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Matthew S. Smith

Matthew S. Smith

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Matthew S. Smith is the former Lead Editor, Reviews at Digital Trends. He previously guided the Products Team, which dives deep into evaluating laptops, smartphones, televisions, headphones, and much more. In addition to more than 10 years of experience in tech journalism, Matt has appeared in hundreds of videos (both live and recorded) and has interviewed executives from numerous companies including AMD, IBM, and Intel.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

The best wireless keyboards for 2022

The best wireless keyboards have long battery lives and are comfortable. We have you covered with our favorite wireless keyboards and their best features.
LG 32UD99-W review full

What PC hardware do you need for 4K games and movies?

4K games look great, but what exactly is necessary to power 4K games? We break down all of the hardware you need to play games and watch movies at 4K.

Do you need a high-refresh gaming monitor?

Do you really need a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate? It can do a lot for gamers, but others might not notice much of a difference.
ThunderBolt port pc connection

PC ports explained: Get to know the back of your computer

Whether you're using a desktop or laptop, here's everything you need to know about the ports on your PC, including USB, HDMI, Thunderbolt, and more.
dell xps 13 9300 2020 features price photos release date 01

Dell XPS 13 vs. MacBook Pro 13

Dell overhauled the XPS 13 laptop with a new display, 10th-gen Intel CPUs, and more. Will that give it an edge over Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro? We find out.
google stadia review rs 4

Google Stadia vs. Shadow

Google Stadia and Shadow are two very different game-streaming services. Here, we've outlined the key differences between the two to help you make a decision.

Turbocharge your laptop by installing an SSD yourself

Upgrading your laptop to a solid-state drive is a great way to improve performance. All you need is a screwdriver and a new SSD, along with a little spare time.

Intel’s LGA CPU sockets explained

When building or upgrading your computer, knowing what CPU socket you have is very important. Here's everything you need to know about Intel's LGA CPU sockets.
Quiet Computer how to computer fans

How to make your PC quieter

Is your computer's fan noise driving you mad? Does your graphics card bellow like an ogre? We get it. Here's how to make your PC quieter.
MacOs Big Sur

MacOS Big Sur will be coming to a Mac near you on November 12

Apple has announced the release of MacOS Big Sur, which brings a new coat of paint and upgrades to the Messages and Photos apps. You can download it now.
intels iris xe max is a new discrete gpu for midrange laptops intel featured

Intel’s Iris Xe Max is a new discrete GPU for midrange laptops

Intel's Iris Xe Max is the company's latest step toward competing with AMD and Nvidia in PC graphics. It adds 4GB of graphics memory with 68GB/s of bandwidth.
bose quietcomfort 35 ii gaming review boseqc35iigaming1

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming review: Lost in translation

Bose attempts to convert its popular QuietComfort 35 II into a gaming headset, but not everything goes to plan. Read our full review to find our why.
garmin instinct esports edition news price availability hptos garmininstinctesportsfeature

Garmin’s Instinct Esports Edition can livestream your pulse

Garmin's new Instinct Esports Edition uses unique software to make biometric data, including heart rate and stress levels, visible in livestreams.
acer predator nitro monitor announcement october 2020 xv2 series xv272 dt 1

Acer’s overclocked gaming monitors will up your kill-death ratio this winter

Acer's new lineup of gaming monitors is all-in on high refresh, turning toward overclocking to bump up the refresh rate specifications as high as possible.
Fall Guys Key Art

DT Debates: Does Fall Guys’ second season go far enough?

Fall Guys' second season, the first seasonal update since the game launched, has hit. Does it go far enough to keep the game fresh, or is it a tepid addition?
amd radeon rx 6000 tease wont beat nvidia rtx 3080

AMD’s RX 6000 tease shows it won’t beat Nvidia’s RTX 3080, but could come close

AMD teased the Radeon RX 6000 series at its Zen 3 event. The tease shows AMD's Radeon RX 6000 series won't beat Nvidia's best, but it could come close.
PS5 and DualSense art.

