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An investment app running on an iPhone.

The best investment apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

Whether you're a newbie or seasoned trader, the best investment apps on the market all have something in common — they want to help you make money.
Apple App Store Awards 2023 logo.

These developers are doing something amazing with iPhone and iPad apps

What makes iPhone and iPad apps special in 2023? We chatted with award-winning developer teams to learn exactly that.
A render of three iPhones, each displaying a different cryptocurrency app.

The best cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

There's no better place to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency than your smartphone. Here are the best cryptocurrency apps for both iPhone and Android.
Apple Music Replay 2023 hero.

Apple Music Replay 2023: how to find your replay experience

Do you know what songs you listened to the most on Apple Music this year? How about your favorite artist? All will be revealed with Apple Music Replay 2023.
An alleged photo of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra just had a huge leak

Stop your Black Friday shopping! Why? A hands-on photo of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra just leaked. Here's what it looks like.
Best charity giving apps.

These are my 8 favorite charity apps for iPhone and Android

Donating to charity is a great way to make a positive impact. Here are our favorite charity apps available for the iPhone and Android phones.
iPad 2022 first setup.

The iPad is going to get an amazing new feature in 2024

There was no new iPad in 2023. That should change in 2024 when all-new iPad Pro models should make their debut. They could also have one huge new feature.
Someone holding the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It looks like the iPhone 16 will get a big design upgrade

Following overheating complaints with the iPhone 15 Pro series, it looks like the iPhone 16 will have a new way to prevent similar issues next year.
Now to unblock a number on your iPhone.

How to unblock a number on your iPhone

Has the time come to unblock a co-worker, former partner, or telemarketer? Here's how to do it on your iPhone in a few simple steps.
Courses and languages on the Duolingo app.

How to change your language on Duolingo

Duolingo lets you learn more than 30 languages. Here's how to change your language on Duolingo when you want to try something new.
The Duolingo app showing how to remove a course/language.

How to remove a language on Duolingo

Duolingo offers over 30 languages you can learn. When you want to remove a language from your account, here's how to do it for both iPhone and Android.
The Fitbit Inspire 3 on a rock.

The future of Fitbit doesn’t look good

Google's acquisition of fitness-tracking company Fitbit seemed like a big move at the time, but four years later, the future of Fitbit looks uncertain.
Close-up of the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

10 awesome things you can do with the iPhone 15 Pro Action button

The Action button found on the iPhone 15 Pro series is a lot more powerful than it looks on the surface. Here are 10 cools ways to use it.
Galaxy S23 FE next to a iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Can an Android phone replace my iPhone? I found out

Does Samsung's newest Android phone offer enough for this iPhone owner to make the switch? I used it to find out. Here's what happened.
Mockuups showing someone holding an iPhone with a screen shot of the Lapse app on the display.

Lapse app: what you need to know about the new Instagram killer

A new app called Lapse has gotten a lot of people's attention. What is it? Should you download it? Here's everything you need to know about the Lapse app.
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 next to the original Apple Watch Ultra.

Waiting for the Apple Watch Ultra 3? We have bad news

If you decided not to purchase an Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year, we have some bad news. There might not be an Apple Watch Ultra 3, at least not in 2024.
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro showing the screens.

iPhone 16: 12 things I want to see in the next iPhone

It's not too early to start thinking about the Apple iPhone 16 series. Here are 12 things we hope to see in next year's iPhone family.
All three versions of the Apple Pencil lined up next to each other.

Which Apple Pencil should you buy in 2023? It’s complicated

Now that the Apple Pencil (USB-C) has been announced, there are now three Apple Pencil versions available. Which is the right version for you? That depends.
The Home Screen on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

OnePlus is about to put the Google Pixel 8 Pro to shame

The Google Pixel 8 Pro has one of the brightest displays available on a smartphone. However, that won't be the case for long.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ laying on pillows.

Samsung’s new $600 Android tablet is better than I expected

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus the Android tablet to get if you want a big screen at a good price? I used it to find out.
iPad 2022 first setup.

Apple may launch new iPads soon, and you should be excited

It might seem quiet, but new iPads could soon be announced — including the iPad mini 7, and two other models. Here's why you should pay attention to them.
Apple Pencil (USB-C) using Goodnotes app.

The new Apple Pencil is cheaper, gets USB-C, and is missing critical features

Apple just announced a new Apple Pencil with a lower price and USB-C. But it's also missing a few important features.
An athlete running up a hill wearing the Polar Vantage V3.

Polar’s newest smartwatch could be a Fitbit and Garmin killer

Polar's newest sports watch, the Vantage V3, has a lot of features for athletes and everyday users alike. And it could be a great Fitbit or Garmin alternative.
An Apple Watch Ultra 2 showing the Double Tab icon in Smart Stack.

I tried Double Tap on my Apple Watch. Here’s why I love it

Double Tap is a promising new feature for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. I used it on my Apple Watch, and I love it. Here's why.
Oura Ring in brushed titanium next to a photo of the Oura app on a smartphone.

Your Oura Ring is about to get 3 powerful new health features

The Oura Ring is getting an upgrade with three new features that will improve the device's performance for its users. There's also a lovely new color.
Possible renders showing the Google Pixel 8a.

Forget the Google Pixel 8, another new Google phone just leaked

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were just announced last week, but they're already old news. Another new Google phone coming in 2024 has leaked!
iPhone 12 Mini with charger

The best iPhone accessories in 2023: 13 great ones to buy

Have you bought a new iPhone? Then it’s time to get a few accessories. Here are the ones that will complement your purchase best.
Wireless Emergency Alert System message on a phone.

Here’s why your phone got an emergency alert today

An emergency alert will be sent to your mobile phone on October 4 — but you don't need to worry about it. Here's why this is happening.
Official product renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

Samsung just announced another new phone (and two Android tablets)

Samsung has introduced a new phone and two tablets. The latest additions to the family are the Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus.
And iPhone 15 Pro Max in white with a hammer head sitting on top.

Does the iPhone 15 break easily? What you really need to know

One test shows the iPhone 15 Pro Max can break easily. However, that's not the entire story and shouldn't influence whether or not to buy the expensive phone.
iOS 17 StandBy widget feature showing on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

These 7 apps make iOS 17’s StandBy mode even better

StandBy mode is one of the coolest new features in iOS 17. Here's how to make it even better with a few helpful apps!
Google Podcasts app being showing on iPhone on a desk.

Google is killing another one of its popular apps, and it’s a big one

Google plans to discontinue one of its popular apps, Google Podcasts, in the new year. Here's what you need to do about the closure.
Xiaomi Smart Band 8.

Xiaomi’s newest wearables may make you want to ditch your Apple Watch

Xiaomi has launched two new wearable devices, the Watch 2 Pro and Smart Band 8. Here's a first look at the new smartwatch and fitness band.
watchOS 10 watch face modular ultra.

Is watchOS 10 causing battery drain? Here’s what we know

Some Apple Watch users have reported experiencing a significant battery drain issue since installing the watchOS 10 update. Is there a problem with the update?