Matthew S. Smith

Matthew S. Smith

Matthew S. Smith is a Senior Editor at Digital Trends. He's responsible for overseeing the Computing, Gaming, and Emerging Tech sections, each of which is lead by an Associate Editor or Section Editor. In addition to more than 10 years of experience in tech journalism, Matt has appeared in hundreds of videos (both live and recorded) and has interviewed executives from numerous companies including AMD, IBM, and Intel.

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The best wireless keyboards for 2020

Want to do more with your tablet than surf the web and watch videos? You'll need a Bluetooth keyboard. These are the best wireless keyboards you can buy, whatever your preference.
Emerging Tech

Bosch Kiox and SmartphoneHub hands-on: The sleek displays e-bikes deserve

I cycled 13 miles through Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas to check out a pair of onboard cycling computers from Bosch. I came away convinced these are the displays modern e-bikes deserve.

Pimax 8K X hands-on review: Long-awaited 8K VR headset is here, and it’s awesome

The Pimax 8K X VR headset is the end of a long journey for Pimax, which launched a Kickstarter to fund the headset back in 2017. Our Pimax 8K X hands-on finds it was worth the wait.

So actually, PC gamers should just buy TVs now

CES 2020 brought a pair of 48-inch OLED displays, one of which even has G-Sync support. These televisions easily beat the image quality of the best gaming monitors.

Intel’s latest NUC is an ambitious attempt to make PC upgrades modular

Intel's NUC 9 Extreme Kit and NUC Compute Element are the company's most ambitious yet. It offers up to 9th-gen Intel Core processors and embraces modular design that could change how PCs are built.

Sony’s PS5 logo is exactly like all the other PlayStations

At CES 2020, Sony gave a first look at the PlayStation 5 game console's logo. There's no surprises here. The PS5 logo follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with a familiar font and style.