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George Yang

George Yang

George Yang is a freelance games writer for Digital Trends. He has written for places such as IGN, GameSpot, The Washington Post, Kotaku, NPR, and more.

The cover for Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics.

Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is just the start for Capcom’s retro revivals

We spent an hour with Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics at Evo 2024 and chatted with producer Shuhei Matsumoto about Capcom's next move.
metroid prime 4 beyond 2025 reveal

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond’s stunning first trailer was worth the wait

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond has finally gotten a gameplay trailer revealing its villain and 2025 release window.
donkey kong country returns hd dk

Wii classic Donkey Kong Country Returns gets an HD remaster

An HD remaster of Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming, combining the original Wii and 3DS levels into one package.
The golden Erdtree in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree review: triumphant DLC feels like a sequel

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is packed with so much content that it makes returning to Elden Ring a worthwhile visit, even two years later.
SMT5 Vengeance cover art

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance review: One of the best RPGs just got even better

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance includes a reworked story, new gameplay mechanics, and more quality-of-life features that make the original game obsolete.
Shadow grinds away from an alien in Sonic X Shadow Generations.

Sonic X Shadow Generations’ new levels are surprisingly cinematic

Sonic X Shadow Generations adds a new standalone adventure for Shadow the Hedgehog and is a worthy successor to the black hedgehog's spinoff game from 2005.
Gears of War E-Day cityscape Sera

Gears of War: E-Day is a prequel, not Gears 6

Gears of War: E-Day is a prequel to the original Gears of War game, and is not a spinoff, but rather a new mainline entry.
Perfect Dark's protagonist, Joanna Dark.

Perfect Dark reboot finally gets a new trailer after years of silence

After years of silence, a new gameplay trailer has been revealed for the Perfect Dark reboot.
State of Decay 3 zombie.

State of Decay 3 reemerges with a new trailer, but no release date

Undead Labs revealed a new trailer for State of Decay 3, along with a logo rebrand to mark its first release as a Xbox first party studio.
Doom: The Dark Ages Doomslayer

Doom: The Dark Ages launches next year, and Xbox is bringing it to PS5

Microsoft has announced Doom: The Dark Ages, and it's going to be released next year. In a surprising move, Xbox is also putting the game on PlayStation.
Phantom Blade Zero protagonist Soul

You’ll be able to play Phantom Blade Zero multiple times this summer

Phantom Blade Zero got a new trailer showing off its tense gameplay. It will be playable at several upcoming game events this summer.
Street Fighter 6 gets Fatal Fury protagonist Terry Bogard.

Street Fighter 6 is getting a surprise crossover with another fighting classic

Street Fighter 6 has revealed the four new characters joining the roster for its second year, including two surprise crossovers.
Elden Ring gameplay

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is already wiping the floor with me

We spent three hours with Elden Ring's expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. It's just as difficult as you'd expect, with new bosses in a brand new region.
Astro Bot and its PlayStation character cameos, which include Aloy and Nathan Drake on the right.

Astro Bot is already looking like a PS5 classic in delightful first trailer

Sony announced that third entry in the Astro Bot platformer series, simply called Astro Bot, is coming to PS5 later this year.
Two characters face off in Concord.

Concord is coming this August, and it basically looks like Guardians of the Galaxy

We finally got a deeper look on PlayStation's new shooter Concord, which will land on both PS5 and PC this summer.
Nines Sols main character, Yi

You know cyberpunk. Now let Nine Sols introduce you to ‘Taopunk’

Nine Sols channels the gameplay of Sekiro, Hollow Knight, and Katana Zero to create an immersive new world with a unique Taopunk aesthetic.
Sea of Stars main cast

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes makes me appreciate Sea of Stars even more

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and Sea of Stars both look to replicate the feel of retro RPGs, but in notably different ways.
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes cover

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes review: promising retro RPG falls short

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has a fantastic political-driven story, but it's bogged down by quality of life issues and performance problems.
Stellar Blade STALKER fight.

Stellar Blade feels more like a Soulslike than a fast-paced action RPG

Based on our first two hours with it, Stellar Blade appears to be a promising action RPG with a surprising approach to combat.
Rise of the Ronin's cover art.

Rise of the Ronin review: PS5’s latest exclusive is a fun, flawed Soulslike

Rise of the Ronin mixes RPG open world elements with Soulslike combat mechanics to create engaging gameplay, but its story falls short of its potential.
Rise of the Ronin's character on a horse.

Rise of the Ronin is a grab bag of gaming’s greatest hits

Rise of the Ronin ties together several modern design inspirations, from Zelda to FromSoftware.
unicorn overlord review ps5 cover

Unicorn Overlord review: deep strategy RPG is a rousing victory

Unicorn Overlord boasts a gorgeous art style backed up with a deep tactics gameplay system, even if its story is lacking.
Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.

If Skull and Bones has you hungry for a better pirate game, try this one

If you're playing Skull and Bones, be sure to check out Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, as it could be your next exciting pirate adventure.
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden's Red and Antea embracing each other.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden review: solid action RPG dishes out some hard choices

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an exciting open-world action RPG that doesn't compromise on its storytelling with its compelling choice system.
Death Stranding 2's mysterious woman.

Death Stranding 2 gets a title, release window, and a bonkers new trailer

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach just got an absolutely wild new trailer full of guitar swords and sentient dummies.
Persona 3 Reload Cast

Persona 3 Reload review: an almost perfect remake of an all-time classic

Persona 3 Reload updates a classic RPG's gameplay and style to reflect modern entries like Persona 5, and does so with great results.
Hellblade 2

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 set to launch on May 21 for PC and Xbox

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will be the first big Xbox exclusive of the year when it launches in May.
Another Code: Recollection

Another Code: Recollection review: this remake leaves a lasting memory

Another Code: Recollection is a welcome remake of two cult classic narrative adventure games from the Nintendo DS and Wii days.
Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is rough around the edges, but shows potential

We went hands on with a one-hour demo of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to see if it lives up to the hype as a Suikoden spiritual successor.
A character holds a sword in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince review: a charming Pokémon alternative

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince delivers charming monsters, fun turn-based combat, and a whole lot of grinding.
Jin battles the Devil in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 brings back the lost spirit of ’90s arcade culture

We went hands-on with Tekken 8 and spent three hours checking out its story and new Arcade Quest mode.
Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is RPG multiplayer done right

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is releasing in 2024 after numerous delays, and we played four hours of the game, testing its single-player and multiplayer.
Hades game

Netflix subscribers are getting one of the decade’s best games

Netflix is adding a handful of new games, bringing several indie hits to subscribers at no extra charge soon.
Cars drive past each other in F-Zero 99.

F-Zero 99 revives Nintendo’s most neglected series as a free battle royale

F-Zero 99 reimagines the racing classic as a battle royale, and it's available today for Switch Online subscribers.