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crash team rumble preview gdc  2

Crash Team Rumble isn’t what you’re expecting, and that makes it a total blast

After playing a few rounds of Crash Team Rumble at GDC, we’re absolutely sold on this surprising Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game.
Key art for Storyteller shows a book full of characters.

This charming indie turns storytelling into a clever puzzle game

Diablo IV characters stand in a cathedral.

Diablo IV’s always-online play threatens an otherwise killer time

A screen capture from the Redfall gameplay reveal.

Redfall isn’t just a fun vampire shooter. It’s a takedown of the ultra-rich

steamworld build preview gdc

SteamWorld Build is a city-builder that goes four layers deep

Key art for Dr Fetus' Mean Meat Machine.

Super Meat Boy’s puzzle game spinoff already has me cursing its creators

Mina the Hollower stands in front of a castle in key art.

Mina the Hollower is a pixel-perfect homage to Zelda: Link’s Awakening

viewfinder preview gdc  1

This jaw-dropping puzzler just became my most anticipated game of 2023

free 3ds wii u eshop games nintendo and

Claim these free 3DS and Wii U games before the eShop closes

Saddler looms in front of amber in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Don’t start the Resident Evil 4 remake before playing these 5 games

Fortnite character grinding on rail.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 shows the secret to the shooter’s success

legend of zelda twilight princess nintendo wii grandma grandmother reddit 755 hours

You need to get this oddball Zelda game for free before the 3DS eShop closes

Two Atlas Fallen characters stand together in key art.

Atlas Fallen unexpectedly gives Forspoken some real competition

If you liked Forspoken's gameplay but couldn't deal with its writing, Atlas Fallen should be on your radar.
The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

5 features we’d need from a PS5 Pro to justify an upgrade

With rumors of a PS5 Pro model coming next year, these are the 5 upgrades we'd need to justify another huge purchase.
A zombie crawls toward a player on a boardwalk in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 takes aim at Los Angeles culture, the rich, and influencers

We went hands-on with Dead Island 2 and stumbled into an apocalyptic TikTok hype house.
Dani lights a cigarette as zombies attack her from behind in Dead Island 2 key art.

Dead Island 2’s Amazon Alexa voice commands are novel, but limited

Dead Island 2's Alexa Game Control implementation allows players to change weapons and set waypoints, but it's a little limited so far.
Pedro Pascal stands in front of Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.

Now that The Last of Us is over, you should watch these TV shows and movies

If you already miss HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us and are craving more zombie mayhem, these 5 TV shows and movies should satisfy your appetite.
ocarina of time speedrunners break game new ways respec featured

How Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedrunners break the N64 in incredible new ways

Ocarina of Time has had a long life after it released, with speedrunners breaking the game in incredible and exciting new ways.
Redfall Cover

It’s time for the age of always-online single-player games to end

Suicide Squad and Redfall will require a constant internet connection even while played solo, reopening a debate on internet inequity and preservation.
Characters in raid in Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2.0’s latest update doesn’t address many issues, but adds more bundles

Warzone 2.0’s latest update doesn’t address many issues, but adds more bundles

Warzone 2.0 Season 2 Reloaded is coming, and it seems to be bringing more purchasable bundles than gameplay improvements.
A laptop opened to the ChatGPT website.

ChatGPT ‘invented’ a game that already exists, then plagiarized itself

ChatGPT invented a hit puzzle game called Sumplete that could rival Wordle. There's just one problem: It already exists.
Metroid Samus Returns hands on review

The 2D Metroid saga quietly tells the best story in video game history

Now that every mainline 2D Metroid game is on available Nintendo Switch, you can experience one of the greatest video game stories of all time.
half life alyx vr details feature

I’m already pining for PlayStation VR2 to get Half-Life: Alyx

PlayStation VR2 could use a big hit like Half-Life: Alyx, and Valve does stand to gain something from porting it over too.
The heroes of Hi-Fi Rush stand together.

2023 is already an excellent year for rhythm games

From Hi-Fi Rush to Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, rhythm games are all the rage again in 2023.
wii u 3ds exclusive nintendo games eshop closure ever oasis

Grab these Nintendo 3DS games before the eShop closes

From WarioWare Gold to Ever Oasis, don't miss out on these 3DS games before the eShop shuts down in 2023.
A player stands up against a wall in a The Finals screenshot.

The Finals is the shake-up the competitive first-person shooter scene needs

The Finals' impressive destructibility makes each map stand out, creating a fresh alternative Call of Duty or Battlefield.
Death Attacks Dead Cells' hero in the Return to Castlevania DLC.

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is as much of a slam dunk as it sounds

Dead Cells' new Castlevania-themed DLC is one hell of an expansion for an already top-tier roguelite.
A Hogwarts Leagcy player uses dark magic.

When it comes to magic, Hogwarts Legacy could learn a spell from Forspoken

While Forspoken has its fair share of flaws, its excellent use of magic deserves some praise in the wake of Hogwarts Legacy.
A Nintendo Wii U gamepad flat on a table.

You need to buy the best Wii U game before the eShop closes down

With the Nintendo Wii U eShop shutting down on March 27, this may be your last chance ever to get one of the system's best games.
A family of Sims plays around and on a large treehouse that features a slide and lights hanging in a tree.

The Sims 4: Growing Together adds babies and bladder problems

The Sims 4's Growing Together brings players a brand new world, family-focused game play, and deeper social connections between Sims.

Download these rare Wii U games before they disappear

Make sure you play Devil's Third, Affordable Space Adventures, and three other games before you can't buy new games on the Wii U eShop.
A titan wielding a grenade launcher in Destiny 2..

Destiny 2: Lightfall fails to deliver its Avengers: Infinity War moment

Destiny 2: Lightfall sets up stakes worthy of a comparison to Infinity War, but it falls woefully short of them.
The Garrador stands tall in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

After seeing Resident Evil 4 remake in action, I’m eating my words

We saw 17 minutes of Resident Evil 4's upcoming remake in action and it's looking like the touch-up the original deserves.
A side view of the PlayStation VR2, which sits on a wood table.

PlayStation VR2 is my first headset. Here’s what I think after one week in VR

Thinking about grabbing a PlayStation VR2 but are new to the tech? A VR newbie shares his first week with Sony's headset.

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