Mitchell Nicholson

Mitchell Nicholson

Mitchell comments on the current happenings in the motorcycle world. From the latest advances in wheelie control to noise cancelling helmets, Mitchell digs through all things moto-centric to stay up-to-date and close to the ever changing world of motorbikes.

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We rode Yamaha’s beefy 3-wheeled motorcycle, and now two wheels isn’t enough

Somehow, Yamaha managed to build a 3-wheeled motorcycle (not a tricycle!) that rides and leans just like a traditional 2-wheeler -- but with the added benefit of more traction. We took one for a spin, and now we’re not sure if we can ever…

Shimano’s trail-ripping eMTB tech will make you ditch analog bikes altogether

Shimano makes some of the best electric bike tech in the world, and its new mountain bike components flex that technological muscle in a big way. We’re in love.
Emerging Tech

Yamaha’s new app lets you tune your motorcycle with a smartphone

It used to be that if you wanted to tune your motorcycle’s engine and tweak its performance, you needed specialized tools and even more specialized knowledge. Yamaha’s new Power Tuner app changes that.
Emerging Tech

What does Argonaut’s $21,000 carbon bike look like? Whatever you want

There’s a small custom bike shop in Oregon that makes carbon fiber bicycles unlike anything else on the market. They cost up to $21,000 a pop. Here’s what makes them special.
Product Review

Riese & Muller’s Delite nuvinci goes the extra miles for a premium price

Stepping in to ease your range worries is Riese & Muller with its latest release, the Delite nuvinci. By doubling down on battery power to give riders the ultimate in electric range, it rises above its competition. But is it worth the…
Product Review

The Giant ToughRoad GX E+ is a hardcore gravel bike with an electric twist

Giant’s latest ebike, the ToughRoad GX E+, is a versatile gravel bike that pounds pavement and crushes loose rock with ease, all while giving the rider a workout. The $3,600 price tag is intimidating, but actually undercuts key…