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Lectric XPeak right rear three-quarter view parked on forest path

Lectric XPeak e-bike review: setting a new standard for adventure bikes

As with Lectric's XP 3.0 folding e-bike, the XPeak's quality at a low cost will prompt competitors to slash prices.
Async A1 Pro right rear three-quarter view parked on bare with grass and road in the background.

Async A1 Pro ebike review: unique looks, comfy ride

The Async A1 Pro combines a powerful motor with massive battery capacity for a speedy, long-range e-bike.
HeyBike Mars 2.0 right side view with trees in the background.

Heybike Mars 2.0 review: Plenty of power in a folding e-bike

If a folding e-bike makes sense for you, the Heybike Mars 2.0 has a lot going for it in addition to its admittedly good looks.
Ride1Up Revv1 direct left side view in front of a rail fence.

You can get motorcycle thrills from an e-bike, and this is the one to buy

With its sturdy frame, supportive seat, full suspension, and moped street tires, the Revv1 feels like a motorcycle.
Engwe M20 e-bike front left side three-quarter view.

Engwe M20 e-bike review: moped looks, cruiser comfort

The sharp-looking Engwe M20 cruiser-style e-bike includes dual batteries and dual suspension at an attractively low price.
NIU BQi-C3 Pro left side with a soccer practice field in the background.

A deep-V frame makes NIU’s first e-bike as easy on the eyes as it is to ride

The NIU BQi C3-Pro e-bike surprises and pleases with its focus on easy operation
The Juiced Bikes Scorpion X2 has adjustable front and rear suspensions plus a plus, comfy seat.

Part e-bike, part moped, the Scorpion X2 is a comfy electric cruiser

The latest upright riding moped-style Juiced Bikes Scorpion X2 e-bike once again sets the bar for versatile, easy-riding personal transportation.
The Lectric XP 3.0 left side on a brick sidewalk with a sloping front yard and driveway in the background.

No other e-bike can match the value of the $1,000 Lectric XP 3.0

If you want the best quality e-bike at the lowest price possible, don't skip the Lectric XP 3.0.
The Priority E-Coast is a pleasant to ride in parks as well streets.

This stunning e-bike is a quiet beauty built to last

The Priority Bicycles E-Coast e-bike cruiser backs up its good looks with low-maintenance components to take you where you want to go smoothly and quietly.
When it's folded the GoCycle G4 e-bike can rest on the center stand - the pedals also fold in.

With an e-bike that folds this small, your ride can go wherever you do

The GoCycle G4 is an ideal folding urban e-bike because it's tough, light enough to carry, easy to collapse and re-open, and requires minimal storage space.
Himiway Cruiser from the left side at a train station.

Go anywhere with no fuss on the all-purpose Himiway Cruiser

The Himiway Cruiser fat tire e-bike includes all the must-have features for anyone looking for a comfortable, versatile machine at a budget-friendly price.
Velotric T1 parked in front of a Federal style New England town hall

That’s an e-bike? Velotric’s stealthy T1 is a city bike for skeptics

The Velotric T1 smart urban e-bike defines a new paradigm as an unobtrusive transportation alternative that's easy to ride with or without power assistance.
The Aventon Soltera.2 right profile against a concrete brick wall.

See and be seen aboard Aventon’s city-friendly Soltera.2 e-bike

The upgraded Aventon Soltera.2 urban e-bike gains more-responsive pedal power to match rider force, greater range per charge, and bright flashing turn signals.
engwe x24 e bike review full on left side shot against cornfield background

Engwe X24 review: Fat tires, fat value

The X24 is a confidence-inspiring, powerful, and versatile e-bike that you can feel competent riding on paved streets, dirt paths, forest trails, and off-road.
Ariel Rider Grizzly with a river in the background.

With 2 motors and 2 batteries, the Ariel Grizzly e-bike doubles down on speed

The Ariel Rider Grizzly X-Class 52V moped-style e-bike offers long, fast rides thanks to its dual batteries, front and rear wheel motors, and full suspension.
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus parked in front of an animal barn in a park.

Slow and steady wins the race for Rad Power’s do-it-all RadRunner 3 Plus

Rad Power Bikes' RadRunner 3 Plus balances comfort, safety, and versatility better than any other utility e-bike, with no pretenses of passing for a motorcycle.
Super73-S Adventure parked by railroad tracks.

Go fast. Go anywhere. The Super73-S Adventure Series e-bike is built for fun

If your ideal e-bike must be adept on and off road, the Super73-S Adventure Series review finds it will keep you smiling riding on streets, trails, and beaches.
ENGWE EP-2 Pro e-bike right side shot next to an unmowed field.

Engwe EP-2 Pro folding mountain e-bike review: go anywhere, stow anywhere

I thought fat tires were for beach cruising only, but I was wrong, You can ride the Engwe Ep2-Pro fat tire folding e-bike on almost any road, trail, or surface.
Unagi Model One E500

Unagi Model One E500 Dual Motor e-scooter review: Urban luxury

You don't need to spend this much on an e-scooter, but if you buy an Unagi Model One, you'll be glad you did.
Juiced Bikes Scorpion

2020 Juiced Bikes Scorpion review: The Cadillac of e-mopeds

Add mirrors and panniers and the versatile, smooth-riding Juiced Bikes Scorpion is ready to be your primary around-town transportation.
canyon grail on review 3

Canyon Grail:ON review: Rule roads and turn heads

The Grail:ON is a great gravel bike with an e-bike motor. It isn't for the faint of heart, but its top-tier tech and insane range are worth attention.
vanmoof s3 review rear profile 1

Vanmoof S3 review: Affordable electric style

Want a stylish electric bike without a crazy price? At $2,000, the Vanmoof S3 will fill your needs. It packs in the features while undercutting the competition.
2020 Zero Motorcycles Zero S

2020 Zero Motorcycles Zero S review: A naked electric bike

The 2020 Zero S is a mature e-motorcycle that answers the questions of e-vehicle range and price. Our Zero S review take a look from a new rider's perspective.
RadRover Step-Thru, white, with accessories

Rad Power Bikes RadRover Step-Thru review: Carry all the things

The RadRover Step-Thru lives up to the RadRover's reputation as a solidly constructed all-purpose electric bike. It never faltered, shook, or disappointed.
2020 rad power bikes radrunner build it your way 2  1

2020 Rad Power Bikes RadRunner: Build it your way

Rad Power Bikes' retro moped-style RadRunner exemplifies the company's vision for e-bikes more than any previous models. When Rad designed the RadRunner, every decision, including features to add and those to leave out, was based on two principles: value and utility.
gazelle ultimate t10 electric bike review 5

Gazelle Ultimate T10 review: The best commuter ebike

Gazelle's Ultimate T10 is a practical commuting bike, yet it ups the ante with excellent design that races ahead of its boring competitors. Read our Gazelle Ultimate T10 electric bike review to decide if this is the commuter ebike for you.
haibike sduro fullseven 7 review mwn fullseven7 0 1

Haibike Sduro FullSeven 7.0 Review: More than its parts

The Haibike Sduro FullSeven 7.0 is a bike with a long name, an eye-catching look, and a collection of mediocre components that somehow are more than their sum. Here's our Haibike Sduro Fullseven 7.0 review.
2019 juiced bikes cityscrambler review 2  1

2019 Juiced Bikes CityScrambler review: Fast fat tire fun

Urban commuter e-bikes, e-mountain bikes, performance track bikes, cargo bikes, and folding e-bikes - we've tested them all. Now it's time for a fun e-bike. Enter Juiced Bikes' CityScrambler. Our review puts this fun fat tire bike to the ultimate test.

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