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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 just got a lot more exciting

Someone wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.
Galaxy Watch 6 Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will likely debut sometime this year. Information about the wearable, which could see an Ultra or Pro model for the first time, has been sparse. Today, however, some exciting news leaked.

According to Korea Economic Daily, the new watch will likely feature a new 3nm chipset, the Exynos W1000. The chip apparently could offer a 20% faster performance and power efficiency boost. An Exynos W1000 built on Samsung’s second-generation 3nm process node could prove significant as it would likely overtake the Apple Watch Series 9, which a 5nm chip powers. More performance and better efficiency (aka, better battery life) are never things we’ll complain about, so this is excellent news.

There’s no indication whether the new chip would be featured on all three likely Galaxy Watch 7 models or just the Pro or Ultra versions. This year, we’re expecting a standard Galaxy Watch 7, a Galaxy Watch 7 Pro (likely in place of a Classic model), and an ultra high-end Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra.

Samsung is reportedly holding its next Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, July 10, in Paris. In addition to announcing new Galaxy Watches, the event will likely launch the next-generation Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 phones.

The upcoming Galaxy Watch is expected to have a larger display and a more durable design. In addition to the typical health and fitness features found in wearable devices, such as an ECG app and menstrual cycle tracking, at least one of the new watches may include blood sugar-monitoring capabilities.

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Bryan M. Wolfe
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