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Original iPhone in sealed box

Want to own a piece of iPhone history? You just got a new chance

A sealed 4GB original iPhone is on auction and could fetch a significant sum, with a similar item selling for nearly $200,000 last year.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra next to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S21 Ultra: Do you need to upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is one of the best phones you can buy in 2024. But is it worth it if you already have the Galaxy S21 Ultra? Let's find out.
A KardioMobile 6L device next to its box.

I tried a $130 health gadget that beats the Apple Watch in a big way

Most modern smartwatches offer quick and easy ECG readings. However, this $130 health gadget knocks them out of the park.
The OnePlus 12R laying on a table.

The best OnePlus 12R cases in 2024: the 9 best ones we found

The OnePlus 12R is one of the best smartphone deals available in 2024. Keep it safe and protected with one of these cases!
A render of the Ringo smart ring.

Is this new smart ring the Oura Ring killer we’ve been waiting for?

Forget about the Oura Ring and Samsung's Galaxy Ring. A new smart ring is claimed to offer more health features than both of them at an even cheaper price.
The Continue Watching row on the Amazon Fire TV home screen.

How to add new a profile to Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV is even better when you setup profiles for adults and kids alike. Here are the steps involved to create Amazon Fire TV profiles.
A Panasonic OLED TV with the Amazon Fire TV interface.

How to add parental controls to Amazon Fire TV

Your Amazon Fire TV is a powerful entertainment device for everyone in the family. Here's how to add parental controls to protect your kids and your wallet.
Close-up of the cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

How to make a contact group on an iPhone to message multiple people

Making a contact group on your iPhone lets you quickly message multiple people. Here's how the unique feature works, along with tips on managing your group.
Renders of the ZTE Nubia Music.

This company just announced lots of new Android phones, and they look great

ZTE doesn't have a big presence in the U.S., but it just announced a bunch of new Android phones at MWC 2024 — and they look pretty good.
A rear view of the gray Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases in 2024: the 15 best ones

Are you the proud new owner of a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? If so, it's important to protect it with a case. Here are our favorite S24 Ultra cases on the market.
Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus cases in 2024: our 13 favorites

Did you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus? Then you'll need to buy it a case to protect your investment. Here are some of our favorite cases.
hidden iMessage features.

7 hidden iMessage features you need to be using

Over the years, Apple has introduced many new features to the Messages app — and some of them are easy to overlook. Here are 7 hidden features you need to use.
Apple Music Replay screenshots via Apple.

Apple Music just got a cool feature you won’t find on Spotify

You no longer need to wait until the end of the year to experience Apple Music Replay. The feature that tracks your listening habits is now offered monthly.
A screenshot of a voice message being recorded on an iPhone.

How to send a voice message on your iPhone

Sometimes, sending a voice message is a lot easier than typing one out. Here's how to record, send, and save voice messages on your iPhone!
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24 Plus next to each other.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S24 Plus: closer than you’d think

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsung at its best. But the Galaxy S24 Plus isn't far behind it. Which one should you buy? Let's take a look.
best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month.

The best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month 2024

Here are the best iPhone and Android apps for Black History Month. These apps have been developed by Black-owned businesses and cover various topics.
A Zagg Glass XTR3 screen protector on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

I used to hate screen protectors, but this one changed my mind

Are screen protectors really necessary on our smartphones? I used to not think so. However, one screen protector changed my mind.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 next to the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs. Galaxy S21: is it time to upgrade?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21, is now the time to upgrade to the Galaxy S24? Here's everything you need to know before making the plunge.
OnePlus 12 Flowy Emerald laying flat on astroturf.

Is the OnePlus 12 waterproof?

The OnePlus 12 is one of the best phones of 2024 thanks to its impressive camera system, long battery life, unique design, and more. But is it waterproof?
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's screen, resting on a bench.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have a curved screen?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra includes many advanced features, including a gorgeous display. But is the S24 Ultra's display curved? Let's break it down.
How to use Gemini on your Android.based device.

How to use Google’s Gemini AI app on your Android phone

The Google Gemini AI app is live in the Google Play Store. Here's how to install it and use it on your supported device. You can also replace Google Assistant.
Two iPad Pro tablets next to each other against a black background. Both have Apple's Magic Keyboard case.

Apple’s new iPad Pro may not be as expensive as we feared

Your next iPad Pro might not be as expensive as previously thought. A new rumor says the upcoming OLED model will only have a slight price hike.
Leaked photo showing the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 wearable devices in boxes.

Samsung’s new fitness tracker could be released any day now

It seems that Samsung is nearing the launch of its anticipated Galaxy Fit 3 wearable device. Per a new leak, the launch could happen any day now.
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in Titanium Orange and in Titanium Silver.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 just failed a critical durability test

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is packed with new features, such as the introduction of Galaxy AI. But are these phones as durable as last year's models?
OnePlus 12 Flowy Emerald laying flat on astroturf.

The best OnePlus 12 cases: our 7 favorites

Did you buy a OnePlus 12? It's wise to purchase a case to protect your investment. Here are our favorite OnePlus 12 cases on the market.
The Apple Watch SE 2 ready to pair with a phone.

How to back up your Apple Watch in ten minutes or less

If you're wondering how to back up your Apple Watch, then we have the answers you need in this guide. Learn how to back up or restore an Apple Watch.
The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and S Pen stylus on its screen.

I’m a lifelong iPhone user. Here’s what I think about the Samsung Galaxy S24

I'm a lifelong iPhone user and prefer Apple smartphones over other options. But I have a lot of thoughts on Samsung's Galaxy S24 series.
A leaked image likely showing a Samsung Galaxy FIt 3 smartwatch.

Samsung’s new Fitbit killer just leaked, and it looks impressive

A new leak suggests a Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is coming — and it looks really good. Here's everything we know.
The side of the Oura Ring Horizon.

Your Oura Ring is getting a major new health feature

Do you find yourself getting stressed out often? If so, you may be interested in a new feature rolling out now to the Oura Ring.
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro showing the screens.

Apple is updating one of the oldest apps on your iPhone

Apple has updated one of its original iPhone apps, the Clock app, in the first iOS 17.4 beta. Here's what's new.
A person holding the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The 10 accessories you need for your Samsung Galaxy S24

Got a new Samsung Galaxy S24? Great! Now spruce it up with some great accessories. Here are our top picks.
The multitasking screen on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus screen protectors: top 8 picks

Are you worried your Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus needs more than case protection? It's time for a screen protector. Here are our favorite ones so far.
The Galaxy S24 Ultra's screen.

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protectors: 7 top picks

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protectors on the market so far. Use these to better protect your new investment from accidental drops.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S24 have MagSafe?

The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series supports wireless charging. Does it also support MagSafe? The answer might not surprise you.