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The Spotify Android app just got an odd design change

A closeup view of the Spotify app icon
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There’s a good chance you use Spotify for your music streaming and podcast listening. There’s also a good chance you use the Spotify app on your Android phone. If so, you’ll soon notice that the app looks a bit different than usual.

How so? The app icon no longer has its distinctive black background. Gasp.

Previously, the Spotify app icon had the green Spotify logo surrounded by a black background. Now, the new app icon (spotted by Will Sattelberg of Android Police) is just the green Spotify logo — no black background to speak of.

While not a massive deal by any means, it certainly is an odd change. The black background is distinct and familiar, and helped the app stand out a bit more. The new background-less version certainly doesn’t look bad, but there is a “cheap” feeling to it. When I first saw it, I immediately thought it looked like a Spotify logo I’d find in a third-party icon pack. It’s not bad, per se — just slightly off.

A comparison of the different Spotify app icons.
Old Spotify app icon (left) and new Spotify app icon Digital Trends

On a slightly more serious note, it looks like this new app design is actually causing some potential issues. As reported by one user on the r/spotify subreddit, the new icon makes it look particularly out of place and awkward if you’re using Android’s themed icons feature.

The new Spotify app icon appears to have rolled out with app version It also only appears to be live on Android right now and does not currently apply to the iOS app icon.

In short, it’s a big day for Spotify! Now, how’s Spotify Hi-Fi coming along?

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