The PS5 is basically a custom gaming PC, and that’s good news for fans

An official teardown of the PlayStation 5 revealed internal design that's not dissimilar from a typical PC. The PS5 should be easy to repair and customize.
Nvidia CEO holding RTX 3090.

Nvidia CEO apologizes for RTX 3000-series card shortages at fall GTC 2020 keynote

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang again apologized for the shortage of Ampere-based RTX 3000 series cards at GTC 2020, but didn't offer a timeline for new stock.
vanmoof s3 review rear profile 1

Vanmoof S3 review: Affordable electric style

Want a stylish electric bike without a crazy price? At $2,000, the Vanmoof S3 will fill your needs. It packs in the features while undercutting the competition.
Halo: Infinite

Halo: Infinite isn’t a stunner, but it’s exactly what the Xbox Series X needs

The gameplay reveal of Halo: Infinite isn't a stunner, but its old-school gameplay is sure to lure in Halo purists and shooter fans craving a 4K/60 fps game.
Phil Spencer on stage

Microsoft just low-key announced the first true ‘Netflix for games’

Some cloud gaming services have been hyped as Netflix for games but failed to deliver. Microsoft is different, and will bundle xCloud with Game Pass Ultimate.
Google Stadia controller.

Indie game devs are taking a gamble on Google’s Stadia, and it’s paying off

Google's Stadia cloud gaming service had a bumpy launch, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of indie developers porting indie games to the platform.
Woman holds the new iphone in landscape mode and subscribes to apple arcade with pink background

Apple Arcade teeters on irrelevance as it desperately seeks ‘engagement’

Apple seeks to up Arcade's engagement, but its search for revenue might force the subscription to abandon its mission.

Death Stranding’s PC port is great. That’s good news for Horizon Zero Dawn fans

The PC port of Death Stranding won’t leave you disappointed. It offers smooth gameplay even on modest hardware, and Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 gives a performance boost.
Acer Predator Triton 500

Acer Predator Triton 500 review: The value king

Acer's Predator Triton 500 isn't inexpensive, but it has great hardware for the price. That makes the Triton 500 a superb value for a high-end gaming laptop.

Brace yourself. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is going to be expensive

How much will Sony's PlayStation 5 cost? Pricing still remains unknown, but our estimate suggests the price will be higher than PlayStation fans expect to pay.

Laptop displays: Everything you need to know

Contrast. Resolution. Black level. Gamut. These words can seem like arcane scrawl, but they’re actually not difficult to grasp. Here’s our guide to the terms.
Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch review: The default choice

The iPad is now a laptop -- sorta, kinda, with the right keyboard case. Logitech's Combo Touch might be a third-party accessory, but it beats Apple's options.
what will next gen console games look like playstation 5 xbox series x nextgenconsolegraphicsfeature

What will PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games look like at launch?

The next-gen consoles, Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X, double their predecessors speed. What does that mean for next-gen game graphics?
A character standing in the Unreal Engine 5 demo.

The Unreal Engine 5 demo is gorgeous, but you won’t care as much as you think

Epic's spectacular Unreal Engine 5 demo is a great piece of hype, but it sets unrealistic expectations. Gameplay, not graphics, is the reason most gamers play.
best cheap xbox one games 2017 s review 9

Xbox One S Review: Affordable 4K Entertainment

Microsoft started off on the wrong foot this generation, but it isn’t giving up with the smaller, sleeker Xbox One S. But should you wait for the Xbox Series X?
Moto Edge Plus

Moto Edge Plus review: Overshadowed by giants

Motorola has a new flagship phone, but does Android really need another top-tier option? The Moto Edge Plus struggles to answer that question despite its perks.
iPhone SE 2020 Product Red

iPhone SE review: Everything you need at lightning speed

Apple's iPhone SE (2020) isn't the best iPhone, but it's enough for most people. Our in-depth review examines performance, camera quality, design, and more.
moto edge plus feature

Motorola’s flagship Moto Edge+ packs 6.7-inch curved OLED, 108MP camera

After skipping the flagship market in 2019, Motorola is back in 2020 with the Moto Edge+. It has a large OLED screen, 5G support, and a 108MP main camera.