Mitchell Nicholson

Mitchell Nicholson

Mitchell comments on the current happenings in the motorcycle world. From the latest advances in wheelie control to noise cancelling helmets, Mitchell digs through all things moto-centric to stay up-to-date and close to the ever changing world of motorbikes.

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Ubco 2×2 review: Mountain goat

The Ubco 2x2 is a unique electric moped that has off-road suspension and a lightweight design. The result is a moped that can handle grocery trips or mountain trails with equal ease.
Emerging Tech

How Moots uses 3D printing to build titanium bikes that last a lifetime

Founded in 1981, Moots has made a name for itself building titanium bikes that last a lifetime. It now uses 3D printing in its design and production, pushing its exotic cycles further into the future.
Product Review

Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 2 27.5 Plus Review: Conquer tarmac and dirt with equal ease

The Bulls E-Stream Evo FS 2 27.5+ is saddled with a confusing name, but on the trail (or pavement) it translates to simple fun.

How the furious pace of innovation has sculpted the world’s fastest motorcycles

The technology that powers modern MotoGP race bikes isn't just inside of them -- it's everywhere. Literally every single part of the bike, from the brake pad coating to the shape of the gas tank, is painstakingly designed to make the rider…

We rode Yamaha’s beefy 3-wheeled motorcycle, and now two wheels isn’t enough

Somehow, Yamaha managed to build a 3-wheeled motorcycle (not a tricycle!) that rides and leans just like a traditional 2-wheeler -- but with the added benefit of more traction. We took one for a spin, and now we’re not sure if we can ever…

Shimano’s trail-ripping eMTB tech will make you ditch analog bikes altogether

Shimano makes some of the best electric bike tech in the world, and its new mountain bike components flex that technological muscle in a big way. We’re in love.