's not. It's actually pretty incredible.
A person wearing the RingConn Smart Ring.

Is this cheaper Oura Ring alternative any good? I reviewed it to find out

Want to make sure you aren't conned by the RingConn Smart Ring? Our in-depth review tells you all there is to know about the Oura Ring alternative.
Samsung Galaxy S24 in Marble Gray held in hand.

Samsung Galaxy S24 review: a smart little upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the smallest of the new S24 lineup. But there's a lot to like about the most compact Galaxy S24 model. Here's our full review.
The back of the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro.

I reviewed a new Android phone that could kill the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Is the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro the best phone you can buy if you want to play games? Yes, but there's a lot more to it than that.
TCL NXTPAPER 11 display angled view.

This Android tablet has a wild display. But is it worth $230?

TCL's NxtPaper 11 is a budget tablet with a premium feel and a unique display. Is it worth checking out? We find out.
Withings ScanWatch Light being worn on wrist with display off.

Hate smartwatches? You might love this $250 hybrid watch

Don't like how most smartwatches look? The Withings ScanWatch Light is a smartwatch for those who don't like smartwatches.
Man wearing a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: buy with your heart, not your head

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is big, powerful, and has a long-lasting battery. But is it worth the steep price tag? We find out in our review.

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